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Apr 8
There is a place
A big, cold, empty space
Between my body and me
And there is a place
A thin, fuzzy space
Between my body
And the rest of the world.
Sometimes I fall into the spaces
And I don't know how to pull myself out.
When I fall into the big
The cold
The empty
I feel like there isn't any gravity
Or air
And I'm floating away from my ship
Without a tether or anything
And I don't know how to get back
Somehow I always do.
When I fall into the thin
The fuzzy in-between
That stops me from feeling the world the way it really is
Everything is way too bright
And I can't see anything
Or it's way too dull
And I can't see anything
And it's so loud that I can't decipher the words
Or it's so quiet that I can't even hear them at all
Nothing smells like anything, or it smells like everything
Nothing tastes right, everything feels shifted to the side a bit
Like I'm in a dream.
I don't know how to get out of that space either
But it never lasts forever
At least it hasn't yet
Written by
CBL  20/Utah, USA
(20/Utah, USA)   
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