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 Jan 12
If you could have the answer to any question you ask, you would learn to ask your questions with care. It doesn't stop being a riddle, just because you happen to know the answer.
 Jan 12
Sometimes the more I see,
the less I want to look...
 Jun 2014
This message goes out tonight to all the seekers in my life
(you know who you are)

All that beseeches you,
all that drives you,
all that you run from and towards
hold the answers you so desperately seek.

Have no more fear
but walk into the unknown
throw yourself out, over & into the abyss
and know that all you seek and need
lays at the bottom of the pit and at the top of the mountain.

Whether you choose to plummet the depths or scale the heights
you will find that which you seek, your salvation.
This is my promise to you and the truth that you hold within your heart!

Stay Awake At The Wheel and You'll Arrive In One Piece!

I Love All Of You With My Whole Heart!!

Mama T
 Jun 2014
If you can find a place in this world where you know who you truly are and not only What You Want,
But What is BEST for you and allows you to fulfill your purpose,
you have found True Wiisom!
How many of us are Wise?
 Jun 2014
There are some people you just can't save, especially from themselves. Know your limits and theirs,
 Jun 2014
Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is admit defeat, call uncle and walk away.
 Jun 2014
I'd rather be Lost then Found cuz when I'm Lost I save Myself.
When I'm found that means someone else Rescued me.
 Jun 2014
Sometimes I'm in over my head, but that's when all the best stuff happens!!
 Jun 2014
Does any of it really matter, Ultimately?
Sunyata (sanscrit for duality)
Everything Matters and None of it Matters, All at the Same Time.
We're getting deep now - pull out those hip waders!  
As Popeye would say, "I am's what i am's" - haha! I like to believe it all equals out in the end. Just Sayin'
 May 2014
Sometimes you gotta walk thru the muck & mire to come out clean & clear on the other side.
Somethings can't be avoided or circumvented.
They just stall your life until you deal with them.
Sometimes you can say OK so this happened, it's why I do this or that and then move on.
Sometimes doing that is just away to avoid dealing with things too painful.
Sometimes you can go your whole life without those unaddressed things causing you problems.
Other Times you reach a point where in order to go further in your life,
Heal yourself and become whole, you HAVE to let them out or DIG them out and deal with them.
I'm gonna need a really big shovel...
What happens to us as children is either what we become or what we overcome.
These are the things that define us.
 May 2014
What happened, happened.
I'm dealing with it.
We still have a relationship.
It could be worse.
I'll figure **** out & so will you.
Sometimes you need to wallow
And sometimes You need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
Knowing what to do when is what makes a wise man.
I hope to become wise with time.
Hope is the Container that holds both Life and Death
 May 2014
Pain is the spice of life.
It's how you know you are alive.
It's what makes happiness & pleasure feel so good.
It's the Yin to my Yang.
It's not to be avoided but embraced with grace.
It's a bittersweet agony that when savored,
flavors your soul and makes us more complete & whole.
It is what rounds us out, teaches us & gives us clarity.
Without our pain, there would be no truth or joy.
 Apr 2014
Life carries on & forward whether we run behind trying to catch up, jump on board or stand crying in its dust. The best u can do is take a deep breath, let go & let it take u where it may. One way or another everything serves a greater final purpose sometimes visible to us, sometimes not & we just gotta trust that eventually we're gonna get to where we're supposed to be. One Destination, Many Roads!
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