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May 2
back and forth
up and down
in and out
side to side
only extremes
and that weird middle space between
no way to tell when the limit arrives.

the goods are really good
the bads are really bad
and everything in between is
you wonder when it will end
you never know for sure.
it doesn't slow down first
just slams and jerks.
your insides get all mixed up
then you are heading the opposite direction.
you can't tell if you are being pulled
or falling
So many things have been happening lately and it's so so much. I can't fully enjoy anything because I can feel that I'll be slammed down before I can even get my bearings and I just want it to all slow down a little bit thank you very much. Bad things happen and I wait for them to pass and it takes forever because I can't see the end. I can't see the line drawing in that says "That's enough" and so I'm stuck waiting but never prepared.
Written by
CBL  20/Utah, USA
(20/Utah, USA)   
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