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Christine Aug 2016
Through the past segment
We have grown and conquered all
Life with breathe is peace
Christine Dec 2014
Lying is a funny thing.
Deception becomes easiest.
Who wants to be hurt with with truth when a lie can soften the fall.

Slip of a silver tounge.
Smirk of underserving acceptance.
Who needs to live in this reality when creating it is so much fun.

How do you stop creating.
Existing not truly
Who believes in factuality when nothing is solid in this breath
Christine Apr 2014
I am not a petal nor a leaf.
Certainly not centre nor stalk.
Not root nor sun nor soil.
Perhaps I do not belong in this body
Christine Nov 2013
I wanted your kiss
I wanted that hot breath on my neck
I wanted your strong fingers bruising my lips
I wanted people to look
I wanted to run my hands through your hair
I wanted you
What the **** have you done
Christine Oct 2013
who is she
what makes her better
define your perfection
and ill carve into it
id bend backwards inside out for you

who is *she
Christine Sep 2013
Anxiety is the colour red like the stinging remnants of my tears that have passed,

Anxiety tastes like black coffee at three am,

Anxiety smells like a drip of my nosebleed that just wont fade,

Anxiety sounds like the constant pounding in my pluse,

Anxiety feels like the lump in my throat from the starchy medication,

Anxiety is my hidden enemy.
Christine Sep 2013
Sorrow is the colour purple in the final moments of twilight,

Sorrow tastes like the chard embers of my last cigarette,

Sorrow tastes like the bitter remnants of my ex-lovers cologne,

Sorrow sounds like the crashing current of the ***** lake suffocating the fish,

Sorrow feels like the empty space between my fingers missing a hand once intertwined with mine,

Sorrow is helplessness.
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