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Caroline E Feb 2016
Does God stay up in heaven, because He too, fears of what He has created?
I don't mean to offend anyone, but I just saw this somewhere...
Caroline E Feb 2016
When you look at me, you take my breath away

When you flash me a smile, you take my breath away

When you talk to me, you take my breath away

Even just your very presence is enough to take my breath away
Caroline E Jan 2016
'It is in finding yourself that you will be able to find joy in this world...'*

But how can I ever find myself when I've been left in maze without a compass or map?
Just contradicting my own ideas.
Caroline E Mar 2016
I know I'm really late,
But I love you anyway.
Caroline E Dec 2015
So many "what ifs" left unanswered
That they start to **** me slowly inside
Caroline E Dec 2015
We're all a little broken and messed up inside, aren't we?
Caroline E Dec 2015
No one is forced to love us,
But it still hurts when they don't.
Caroline E Aug 2016
When he saw pure darkness
She saw the stars
Caroline E Apr 2016
There's people that I would take a bullet for, and I've decided...
That you're one of them.
Caroline E Feb 2016
"You love me so much, huh?" He says jokingly.

You're not far off, I think.
You're actually right on track.
Caroline E Aug 2016
Sometimes I want to forget
That I'm trying to forget
I don't want to forget.
Caroline E Feb 2016
The light from my eyes fading away
My throat burns as I try to get air

But I know that breathing will keep me alive, and I'll be forced to keep living in this broken world we call life

So I feel the pressure of the cord around my neck closing the connection to life, and the opening of the path to the unknown;

And unknown life where things may be better...
Caroline E Jul 2016
Everyone sees jealousy as a bad thing...

I think it's kinda nice that someone really wants to spend with you and only you.
In the cases I've seen anyways.
Caroline E Dec 2015
Am I suffering from my own imagination
Or am I suffering from actual reality?

I can't distinguish the differences anymore.
Caroline E Dec 2015
All those memories of you are being washed away
But sooner or later they find their way back to shore.
Caroline E Feb 2016
They said time will heal, time will cure you
I've been deeply hurt; months, even years won't do

I have a feeling that this pain will last a lifetime...
I'll just have to learn to live with it,
Learn to live with this curse that will forever within me lie
I was bored in class, and voila, we have a poem.
Caroline E Dec 2015
"You deserve more than him," they said.

"There's someone better for you," they said.

But, what if that 'someone better' never comes
And he's the best that I'll ever have?
Caroline E Feb 2016
"I'm irresistible," he says jokingly.
"You know you want me."

*Oh, if you knew...
Caroline E Aug 2016
She saw emeralds in his eyes
While he saw oceans in hers
Caroline E Aug 2016
I keep wondering
Why I can't find
What others have found.
Caroline E Oct 2016
You should start growing
your own beautiful garden
Instead of waiting for someone who'll only
bring you a single flower
Caroline E Dec 2015
A smile you may see on my face
Or maybe the brightness in my eyes
But what hides behind those curved up lips that signify happiness
And those illuminated eyes that say they've seen nothing but Heaven
Are lips that speak of grief
And eyes that shine with pain
While a river of tears streams down my cheeks.
Caroline E Dec 2015
So tired of jumping of off skyscrapers
For people who won't even try to catch me
Caroline E Jul 2016
If you fall in love
Make sure you fall for the person
Who will catch you
Without a doubt
Caroline E Dec 2015
Oh, why do we keep thinking  
About those who did us wrong?
Why do we still want them in our lives?
Caroline E Jun 2016
Why is it that the nights fill me with sadness?
Caroline E Jul 2016
He already forgot me
It's time I do the same
Caroline E Feb 2016
Can a boy's face be described as beautiful?

Because that's all I think about when I see him.
Caroline E Feb 2016
All I want to do is push you away from me, very far

But instead I'm pulling you back, why do you make it so hard?
Caroline E Jan 2016
I want you here next to me.
Is that too much to ask for?
Caroline E Dec 2015
So broken
I got used to the insults
The lies...
The pain is now a normal  
Thing to me.
Caroline E Feb 2016
Pretending like I don't have feelings...

Hurts more.
Caroline E Jan 2016
Why can't I get you off my mind?
Your name plays over and over in
my head all the time
I can't seem to think about something other than you
I love you, that's true
But why does the thought of you make me sad and blue?
Caroline E Jan 2016
Sometimes we leave because we want to
try and forget,
But sometimes all we really do is
remember and relive
Caroline E Jan 2016
Your name is added to the list of mistakes I've made.
Caroline E Dec 2015
You'll never be mine,
But I'll still love you
From afar.
Caroline E Jan 2016
She ended her time before time itself could end her.
I erased it by accident :p
Caroline E Jan 2016
I remember the day when you were sitting on one end of the couch and I was sitting on the other one.

You motioned me to come and give you a hug
So I stood up and wrapped my arms around you while you were sitting

In that moment you pulled me down intentionally so I was there on the couch with you.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, cuddling....

And in that moment I realized that nothing could ever make me feel like I was home than being held in your arms.
Kinda like another poem I wrote, but eh. <3
Caroline E Jul 2016
I thought I was trying to find reasons
to keep loving you
But I guess I really was trying to find reasons
to walk away.
Caroline E Dec 2015
I said my biggest fear is forgetting
But oh how I wish you were just another face in the crowd
Caroline E Sep 2016
There           chaos         order
      is                    in
  There            madness       sanity
Caroline E Sep 2016
You said you loved me,
But I think you were just lonely.
Caroline E Apr 2016
So what if one day went awry?
Many more suns will rise
Many more moons will shine...
Don't let one yesterday spoil your tomorrows.
Caroline E Dec 2015
In a room full of people
Yet I feel so lonely
Caroline E Jan 2016
What's worse?
The feeling of immense sadness?
Or the feeling of emptiness;
Knowing that your life will never be fulfilled, that nothing will ever fill that empty gap you need to live?

*What's worse?
Another troubling question that's been on my mind.
Caroline E Feb 2016
Lonely is the night
But my head very occupied
The thoughts of you are running through my mind
It's making my heart beat faster, making me feel alive
And I think I won't sleep tonight.
Caroline E Dec 2015
Oh, will there ever come a time when I
finally stop messing everything up?
Caroline E Apr 2016
I saw him telling jokes and making people laugh
His kindness couldn't be captured by any photograph
His happiness was so big, anyone was able to see
No one knew how truly marvelous he was, except me

His stare provides such warmth, his eyes are filled with care
The best feauture on him is that smile he daily wears
And now instead of feeling my heart beating out of my chest
I feel warm all over; all my love in him I'd invest
Caroline E Dec 2015
You may see the bright
In my eyes, but the truth is
I feel dead inside.
Caroline E Feb 2016
Sometimes I get so **** nervous when I'm with you, it looks like I've forgotten the English language.
Or Spanish. Being bilingual doesn't help :p
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