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MM Holbrook Feb 28
Behold! My prayer to the holy sacred earth:
May I commence to understanding all beings.
May I understand so I can love.
May I find love in understanding as it is natural.
May I hold a gentle smile as I stomp through eternity’s screaming day.
May I hold a gentle smile as I sleep in the tranquility of the pure.
MM Holbrook Feb 6
The chickens struggling, the coop is closed
The man is dead at the ol’ homestead;
There remains yer rough-carved chair and twiddle your rocks till sleep just to wake up;
And die without consent as you dream of yer cows,
though never would’ve consented even if you were awake and farm-proud
MM Holbrook Feb 2
AfternoonRain you drown out the birds that sing and flowers that grow and you make the green more green the grey more grey the brown more brown the wet more wet and the dry more wet the laugh more laugh it’s okay for you to sing your song as long you want then go away and close your eyes i know you sure will be back AfternoonRain
MM Holbrook Feb 2
Serenading rosebud in the orange gut-wrenching dusk.
branches spread scattered above head
leaving wailing shadows to the flower and its visitor.
branches from all colours of trees

— The End —