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You caused such pain no one could see,
Why did you walk away from me?
Broken heart, empty soul,
Without a word, you left a hole.
I fell apart, I couldn't breathe,
I never thought that you would leave.
I need you here, by my side,
My love for you has never lied.
This can't be over, this cant be it,
I just don't believe it, you can't just quit.
Our love's too strong, to just let go,
I hope to God, all of this you know.
I love you more, than words can say,
I know that you still feel this way.
I'll wait for you, however long,
To come back home, where you belong.
My arms are open, my heart is too,
We're forever to be, but how I miss you.
My fiance and I temporarily seperated early spring of last year for just 2 weeks, but it felt like an eternity.
Heated passion
In a kiss
Lovers two
Know only this

A keen depender
A sweet surrender
And this heated passion
In a kiss.
It waits for you, like a juggernaut,
A mask of furry, and stinking of rot.
Waiting within the shadow and gloom,
You're sick with unease, you're feeling your doom.
It tastes your fear, so rare and divine,
Sadistically moaning, "you will be mine".
It wants you, your essence, your spirit, your soul,
It wants you, it needs you, your life to behold.
What creature is this, that cannot be named?
No one knows, it's not written, or from where that it came.
I had nothing in particular in mind when I wrote this, and I shared it with my friend when I was done, and she said that to her, it described "addiction" almost to a T.  I have been an addict for 10 years, clean for the last 6, and when she said that, I realized she was absolutely correct.

What do you think?

— The End —