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May 2 · 42
CBL May 2
back and forth
up and down
in and out
side to side
only extremes
and that weird middle space between
no way to tell when the limit arrives.

the goods are really good
the bads are really bad
and everything in between is
you wonder when it will end
you never know for sure.
it doesn't slow down first
just slams and jerks.
your insides get all mixed up
then you are heading the opposite direction.
you can't tell if you are being pulled
or falling
So many things have been happening lately and it's so so much. I can't fully enjoy anything because I can feel that I'll be slammed down before I can even get my bearings and I just want it to all slow down a little bit thank you very much. Bad things happen and I wait for them to pass and it takes forever because I can't see the end. I can't see the line drawing in that says "That's enough" and so I'm stuck waiting but never prepared.
Apr 8 · 40
CBL Apr 8
There is a place
A big, cold, empty space
Between my body and me
And there is a place
A thin, fuzzy space
Between my body
And the rest of the world.
Sometimes I fall into the spaces
And I don't know how to pull myself out.
When I fall into the big
The cold
The empty
I feel like there isn't any gravity
Or air
And I'm floating away from my ship
Without a tether or anything
And I don't know how to get back
Somehow I always do.
When I fall into the thin
The fuzzy in-between
That stops me from feeling the world the way it really is
Everything is way too bright
And I can't see anything
Or it's way too dull
And I can't see anything
And it's so loud that I can't decipher the words
Or it's so quiet that I can't even hear them at all
Nothing smells like anything, or it smells like everything
Nothing tastes right, everything feels shifted to the side a bit
Like I'm in a dream.
I don't know how to get out of that space either
But it never lasts forever
At least it hasn't yet
Apr 7 · 81
I don't feel
CBL Apr 7
I don't feel strong
I don't feel brave
I feel tight in my throat
I don't feel warm
I don't feel safe
I feel like I'm falling apart
I wrote this in December and I don't remember now what it was about
Apr 7 · 44
CBL Apr 7
words. poetry. art.
I used to believe that poetry needed to have a steady even flow
That it needed to tumble out and down like water in a stream
moving and moving and moving
I realized
that words
can be
there can be pauses
and spaces

and things can be repeated without needing to be
I wrote this a while back and it was just in my drafts for a while
Apr 7 · 42
CBL Apr 7
I'm gone all the time now.

Not all the time.

But it feels like all the time.

I think I'm here
And I'm doing things
And then I **** back into focus
And I've been gone a long, long time
Where did I go?
Why can't I feel when I start slipping away?

I can only feel when I'm pulled back to the surface
And not when I begin to sink
But I don't go anywhere.

But I'm gone.

I'm gone.
Mar 14 · 171
CBL Mar 14
kind of fizzy
I thought I despised them
you told me they were your favorite
and now I don't look at them the same
they taste different now
I think they are my favorites too
Dec 2021 · 41
CBL Dec 2021
You say I betray you
I want to protect you
Life doesn't come with a manual
I don't know what to do
I'm trying so hard
To see underneath
But you stack on layer after layer
Each time I dig deeper
I find more of your hurt
each time I dig deeper
You hurt me some more
Broken people do that sometimes
It is hard
but it must be done
if not by me
then who?
I'm very tired
It hurts to keep going
will I stop?
Only for the night
But when the sun rises
So will I
to keep digging
to find you
and pull you to where
I hope you'll be safe
Forgive me
For losing you in the first place
little sister
no one told me being a big sister would hurt so ******* much. i've never wanted a time machine more. i wish i was stronger, but i am so, so tired and i don't know how to do this, i am making it up as i go, and hoping so hard that the things i do and say don't make it worse. i wish i could go back in time and protect her from everything and everyone.
Dec 2021 · 41
Unfamiliar Snore
CBL Dec 2021
Asleep in my bed
Resting, but not restful
startled awake
by a deep rumbling snore
That is not my own
Who is here?
The fear is icy cold and I hold my breath
Until my doggie
Asleep further in the dark
Shifts and can breathe easy once again
The adrenaline drains as quickly as it came
Fatigue overtakes
Asleep in my bed
Now restful and resting
Why didn't anyone ever tell me that sometimes when dogs snore it sounds like an unfamiliar person?!?!?! I thought I was going to die.
Dec 2021 · 238
Haiku of a dormant desire
CBL Dec 2021
Dreams, once strong and true
Wither away as I scroll
Why did I want this?
Dec 2021 · 28
a haiku for lost time
CBL Dec 2021
How did I get here?
Why can't I remember now
Who I was before?
Sep 2019 · 100
A haiku for fall
CBL Sep 2019
Pale sunlight shines down
Piercing through crisp autumn air
The cold approaches
Sep 2019 · 101
A haiku for leaves
CBL Sep 2019
Red, orange, yellow
Leaves swirl from their branches
But they will be back
CBL Sep 2019
Cinnamon Cider
Steam curls up into the air
I feel safe and warm
Sep 2019 · 117
A haiku for a run at night
CBL Sep 2019
The sun sets, I run
The stars watch me from above
The cold helps me think
CBL Sep 2019
A big 'ole pumpkin
Sits on my front porch
Fearsome light flickers
I wrote this in school today for my LA12 class
Apr 2019 · 175
A haiku for new life
CBL Apr 2019
Welcome little life
Sprouting, hatching, being born
Awaken and live
Apr 2019 · 105
A haiku for a butterfly
CBL Apr 2019
Flittering, floating
Bright and shiny butterfly
Dance soft on a breeze
CBL Apr 2019
A small hairy stem
Jagged leaves reaching for sun
New tomato plant
Apr 2019 · 84
Another haiku for spring
CBL Apr 2019
A spring in my step
I will spring into action
Preparing for Spring
Apr 2019 · 139
A haiku for spring
CBL Apr 2019
The air is now warm
Small green shoots burst through the ground
A bird chirps loudly
I had to write this in class on a green paper leaf for my teachers 'Poe'tree
Feb 2019 · 101
A winter haiku
CBL Feb 2019
The snow was so nice
Dry winds blew with no fresh falls
Now the ground is ice
Southern Utah winters ****, the wind blows the snow into dune-like formations and then freezes them and I nearly killed myself on one the other day cause I somehow forgot they freeze up really hard.
Feb 2019 · 92
Hydration Haiku
CBL Feb 2019
To stay hydrated
I drink water during class
"I need the hall pass"
Okay so I literally drank a gallon during school today which probably isn't a lot for some people but whatever, anyway, I needed to *** like twice in each class. It was delightful (not)
Dec 2018 · 162
To be hot
CBL Dec 2018
Burn me, roast me
Boil me, toast me
Put me in a fire and leave me there
Sure in summer I will complain
But this whipping cold wind
I can no longer bear
Cook me up in a ***
With onions and potatoes
Grill me like a hamburger pattie
I want to feel the heat and the health
As it spreads across my skin
A searing disease that I crave
I am a lizard
At home in the desert
The heat moves my blood through my veins
My habitat is hot
Utah is my state
The sun is my friend.
I actually love the cold, but I really miss being warm. The thing about where I live is that it gets cold and windy but it doesn't snow or rain very often, so I get all of what I consider to be the worst parts of winter without getting to build a snowman.
Dec 2018 · 175
Another haiku from the mat
CBL Dec 2018
My back is aching
Battle bruises cover me
I love to wrestle
I got 6th place at the tournament yesterday
Dec 2018 · 94
A haiku from winter
CBL Dec 2018
The snow came last night
It sparkles and glistens in
The sunlight outside
Nov 2018 · 579
A haiku for a hero
CBL Nov 2018
He was a great one
He made stories that we love
Rest in peace Stan Lee
Nov 2018 · 85
A haiku from dessert
CBL Nov 2018
Graham ******* pie crust
So creamy and delicious
Raspberry on top
Nov 2018 · 88
A haiku from the mat
CBL Nov 2018
I shoot in again
I don't like double legs but
Wrestling is life
The wrestling season started!! I'm so excited for this seasons first tournament!
The bottom line has 5 syllabals if you enunciate wrestle-ing
Nov 2018 · 138
A haiku from the tub
CBL Nov 2018
I soak in a tub
Bubbles pile around me
This is the good life
CBL Nov 2018
Inertia and I
We resist change if we can
We are much alike
Nov 2018 · 107
A haiku from homework
CBL Nov 2018
Physics can be great
But I do not understand
I need a new brain
Nov 2018 · 99
CBL Nov 2018
I wish I could fly
I wish I had wings
up up up
I'd soar into the clouds
the mist tickling my face
and the wind
blowing through my hair
I'd truly be in heaven up there
if only I could fly
if only I had wings
Nov 2018 · 144
A haiku about haiku
CBL Nov 2018
Anything can be
A haiku if you would like
I adore them so
CBL Nov 2018
The leaves are falling
As are the spirits and grades
Let us go outside!
CBL Nov 2018
The rain sprinkles down
I jump and dance in the street
Autumn is the best
CBL Nov 2018
I was up till three
Watching a scary movie
I love halloween
CBL Nov 2018
"Put the haiku stuff
Away for the rest of class"
"But I enjoy them!"
Nov 2018 · 87
A haiku from the trail
CBL Nov 2018
I go on a hike
Ev'rything smells of autumn
The breeze lets me fly
CBL Nov 2018
Timothy slides on
A leaf to Elizabeth
They are happy snails
Nov 2018 · 88
A haiku from my soul
CBL Nov 2018
I love to read books
I believe they are divine
Please leave us in peace

— The End —