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Dan Filcek Jan 2015
File the papers
Read the mail
Send a letter
Record the sale
Do it again
Without fail
Smile and answer the phone
You may feel alone
But your efforts are known

Reset the password
Delete the spam
Create the courses
Fix the jam
Do it again
Yes sir, Yes ma'am
Close out the ticket
You may get sick of it
But you keep the place lit
Dan Filcek Sep 29
It can help you move forward,
In this time of intense pain, and anger.
Speak truth to power:
Hard truths,
Being honest about difficult issues.
Difficult for just about everyone,
But they fear for good reason.
These stories are a reflection of human dignity.
Widespread resistance toward
efforts to promote equity and inclusion.
A host of other negative stereotypes,
Lie beyond the problems
Courage is based on sacrifice,
for the sake of a cause that is greater.
Use allies and speak as a collective.
More than one disgruntled person.
Black stories are human stories.
Channel your emotions
The full extent of your rage or despair
After you are feeling centered,
Call attention,
to the ignorance and hurtfulness:
emotional reactions,
evoking defensiveness and fear.
...perhaps they feel problematic to you.
Can you help me understand?
We are moving forward together
The tongue will speak to them,
It's not just about money,
it’s yet another injury
to require them to justify human rights
And the unfair weight of hurt feelings
For real change to take root,
learn where you are and where you want to be.
Reference -
Dan Filcek May 2015
In the beginning, God created light
Shortly thereafter was created night
But on with the story, you know that part
Our story starts with the beat of Man's heart

And this man's heart was quickened to race
When he gazed at the beauty of Eve's face
Forever with her he wanted to be
Then she handed him the fruit of the Tree

Choose God and he'd be alone forever
Choose Eve and return to Eden never
It isn't good for man to be alone
And the end of this tale is so well known

Love for a woman never was greater
And he never regretted it later
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
Sunday without you seems the sabbath not
The hymns are not music without your voice
The prayers don’t have the meaning they ought
Sacrament more of a chore than a choice

The children present the talks on this day
Yet I hardly hear a word that they say
And their music barely reaches my ears
So concerned is my mind with other fears

The lesson can’t be as good as it should
I know that if you were here it would
I try to listen, but it’s without spirit
My poor troubled soul just can not hear it

I hurry home to where I want to be
Home is where the sabbath means the most to me
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
In the days of the Old Gods
The Sun was a deity
People basked in her light
Worshiping the power
What gift for a star?
I cannot shine brighter
I cannot burn hotter
...I can be a mirror
Gaze into me
Your warmth and power
Reflected back
I only wish to see you shine
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Jan 2015
You might have thought that poetry was dead
That meter and rhyme was for nerds and geeks
I think it's dumb if you don't use your head
Turn off that TV you have watched for weeks

Then you will ask how to write poetry
And naturally I will respond that
To be a poet comes so easily
The math is what is hard to get down pat

Counting stress and lines, meter, beat and time
And then you have to think about the theme
It is a lot of work just for a rhyme
A lot of wasted effort it  would seem

So why did I write all of the above?
For poetry, truly, is my great love
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
controlled intellectual tolerance,
considered Golden Age,
became first exchange, wars took their toll
turning point called second Age.
seaside expanding new suburbs
food shortage, riots, rooms had fallen
city invaded, concentration camps
some lived, one girl died, bookcase covered
scarce citizens, countryside foraged
spaces provided improved conditions
restoring entire city
city centre has reattained former splendor
buildings have become new millennium,
flat man is city inhabitant
city limits of foreign origin,
large wave settled asylum seekers
social projects make up the population
eight windmills summarizes open society,
increased influx has strained nationalities,
widest varieties share immigrant ancestry
city centre forms the foundation
Canal boats most popular
million visitors flood inhabitants, travel freely through
only staying for illuminated red lights.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. source -
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
the pride endures to this day.
when war broke out
an allied expedition set out
to capture Constantinople
the campaign dragged on
heavy casualties and great hardships.
remember the sacrifice
a march through London,
a camp in Egypt.
convoys of cars carrying wounded
dawn vigils, memorial services, reunions,
reflect on the many different meanings of war.
stand-to at dusk and dawn
a lone bugler plays the Last Post
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting.
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
She did not see herself as a killer
She joined the service to go to college
I was in school when my eyes beheld her

But I was seeking more than just knowledge

I much needed medic, not mercenary

She was craving cover not the command
Together we were extraordinary
A circumstance that simply could not stand

In the war on love, I shot the first shot
Calling up the fighter she’d trained to be
Had to become the healer I was not
Both looked for a miracle to believe

Now I am fighting to be the real deal
And she is trying very hard to heal
Dan Filcek Mar 2017
I have been the observer
Watching and letting
I have felt powerless
Victimized and weak
This World does not care
This World keeps spinning
And I am done
I will burn this World to the ground
I will stand over its blackened corpse
I will spit in its ashes and whisper:
“Who's the ***** now?”
Take my hand
Because I’m taking over.
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Jul 17
Imagine if you could take apart
My body and what’s called my heart
Separate the bread & the leaven
Body on earth & soul in heaven

What could you tell from what remains?
How in my life did I take pains?
My facts would be in evidence,
But what of my character could you attest?

All that is me would no longer be plain
Yet in life we do that which is not sane
From clues of another's physique
Theory of character we seek

To be human is to believe your eyes
To be flawed is to believe your own lies
You cannot see the soul within
But we’re not what’s within this skin
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
a lasting attraction may result from opposites,
or through sharing
strength varies considerably;
In general, strong bonding is associated with sharing
attraction may be seen as the result of different behaviors
Although these behaviors merge into each other seamlessly
so that there is no clear line to be drawn between them,
the behaviors become different
as the character of the bond changes quantitatively,
In the simplest view
the space between comes not from
the reduction in attraction of the two    
Instead, the reduction and hence instability  arises from the reduction in energy
These bonds exist between two        
and have a direction in space,
allowing them to be shown as connecting lines  
If one or more  are unequally shared  
Bond results are often much weaker
the bonds that hold together must cease
If the structures that result are not both strong and tough,
In a simplified view the bonding is not shared at all,
In this type of bond,
one has a vacancy which allows the addition of more
These newly added potentially occupy a lower state
than they experience in a different  
more tightly bound position
Not being part of any given bonding may be seen as extreme
a large system of bonds is ideal
This type of bonding is often very strong
more collective in nature than other types,
and so they more easily reform,
This results in malleability  
This bonding reaches far,
stressing the character of the combining  power,
and cannot be said to belong to anyone exclusively.
containing more than one    
Sometimes, the possibility
of bond formation is completely neglected.
It is thus no longer possible to associate
This is a situation when the bonds are broken
They continue to be attracted to each other,
with a significant  luster
But are repulsed by each other.
National Poetry Month 2017 - source
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
So I opened the jar
I drank what was inside
And it can never go back
It’s out there now
I can’t return it
I’m forced to relearn it
But when I finish
I realize the truth
Life wouldn’t be great or sad
Wonderful or bad
If you don’t live it
I look in the empty glass
And the last thing there
Is Hope
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek May 2016
When you were injured
They said you were
Like a car or a copy machine
and somehow
That was your fault?
You felt less than
Some bones heal
Some flesh may mend
But for those who stayed
In body or mind
Know that others feel the same
And peace you can find
You may still feel
And abandoned above
But you are never so
That you don’t deserve love
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Brief elegant existence
And yet somehow
The offspring know the objective
They continue the course
None of them knowing
The corner they came from
Somehow she showed them
In her own fleeting form
A place to go on this passage
She left them her love
And it drives them
Toward something better
What she always wished
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
Surface form studied.
******* depth obtained
Immersion time increasing
That material obtained
temperature reduction
lower adhesion
reactive damage failures
due to corrosion
it is necessary to protect from attack
severe state present
such as high volatility
lubrication is currently been studied
protective layers have been extensively applied
another major cause of failure
is poor performance.
Even the best fail to protect  
against a previous abrasion
grown by long-term effects
hardness was used.
a mean roughness during this period of time,
none remained completely covered
under a progressively increasing load
a precision of configuration
analyses were obtained
maps of the layers after treatment
the presence of agreement
obtained with respect
expected increase of reaction
a reduction is shown
starting the process of cracking
lower intensity peaks
resistance has been eliminated,
along the path,
the base has experienced a transition
wish to thank the support of all
no conflict of interest.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting.
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
Between paternal fascism and maternal quiescence
I had my own peaces to negotiate.
I wanted to hear the big chords, the big drums, the big horns.
Rock in a frame marked "real."
singing truth to power,
That's what everyone was going to do,
and where I wanted to go.
I was disappointed that I wasn't allowed.
bitter power trips borne of disappointment
the thoughts of death and the desire
in ways so foul, it tattooed us all.
And even still I avoided
placing those artists on a pedestal,
At the theater — the velvet place
we get glow sticks with our programs.
date night for those burnished elders.
with our Pringles and our peppermints,
The night wasn't about kitsch for me.
There's a smallish riot going on
The production is low-key. The set is too dark,
After all the years of not going, it looks like I've made it.
you cannot say I didn't live
If you're lucky, and negotiate your peaces, it all comes around.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. source -
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
In the search for greater freedom of movement.
new ideas began to emerge,
rebellion against classical forms and practices
in what is now called aesthetic
disregarded the limited set of movements that were considered proper
Artistic content morphed and shifted
for young people longed to dance.
Music and rhythmic ****** movement are twin sisters of art,
portrayed in movements what the master expresses in his compositions
bare feet, loose hair, free-flowing
a form of natural movement and improvisation
Presenting dramatic contemporary imagery,  
often revealing the full spectrum of human experience
reflecting the tension and alienation of the time
the truth of human movement.
introduce chance procedures and pure movement to the cannon of dance
focused on the physical tasks of overcoming obstacles
investigate the properties of physical space and movement.
having a heightened sense of awareness of being grounded to the floor
at the same time, feeling the energy throughout the entire body,
flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness ,
and poly-rhythmic movement; strong dramatic works
free from the limiting strictures of the big monopolistic managements
National Poetry Month 2017 - source -
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
The mind seeks nourishment only truth provides
Seeking for knowledge wherever it hides
The words of great men fill my waiting mind
Wisdom is yet out there for me to find

Always there is some way to do better
Perfection: the eternal goal of man
I can change, and I know that change I can
Learn to live the law, spirit and letter

And I will forever try to be kind
Would a saint leave for the beggar the rind?
A happiness in charity abides
My soul, doing service, in peace resides

They called on me for a declaration
This is my personal proclamation
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
I have not acted my part as of late
As I consider the upcoming date
And circumstances take me far from here
And away from family whom I hold dear

My mind has departed ahead of me
My body, left soulless, wanders the Earth
Devoid of all motivation and mirth
Thinking of places I will one day be

My family and friends suddenly fear
My going away and not being near
The upcoming day is an opening gate
In all aspects of life it will change fate

Consider this as I begin to pack
You go away but, you never come back
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I don’t recognize the voice
Though it is my words
Coming out of my mouth
Sometimes what I want
And what I say don’t match
I’m trying to make them the same
I’ve been my own ventriloquist
Throwing my voice for so long
I may forget where it’s thrown
When you are not heard
You may forget to speak
Now someone wants to listen
It’s time to start moving my lips
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
As the summer birds,
begin now to fly
Trees lose their leaves;
their gowns will now shed
The wind now will
profess to us a cry
Now time it is
for all Earth’s creatures bed
As the winter snows
begin now to fly
The trees to sleep
complete the slow undress
Do retire to bed,
and through the winter die
The world is covered
in a white caress
As the grip of winter
now does loose,
The shoot and sprouts of green
do now arise
The grim old man
has cast away his noose
The birds of spring
do now alight to skies
All the seasons must
come and must end
But your love from
my heart I cannot rend
The first sonnet I ever wrote. I went for a classical interpretation.
Dan Filcek Feb 2015
There are many ways that life can go wrong
And problems befall even the strong
Things fall apart, things break down
There are false starts, you will frown
Broken hearts and broken bones
Bruises & scratches, groans & moans
Shattered hopes and shattered dreams
Darkened days, diminished means
Everything that can go wrong will
But the chance for right lives on still
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
Electromagnetism and electrochemistry added to the expanse of erudition.
Central calculations comprised of charged consecration
Diamagnetism and also electrolysis
Took in little of the ritual pedagogy
Most influential of archaic scientists.

The base for the conceptualization of the dynamic sphere.
Introduced the physics of ensconced enthrallment
Affecting rays of light
To say nothing of the underlying relationships there
Two phenomena, both similarly discovered

Inventions: Electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and the laws of electrolysis.
the form of electromagnetic rotary devices
Foundation of electric motors
Truly technology was largely due to his effort
Electricity became practical for use

Scientific knowledge increased: investigating as an alchemist, discovered benzene.
Inventor of Clathrate hydrate of chlorine,
In its early form
the system of oxidation numbers, and the burner
Popularized terminology such as anode, cathode

Ultimately became the first and foremost, ultimate, and respected .
Chemistry Professor at the Institution
Position of a lifetime
He was an excellent experimentalist of conveyed ideas
Mathematical abilities in simple language  

His powers did also extend as far as trigonometry.
Took any but the simplest algebra
And worked around it
And also summarized it in sets of equations
The basis of modern theories
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. source -
Dan Filcek Oct 14
Ask and I’ll admit.
When you get down to it,
Get beneath the skin.
This is not how you get in.
But it can help you get high.
Help me understand why:
I don’t think I’m enough.
And moving forward is tough.
It’s hard to hide,
I did not enjoy the ride.
It was not my dance.
I didn’t give it a chance.
What is inside this art?
Me taking myself apart
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
Blazing colors light the sky fluorescent
Reflected underneath by shining sea
The setting sun shuts the fiery rent
The dark of night time shuts the door on me

The sandy shore white, no more reflected
The lapping waves are heard but no more seen
The tourists have left the beach neglected
But I have not wiped my memory clean

Your face is still a portrait in my mind
I’ve thought of you over a thousand times
I’ve looked around the world and can not find
A person who with me completely rhymes

But we, my love, are complete poetry
I only wish that you were here with me
A sappy, more traditional sonnet today.
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
Be it all man’s desire for forever
But surely no one would want that alone
Without family and friends, who could ever
Want to outlive everyone they have known

They do not want just immortality
They want want it for their family and friends
Together with them, forever to be
Neither their love nor their lives to have ends

Living forever is just not the same
I’ll tell you what you are looking for
A chain that binds us...and goes by the name:
Eternal life. Forever and more

The meaning of always would be lost
If losing my love was the final cost
Dan Filcek Jan 2015
The rain is falling all around the cars
The shining road reflects the beaming light
Headlights are twinkling bright like shining stars
A darkened drive through solitude of night

Mem'ries of moments long ago forgot
Spoken words in haste, better left unsaid
In spite of petty arguments we fought
A dream of happiness invades my head

Another lovely state through which to pass
My travels bring me home again at last
My home appearing through the blurry glass
A reconciliation with the past

With open arms, I feel their love, and know
I should have made this journey long ago
Dan Filcek Jan 2015
I wish I could live
my life as a poem
always rhyming
staying in meter
but even in prose
My grammar is bad
So please forgive
occasionally bad english
horible speling
It’s hard to be a
Poet when you lack
The proficiency even
to speak
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I have a problem with the word
Immediately after it’s death
There was no sense in going home
My head wasn’t through the door yet
You could see how it bothered me
I had to release it
For morning was sure to come
I hope I never shall forget
When the feeling came over me
Just looking at you
Come sit down with me a moment
Or perhaps for a while
I decided this is not a game
Never win and never lose
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
I thought of my ancestors who had fought
Not for, but against the Americans
What thought they of the freedom Yankees sought?
And what when they were driven from those lands?

I looked over the tartans of the Scot
And was told they were killed for what they wore
I wondered why the world had not been taught
That blood and gore is all that comes of war

I thought of colors orange and colors green
Of what religion has made people do
What does all that hatred really mean?
How do all these thing really affect you?

Coming from a land that claims to be free
I can’t tell you what that word means to me
Dan Filcek Sep 17
Date your kind.
The kind of person who likes
being set up on blind dates.
Really freaking frustrated
in the current state.
Swipe right
That sounds both exciting and
terrible at the same time.
The power to hook you up,
if you're in the mood to be cuffed.
Set up a profile
A match is made
Dating ***** but
sit back and enjoy the ride.
Based on
Dan Filcek Sep 23
You are enough
The feeling of your soul ...
It’s something you’ve felt for a long time
What defines attractiveness?
Fitting into some mould?
Or is it more complicated than that?
There is no set criteria
Feel you are desirable -
Literally see yourself as such.
Look in the mirror.
This relationship can be cyclical
This causality speaks to our feelings
We can easily overemphasize the physical
How can you address the situation?
These things can have an impact
Reframe attractiveness.
As much your own mood,
as it is based in reality.
Express what you’re going through
Really try to listen to each other.
Help you to try to figure out why.
Reference -
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
She grows beautiful flowers
Treating her plants like children
Colors so bright and vibrant
They make me smile to see.
The plant lady has learned
When life gives you it’s worst,
Do not wallow in the muck.
Do not spread it to others.
Instead, plant flowers in it
Grow something wonderful
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
My Aphrodite, My Bast
I call you “The Goddess”
My Cerridwen, My Diana
The Goddess of what?
My Freya, My Gaia
You ask me what I love
My Hera, My Isis
The ancients had many aspects
My Juno, My Kali
I worship all of yours.
My Lakshmi, My Maat,
Even if deadly...
My Pavarti, My Rhea
I did not create you
My Themis, My Venus
But I adore your creation.
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
observe the reader,
this semi-mythical figure
watch a blank white wall slowly turn into a mural,
a tapestry of vivid vignettes
captured by a team of illustrators.
stimulating and fiercely polite.
sandal-wearing earnestness,
curious, questioning, quick to laugh.
Bite the hand that feeds, but not too hard.
pull for the powerful and the talented,
the wittiest and best-designed,
the strongest for features,
the one most likely to reflect modern life.
disclosing its own sardonic wit.
This is where its culture has changed.
a farrago of power, corruption and lies,
The story erupted across all the media.
shining a fitful light on the mucky machinations of power.
the trail of dirt led all the way to the desk.
speaking truth to power
a defining moment in history.
a nice obit without going to the trouble of dying.
abiding belief in the free market
the seeds of its demise.
millions graze on it for nothing
This is not boom or bust, but both at once:
these millions of hits won’t pay our salaries.
The web giveth, and the web taketh away.
the knife had come close to the patient’s vital organs.
a chance to sculpt as well as to slash.
twiddling the knobs on digital.
glimmerings of light
you can learn new tricks.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. source -
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
Some morbid sense brings me back to the place
To visit the wretched soul face-to-face
I put him in jail many years ago
Why did he do it? I no longer know

Weeping he meets me with fear in his eye
"Please don't leave me 'til the day that I die"
Deep sympathy fills my heart and i try
Not to weep, but I can no longer lie

He has paid for his crime by now, I'd think
Those many long years make my stomach sink
And I bow my head in shame at the thought
At the pain that my disloyalty brought

I look once more in the mirror and see
The guilty one staring right back at me
Dan Filcek Sep 18
It should be harder to lose her
I turn away
I am not there to
Help gather all her things
And bury her
I know she has
Her sister and her brothers but
I will not be there to kiss her
It should be harder to lose her
I turn away
It’s awful just to see
All her agony
And I just hope she knows
That if she says goodbye today
I love her but
I’m not sure if I will cry
It should be harder to lose her
Inspired by the Song "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
On a Sunday evening, the hall started to fill up.
for one of the most influential leaders
young people, full of questions about the church they once loved
reassurance to challenge articles of faith without leaving faith behind
the preacher had come to speak out against what he called lies
eternal damnation might be misleading
Gandhi’s in hell? We have confirmation of this?
God wants all people to be saved. Does God get what God wants?
The leader had rejected Hell, thereby embracing heresy.
hoped to spark a movement
faith is best expressed in deeds, not words.
we have a winner.
I’m only going to say things that I know are true.
the future of the faith belongs to skeptics and doubters.
dreaming of a world without Hell, building Heaven on earth.
Jesus will come again, to judge the living and the dead.
We disagree about the nature of this judgment.
Hell was a divine penitentiary, Hell was the status quo.
Hell was a riot of mutations—a sick parody of the natural order.
Hell was the only fitting punishment for the crime of being born
Hell was a vivid symbol of an awesome, unreasonable God,
holding you over the Pit of Hell, much as one holds a Spider
the doctrine of Hell doesn’t hamper recruitment efforts,
God is good enough to save you from it.
worry, instead, about eradicating the various hells on earth.
life beyond is a continuation of the choices we make here
God might offer salvation to dead people who failed to choose
-Who would doubt God’s ability to do that?
-Just picking  the verses I like? I think everybody is
free will means that human beings must have real choices,
judgment is God’s way of taking  human agency seriously.
choose between a personal Jesus and a perfect Bible,
some questions about the afterlife will have to wait until we get there
the mystery at the heart of creation
one more mildly spiritual Californian,
was a dissenter in Michigan.
Not a lifelong believer.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. source -
Dan Filcek Apr 2019
You ask why

My words rhyme

Why can’t they fly

Why do they serve time

I put them in a box

They are trapped

With keys and locks

Why can’t I adapt?

   On the other hand

     Your words are free

   Your words flow

      easily and without


I see the attraction

I can never make you rhyme

I can’t put you in my own words
Dan Filcek Oct 7
“When you get down to it,
they don’t ever want to grow up.”
             -Older people who don’t understand

A rallying cry for millions
grew up with a certain mind-set,
And have different perspectives.
The world is changing.
Major crises all coming to a head
Finally putting their feet in the ground
and saying enough is enough,
You don’t like change,
you don’t understand equality,
But they will change the future.
Reference -
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I look at you and I am two
I’m in love and out
I’m loved and I am not
All my life and never
Have I sought and not found
To be or not
This cold and this hot
This want and this fear
This joy and this tear
If only I was this and that
Skinny and fat
The cat and the rat
I am torn and I am whole
Empty heart but full soul
Trying to be put together
Split apart forever
Always I have fear
But hope still stays near
You must flee
But stay with me
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Some days have blue skies
Sometimes the blue bird flies
There is a happy end
Into the sunset with a friend
Some days aren’t that at all
Stormy and Dark
The outlook is stark
Trapped with your demons
Tears continue streaming
And sometimes it’s different
You sit in the rain
You enjoy feeling the pain
With darkness you are graced
You don’t slay the Dragon
...the Dragon is embraced.
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Pain is a language I understand
I’m quite proficient in hurt and pity
I speak them like a native
For years I’ve practiced those tongues
I can read and write in them
I can operate in them daily
...Love though, is a dialect apart,
One I can’t seem to master
The grammar is tricky
The tones are hard to speak
And there is vocabulary I forget
They say you learn better young
Perhaps I’ve grown too old to learn
Perhaps I just need a speaking partner
It seems fruitless to study it any longer
For now I’ll get by on broken phrases
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
My sister was born here
yet I know she does not recall the:
streets and sidewalks.
vagrants and beggars
full of history
full of bohemian young people
looking  for stylish bars.
Plenty of music
  and art galleries.
African music and South American shops.
expensive boutiques with impossible prices
Alternatively, you can take the pink,
Tropical garden with a pond full of small turtles
A memorial to the victims  
The roads within are difficult to navigate
junctions underground provide relief from the sun on hot days.
night owls cover the city
a green libre sign in the windshield
far too many cars and not enough space
narrow streets in the old town,
  is the heart of the city
The clock tower marks the Twelve Grapes  
a bear climbing a tree,
ornate iron posts.
the vacant Palace
lavishly decorated
Baroque-style gardens surround a large monument
Dozens of statues
a sculpture of Don Quixote
A massive roundabout
a chariot pulled by two lions.
A tall obelisk sits in the center
a pedestrian walkway full of fountains and trees
The vertical garden can be seen from the street outside,
features fine furniture and porcelain
impressive art collections with paintings, sculptures, and prints.
young hippies play bongos and dance.  
And I have never been there
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source
Dan Filcek Oct 7
Change the future
Where am I going?
This is my encouragement:
Watch the show,
Light change,
Your new song,
When you talk to other people,
The program can help you.
Make it a goal.
Can you repeat it?
Do not lie to us.
And we will love it but,
It depends on the choice.
Search is slow.
Evidence of success,
Collect details,
Keep engaging,
Avoid the wrong words.
What did they say in their report?
No explanation.
Nothing works.
If you want to move on:
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
I went out looking for my lost child
I was worried he had been gone a while
I encountered as I searched this world wild
An angry soul pacing me, mile by mile
“Why spirit, do you keep me from my goal?
If it were not for you, I would be whole!”
“I was made,” said it, “to protect you, son.
Now I live only to hurt everyone.”
I promised to help it in trade for the boy
Together we battled demon and beast
After the battle, I was, to my joy
Reunited at last, my quest ceased
Now I can nourish what had been hidden
My spirit no more by pain ridden
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
their recent deal met with shouts of betrayal:
the new Neville Chamberlain,
The refrain quickly sounded on Capitol Hill.
sympathy should be qualified.
speaking in accurate French
This is our moment ... our chance to join together
But then when is it not a moment?
repeatedly mispriced and misapplied,
often with disastrous consequences.
A complete list would fill a book,
but here are a few items:
the spectre of war
the American invading forces
the border with China
the British appeasing ******
the whole woeful Suez adventure
the occupation of the Rhineland  
the Cuban missile crisis
the fire jobs, in which hundreds of thousands civilians were incinerated;
the saying “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”
the hailing of Ngo Dinh Diem, as the Churchill of Asia
the Kennedy administration giving a nod to the coup
the latest culture of appeasement
the drawing of Jimmy Carter carrying an umbrella.
the mirage of a peaceful alternative to war
which is really a defeat,
peace in our time?
Why do I think that isn’t going to happen?
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I don’t know what’s wrong today
My brain is acting in a different way
Making me feel like another man
Please help me if you can
We can puzzle out this fuss
Maybe between the two of us
We can bring in a separate feel
As moments together we steal
Committing no delightful sin
I just want to breathe you in
National Poetry Month 2017
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
Primal meditation will bare
Deep mars in thy inner being
Pain is with thee for you to share,
Yet in thee, no evil is seen

Further contemplation then tells
Of thy ignorance of beauty
Personally, mine own heart swells
At thy lovely form; thy purity

Spiritually thou art great
Thy faith surely strengthens mine own
God willed us gathered by fate
So our hearts might never be lone

Grand is our love: mind, body, spirit
Never to part, never fear it.
This is a bittersweet poem now.
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