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Jan 2017 · 382
Caroline E Jan 2017
Tell me...
Why can't I find what others have found?

Why hasn't that "someone" arrived yet?
The person that I will cross paths with; not by accident but by destiny
The person that will come into my life to stay
The person that will adore me with every bit of their heart
And show me that love is not conditional?
Did they get lost on the way to find me?
Or perhaps is it I who has lost their way?
Jan 2017 · 192
Caroline E Jan 2017
You broke my heart in
Two and did not bother to
Even give it back
Nov 2016 · 393
Caroline E Nov 2016
Here obsessing over celebrities and singers that don't even know I exist

In love with fictional characters that are only part of a story

And falling for strangers I won't ever see again
But there's nothing wrong with dreaming right? (:
Nov 2016 · 178
Caroline E Nov 2016
While the rest fear death,
I am afraid of life.
Nov 2016 · 153
Caroline E Nov 2016
You broke my heart
And I'll still love you
With every single piece that's left
Oct 2016 · 346
No Regrets
Caroline E Oct 2016
You destroyed me; you didn't seem to care
I screamed; I fell on my knees
And even though you saw the blood
flowing from my heart
You didn't let go of the knife that you had
plunged into me
Oct 2016 · 287
Caroline E Oct 2016
When you looked at me maybe your pupils didn't dilate

And maybe when you looked at me you didn't
feel that rapid heartbeat in your chest  

But the lack of affection didn't break me down

It was my extremely high levels of adrenaline and dopamine
I got everytime I was with you that turned me into a cadaver
Caroline E Oct 2016
If you're going to walk away
Please give me a reason
Don't be that cruel
To leave me forever wondering what I did wrong

If you're going to walk away,
Please take away with you all those tears I will be shedding
Take away with you the pain and
Take the memories with you as well
Oct 2016 · 210
12:17 a.m.
Caroline E Oct 2016
You should start growing
your own beautiful garden
Instead of waiting for someone who'll only
bring you a single flower
Oct 2016 · 418
The Broken
Caroline E Oct 2016
Some people smoke
Some people drink
Some people do drugs
And others fall in love

They all die in different ways
Oct 2016 · 338
Anxiety = Insanity
Caroline E Oct 2016
Out of the blue, the monster inside me unveils
I try to hold onto my sanity, but there's always a price

The oxygen has been taken away from me, I feel like I am drowning
No matter how much I gasp or try to take air back in, I just feel more submerged

I see people walking past me, and I am screaming, hoping they notice
But rivers flood my face when I realize no one will come to my rescue

My heart has sped up uncontrollably, there's no way I will be free
Oh, what a curse this is; I've now accepted insanity as a part of me.
I have become insane. I made myself the monster's home.
Sep 2016 · 224
Because Of You
Caroline E Sep 2016
I grew to love sadness,
I grew to love crying,
I grew to love the pain,

Because that's what love is,
It's not.
Sep 2016 · 144
6:58 p.m.
Caroline E Sep 2016
There           chaos         order
      is                    in
  There            madness       sanity
Sep 2016 · 165
7:16 p.m.
Caroline E Sep 2016
You said you loved me,
But I think you were just lonely.
Aug 2016 · 132
11:00 p.m.
Caroline E Aug 2016
Sometimes I want to forget
That I'm trying to forget
I don't want to forget.
Aug 2016 · 187
Yin and Yang
Caroline E Aug 2016
She saw darkness
He saw the stars
When she could only see the ground
He only saw the sky
When she saw nothing but black and white
He only saw vivid colors
When she saw the gray clouds
He could only see the sun behind it all.

Realists and idealists are like yin and yang...
A perfect balance.
Realists and idealists need each other. Without idealists, the realists will never dare to dream. And without the realists, idealists will make their dreams get out of hand.
Aug 2016 · 131
10:26 p.m.
Caroline E Aug 2016
When he saw pure darkness
She saw the stars
Aug 2016 · 134
11:43 p.m.
Caroline E Aug 2016
She saw emeralds in his eyes
While he saw oceans in hers
Aug 2016 · 310
Caroline E Aug 2016
Promises are lies
They're never guaranteed
Promises are never... promised.
But somehow, we still choose to believe in them
Because it's the only thing we can hold onto
That gives us a small ray of hope
That promises made
Will be promises kept.
Aug 2016 · 537
Get Back Up
Caroline E Aug 2016
We were in love
We were both very content
We knew this was meant to be
This was destiny, not an accident

But then one day
He said the magic had disappeared
That he didn't adore me as much
'He doesn't love me anymore,' I feared

And just like that he walked out of my life
Because it turns out I was right
Everything went dark, I was devastated
But I knew I had to find the light
Not about me, but a friend who's been having rough times.
But don't let your past partner set you back from being happy.
Aug 2016 · 271
Why Though?
Caroline E Aug 2016
Late at night,
For some weird reason,
We are more honest
We are more sensible
We are more broken
Aug 2016 · 151
Take Care
Caroline E Aug 2016
It isn't selfish at all
To think about yourself
Once in a while
Aug 2016 · 734
I'm Not Alone
Caroline E Aug 2016
Maybe it's true
That someone won't cross the sea for me
Walk through fire for me
Or fight for me...

But that's okay, cause I have myself
And I'm the only person that I ever really need
Aug 2016 · 160
1:16 a.m.
Caroline E Aug 2016
I keep wondering
Why I can't find
What others have found.
Aug 2016 · 526
A Smile
Caroline E Aug 2016
I saw her one day, at school
She was absolutely gorgeous and I was too shy
She looked like a model while I just loved to eat all day and all night
I knew I had zero chance with her, but I decided to give it a try

I approached her at lunch, I said "Hey"
She smiled and started a conversation
I couldn't have been happier that day

We started hanging out together since then
But my spirits dropped when a guy much more 'fit' tried to win her heart
And one day when we were  talking he came up and asked her to be his girlfriend

I could feel tears coming out of my eyes
But of joy not sadness because she said
"Oh sorry. I'm dating this guy," and pointed to me

Later when we were alone she confessed that she liked me
I asked her "Why? I'm just curves, the kind people don't wanna see"
She said " I don't care what you look like, because I care for what's inside
Besides, there's only

One                                           Me
       Curve                            To
                  ­That      Matters
I see a lot of encouragement and support for portly girls. And yes, they're beautiful because all girls are just extraordinarily beautiful despite if we're skinny or a little overweight, but I see very little encouragement and support for the guys. No matter what, you're all beautiful too, so I decided to make something for them.
Aug 2016 · 741
I Don't Love You
Caroline E Aug 2016
You always want to know how my day has gone
You try to make me laugh when I'm down
You tell me how you want to be with me all day long

You ask me how I am every single day
You say you love all of my imperfections
Nothing else screams "I love you" more than your subtle ways

And I really appreciate all that you do for me
But the sad truth is
As hard as I've tried, I just can't love you as much as you love me
Jul 2016 · 383
Love Sometimes Isn't Enough
Caroline E Jul 2016
She loved him.
He loved her.

So why did it end?

Because love and compatibility are not the same thing.
Jul 2016 · 745
12:53 a.m.
Caroline E Jul 2016
If you fall in love
Make sure you fall for the person
Who will catch you
Without a doubt
Jul 2016 · 151
11:06 p.m.
Caroline E Jul 2016
Everyone sees jealousy as a bad thing...

I think it's kinda nice that someone really wants to spend with you and only you.
In the cases I've seen anyways.
Jul 2016 · 273
5:52 p.m.
Caroline E Jul 2016
I thought I was trying to find reasons
to keep loving you
But I guess I really was trying to find reasons
to walk away.
Jul 2016 · 268
1:44 a.m.
Caroline E Jul 2016
He already forgot me
It's time I do the same
Jun 2016 · 272
Caroline E Jun 2016
At the end of the night
He held my hands
He looked deep into my eyes
And outside his car under the moonlight

He said, "I love you."

I was shocked, surprised even
I had no words, I was speechless
He was a person I did not want to lose
But my heart began to melt, because as I looked down at my shoes

I realized I couldn't say those three words back
Jun 2016 · 821
1:43 a.m.
Caroline E Jun 2016
Why is it that the nights fill me with sadness?
Apr 2016 · 606
Lack of Inspiration
Caroline E Apr 2016
Lately I have lacked a great deal of inspiration to write...
Why is it? Why can't words flow in my head? Is this even right ?

It is said that a person picks up a pen when they're falling in love or their heart has shattered...
And I'm neither of those right now... Well no wonder.
Apr 2016 · 192
7:31 p.m.
Caroline E Apr 2016
So what if one day went awry?
Many more suns will rise
Many more moons will shine...
Don't let one yesterday spoil your tomorrows.
Apr 2016 · 173
Caroline E Apr 2016
"I can't," he says.  
"What can't you what?"
"I just can't."
"You just can't what?"

Even though I ask, I already know the  *feeling.
Apr 2016 · 239
10:56 p.m.
Caroline E Apr 2016
There's people that I would take a bullet for, and I've decided...
That you're one of them.
Apr 2016 · 192
8:43 p.m.
Caroline E Apr 2016
I saw him telling jokes and making people laugh
His kindness couldn't be captured by any photograph
His happiness was so big, anyone was able to see
No one knew how truly marvelous he was, except me

His stare provides such warmth, his eyes are filled with care
The best feauture on him is that smile he daily wears
And now instead of feeling my heart beating out of my chest
I feel warm all over; all my love in him I'd invest
Apr 2016 · 289
Caroline E Apr 2016
I'm gonna miss you.
That's all I can really say.
Apr 2016 · 283
Take Me Back
Caroline E Apr 2016
I miss not caring about what the world thought of me
Never mattered who saw, I always did what made me happy
Now everyone judges who you are
But sometimes society pushes it too far

I miss being so joyful and full of cheer
I was happy, even if bedtime was near
Now everyone just knows how to stress and worry
There's no time for leisure 'cause we're all in such a hurry

Back then people used to play with dolls and such
Now people play with hearts and see sad faces too much

Oh, I miss being so carefree
Never mattered what the world thought of me
I was always so happy

But then you're thrown into this cruel place
Funny yet sad how you think this was something you'd never face
I remember how I used to say "I want to be older" all the time
And now that I grew up, I think, *Man, how wrong was I...
Mar 2016 · 161
Caroline E Mar 2016
Now I know that nothing
that happened
But with time those memories
will be forgotten and

Now I know that you weren't
worth my tears when I was
*None of it mattered, but now I
know that neither did
Mar 2016 · 490
Caroline E Mar 2016
Before I'd give up everything for you
And I thought you felt the same too

Funny how a sentence, even a word, can change it all

Maybe I have realized too late  
But now I know that your pretty face
Was not worth the wait.
Mar 2016 · 563
True Self
Caroline E Mar 2016
Your beautiful features
Slowly turned ugly
With each horrid thought
of yours.
Mar 2016 · 182
Smoke and Mirrors
Caroline E Mar 2016
Oh, just look at me
So sad and fragile and weak
From not being able to have a chance with you
But now it's like I can see through...

All the beauty I thought you were supposed to be
Has turned into something too hideous for me to see
I can finally let go of this weight that's been hanging over me
Mar 2016 · 236
Caroline E Mar 2016
Your eyes, your smile, everything about you,
my attention it seized

But somehow this love that was immense
Slowly got less and less intense

This love for you has now deceased
Finally from a beautiful curse I have been released.
Mar 2016 · 240
10:01 a.m.
Caroline E Mar 2016
I know I'm really late,
But I love you anyway.
Feb 2016 · 191
2 a.m. thoughts
Caroline E Feb 2016
All I want to do is push you away from me, very far

But instead I'm pulling you back, why do you make it so hard?
Feb 2016 · 305
Caroline E Feb 2016
If you enjoy the sun, then go outside, have fun.

Just remember that each time you go outside, wear sunblock every time

Or else you'll get burned.
*Translation: Loving people is a wonderful experience, just don't get carried off and forget about yourself. You have to protect yourself too sometimes.*

Kind of like my other poem 'Sunburn', but I still liked it.
Feb 2016 · 208
10:57 p.m.
Caroline E Feb 2016
"You love me so much, huh?" He says jokingly.

You're not far off, I think.
You're actually right on track.
Feb 2016 · 234
Last Night
Caroline E Feb 2016
So sad, I've drowned out
I want to cry, but all I
Do is sit and stare...
I tried doing a haiku.
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