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Bellis Tart Dec 2015
I was more honest with you
Than I've ever been with anyone else
Including myself
I guess it wasn't my honesty you were after
You must have wanted more of an actor
Of the adult film variety
I guess you never saw in me
The girl who's seen enough misery
Just the one who takes the abuse
To fulfill her use
As the pin cushion you force your lies into
The languages we speak arent the same anymore
You've buried my tell tale heart beneath the floor
And turned without a goodbye through the door
Leaving only silence, you couldn't possibly have said more
Bellis Tart Dec 2015
why don't you just say what you mean,
you really think I cant see through the smoke screen?
but it's me taking things the wrong way?
overreacting, living in my brain?
funny how the only time I hear a thing from you
you're asking how or if I could prove
that I havent ****** up your life
or made you sick
if I was smarter I'd just quit
giving two *****
cuz your only answer is silence
and ******* it, I thought you said you cared
so stupidly I believed you, even though I was scared
and now you've proved that you're just like the rest
just like ******* and two face, you're far from the best
you used me, and laughed as you moved on to the next,
you disrespect me, but I should take it and move on?
I thought you were one of the good ones, but boy was I wrong!
Bellis Tart Nov 2015
He's gotta be tall, dark and handsome
be chasing stars or have some
heart, passion and art
with moonbeams in his eyes
He can serenade just breathing
pass you the world within his greeting
contain the spark to start a blaze of tomorrows
He should be an open book
Speak the truth with just a look
The candle and the mirror reflecting it's light
No questions asked, he should be solid as stone
fill you up and make you feel at home
be the one who dedicates every song to you
He could be Mr. Right
but nothing's black and white,
he's Gray
Bellis Tart Nov 2015
no brakes, skidding tires, smashing glass, crunched steel
sharp points piercing pinholes in a nerveless vein
locked doors, hot engine, sweet exhaust
chamber full, trigger ready, safety off
one, two, five, ten.. how many would be enough
dissolved at the bottom of a sleep inducing 40 ounce'r
take off, like weighted birds soar is stuttered
the quiet scream of a blade that cuts like butter

childhood memories are not sweet, filled with imaginary friends
they are haunted by real ghosts, tortured by lost souls
looking for an escape long before you ever knew
you would have so many reasons to run away
  Nov 2015 Bellis Tart
Sam Temple
sitting cross legged on the linoleum
reading Keats aloud while she bathed
talking about the desire to write for the ages
and what it takes to be a “real” poet
she leans forward smiling
grabs me and draws me close
planting the sweetest kiss
upon my lips
“you are my favorite poet”
she says
and leans back into the steaming water
“…but you can read more of him if you want” –
Bellis Tart Nov 2015
I'm holding out for something true
for the one who really thinks
I'm not too loud or sassy
and my thighs, they aren't too big
who doesn't see my belly
or think I'm a walking growth spurt stretch mark
or that my hair is never right
and I wear yesterdays makeup today
I know there's someone out there
who doesn't think I talk too much
and values my opinions
who also thinks I'm smart
I'm waiting for the one
I guess they call him Mr. Right
to help me up when I'm down
not down me for my plight
who wants to be with me clothed
as much as when we're not
who sees me as an equal
more than just a back scratcher to reach that itchy spot
I'm holding out for the real thing
that lasts past Saturday night
for the drum beat to my melody
for the fire to my light
Bellis Tart Nov 2015
I've burned the candle from both ends,
burning fingers trying to hold on
soaked right through with whiskey, and tears
shutters ripple up my spine
to the brain I no longer wish to use
I've done my time, paid my dues
kissed my fair share of frogs, for something better
but the best is always yet to come, or so they say
I've desecrated my boundaries, jumped borders, and covered empty pages
just to hear that faint scratch of the pen across the paper
which still sounds louder than your heart
You see, I am a coward
who takes solace in the certainty
that words will drip from these fingers, like the lies from your lips
you call her your wife,
but know nothing of the sanctity of marriage
you babble on, about the greatness of your union
while taking me to your bed, you speak
of connections, when you could never understand
singing your own praises, you're not like every other man, ha!

I have burned the candle at both ends
burning my fingers to hold on,
as my whiskey soaked self engulfs in flames,
I let it burn..
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