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 May 2023
Derek Miller
I clipped my nails this morning
And mourned the loss of that claw-like keratin
It is strange to consider
        -it is lost in the carpet
That it will never again mark your skin
As I burrow into you

I will grow another
Proteinaceous remnant of evolution
To defend against the void
         -black holes are strange
That aches to consume me
Should I be deprived of you

Yet it will not hold the memory
Of the skin cells I stripped
Your flesh folding like the shirt
         -it lies forgotten on the floor
That befell the same fate
When you settled in my lap
 May 2023
Derek Miller
There is a book of poetry pressed into your stomach.
Its pages take your warmth from the line they have made above your navel.
I am jealous of that script.
How wonderful to be a sheet of parchment in that spine -
What joy to take what was in you for its own.
Given the chance, I would seize it too.
Grip your heat like a hand that slips between your legs –
Grasping past slick thighs on wet denim.
Shorts that will soon be removed.
Yet I must wait.
You are framed in a sofa, and I –  
I am prostrate on the floor.
This is the wrong floor.
Your sofa sits upon another.
I count three ice cubes in your whiskey, though it may be two.
Oh, to be that amber liquid sliding down your throat.
Closer than the pages, but cooler than your *** –
Though just as wet.
A portrait of divine grace, you make me seek religion.
I find it in the small of your back and in the curling of your toes –
When you curve into my eagerness.
Dust will settle on the glass as it hangs upon my wall.
I will trace your frame with a finger –
Trailing lines that seek direction.
Will you come for me?
 May 2021
Ricky Rose
To the beautiful sweet girl of my attractions. How I would love to be in intimate comfort as companions. To hold you close, look in your eyes and study each others auras radiating in illuminating shades of color.

        Taste each others moist lips as we kiss, in a sign of intimate affection. Share our hearts feelings. Experience new things, and share each others wisdom; of our lives journeys as is.
      Know why you feel that you have to enhance your beautiful cute face in those makeup colors.... Is it to enhance what is already beautiful? You attracted me not only in your physical elegance but your nice personality.... What you say means a lot.... For your opinions do matter! ....

     I would love to have someone like you.... As a companion to care and be cared for.... Not to overwhelm your heart, but to keep it full when others pierce it with negativity....
To tickle for your laughter with and without a touch.... You and I together would make my dreams a reality.... As friends it is half complete....

    My secret is revealed.... Feelings out in the open for you to decide...

May this not shy you away if not get you closer.... I would like to go places to hang out as my companion/potential lover, or a close friend.... I would like to be here for you as ether or.... You as my girlfriend would flame the spark I have for you in my heart....
 Feb 2017
Satin runs from dried stains
in torn reminders of convenience
Morning tastes of stale sweat and disappointment... again

Displaced retribution is a punishable offense
sentenced in hangover flashbacks fusing pain in lust heavy deviance
coddling complacency, impaling the nuisance of a persistent past

That serrated double edge glistens with humility and humiliation
licked clean by ravenous canine
flinging leftover apathy on unwitting pawns

Feeding on the deceptively needy
blinded by intoxicated cliches
mistaking release for emotion

Condemnation bartered in stolen commodities
Toilet water hydration reconstitutes enough to bleed
behind neuropathic armor and addiction to the nether
 Dec 2016
Dauphin Dolphin
He still lives with demons
that once held him tenderly
when no one would
be able to find the words
to say that fill the glass
as it is tipped back
and slowly emptied
of the liquor that stirs
memories from the headwind
that blew the lovers' hair back
on the drive through autumn
windy, windy mountain paths
as another Queen song plays
on the radio and the raindrops
on the windshield tap along
with fingertips against the steering wheel
to Freddy Mercury and shared heartbeats.

The truth is he is lying
there like an open wound
as he begins to measure self-worth
with texting tempo and memories
of last summer being too hot
to cuddle with one another
though it was more than enough
to hold feet under the thin sheets
that remember the glass
once again filling with words
as another drink is emptied
and his head burst through clouds
leaving him to hydroplane
through windy, windy mountain paths
as the raindrops on the windshield
applaud with the demons
that beckon tenderly for his return.
 Nov 2015
Bellis Tart
no brakes, skidding tires, smashing glass, crunched steel
sharp points piercing pinholes in a nerveless vein
locked doors, hot engine, sweet exhaust
chamber full, trigger ready, safety off
one, two, five, ten.. how many would be enough
dissolved at the bottom of a sleep inducing 40 ounce'r
take off, like weighted birds soar is stuttered
the quiet scream of a blade that cuts like butter

childhood memories are not sweet, filled with imaginary friends
they are haunted by real ghosts, tortured by lost souls
looking for an escape long before you ever knew
you would have so many reasons to run away
 Nov 2015
Bellis Tart
I remember saying to you, "I want you SOOO bad!"
I want all your parts, the light and dark, I want you even after so long
even though you're gone I want you
like a kid wants to see Santa on Christmas eve, hoping for a glimpse of the elusive man, not even questioning his validity
I want you like hot fudge on ice cream, the perfect compliment to my frigid self loathing, hot and sweet covering every inch, making me melt, I want you like the bros at the gym want gains
out of this world gains, hard work pays off gains
the protein to your muscle, stronger than the weight on your shoulders, I want you the way a tree buds and grows its leaves into the most lush escape, only to send them off with the most colourful goodbye awaiting their return in the spring, I want you like my dog wants food
and let me tell you one singular thought fixates his mind, and that is eating
I want you like an soft song played on the strings of a perfect evening, while we slow dance in the dark
I want you like an ice cold beer on a hot summer day! the spritz of the cap, bubbling with anticipation, the sweat forming on the bottle dripping down your finger as you touch it to your lips and then,
ahhh pure refreshment, quenching my Sahara thirst
I want you like how green grass, and shrubs and flowers and trees all grow towards the sun, innately seeking the heat source of life, the very sustenance that keeps them alive, I want you
like the air
all around me, I wanna feel you permeate every cell in my body, wanna feel you expand my lungs, and pump my heart, fire neurons in my brain sending electric signals to every muscle tingling my nerves
I want you like the first snowfall
magical and nostalgic, cozy and beautiful
I want you the way I wanna write poetry that saves lives, the way I want the words to build themselves with every pen stroke and speak to you, I want you the way no one has ever wanted me
worth the effort, if you would just try to see I could build a universe around us, so we would have our own stars that shine for our eyes only, and we would never miss a chance to watch the beauty of our stars crossing the sky,
I want you with feelings, and that uncomfortable "communicating" thing that I do so well for a living but struggle to do with you, I want you raw and exposed
our souls bared, a connection even fully clothed, I want you so bad
was all that I could muster under that gin soaked cloak of bravery
I should have said, that all I really wanted
was for you to want me too
if you are measured by how gracefully you let go of things not meant for than I have surely failed before, so why is my silent escape a ballet with you when I know you were meant for me, and me for you!
It's not you, it's me
 Nov 2015
Bellis Tart
you got off pretty easy,
not left here to look for closure
no smile to wear to hide the pain
no scar to bear at the mention of your name
no tainted view of the world to change
no hatred for the people who took you away
no craving for the sleep to forever stay
no hope of living another normal day
no money will bring you back, but they should all pay
no ******* up your life, acting ******
no attempt to numb it all, light and breezy
no camouflage, so no one sees me
no you got off pretty easy
(c) 04/10/10- From Feeling the Painting
 Nov 2015
Bellis Tart
you just never seem to surprise me,
you're crass, filth and disgrace,
you make me sick to my stomach,
you lie right to my face,
you're poison, septic and vile,
you **** the good from all around,
you step on everyone to get ahead,
you live off bringing others down,
your world is just that, yours, but
you still don't get the right to abuse,
you have taken my fight, my heart, and mind,
you made me just something to use.
(c) 20/10/10- From Feeling the Painting
 Nov 2015
Bellis Tart
I remember when the world was huge
when my small town was all I knew
I remember when I knew no worry
and when I still knew you
I remember the days of before
before I could imagine a life complex
I remember the days before
I had to worry about life, love, loss and ***
when falling in love happened on a weekly basis
I remember when my fears were faceless
I remember when time would pass so slow
when hours felt like days
sipping lemonade on the swings,
in the summer's thick haze
I remember the cool crisp mornings
of September's first weeks
and the hot afternoons reminiscent of summer
walking home from school, longing for the beach
I remember playing games, and doing cart wheels on the lawn
when the leaves were all different colours
and the snow forts I'd build after the leaves were gone
I remember racing down the hill
on sleds, crazy carpets, boxes; what ever we could find
rushing home, after laughing till you almost peed your pants
hoping you'd make it in time
I remember being so happy, not a care in mind
I remember being a kid, and growing up impossibly fast
and having to say goodbye
at the age of nine.
(c) 26/02/11
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