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Caroline E Jan 2017
You broke my heart in
Two and did not bother to
Even give it back
  Jan 2017 Caroline E
Star Gazer
Show me a field that is filled with golden flowers
hours upon hours the smell of the grass elevates the scents
that seems to send passerbys into an overdrive of envy.
Lend me your hand so that my coarse skin is softened by yours,
the door to my heart is forever open awaiting your entrance
and the defences are fending off other fiends so don't worry about guard
because as hard as it is to trust, I've let my guards down a long time ago.
Show me that you can be the green to my gold
let us grow old but never grow up as we play like kids
let the bliss fill both our hearts as we unite together against the world.
Girl, will you find it in yourself to love me? much as I love you?
When I'm gone,
When my work is done,
To go meet the Almighty Lord,
At the other side of life's road.

The age to come will say:
"Unpopular he was during his day,
Though, great He was, now we see
It vividly as a star gazing about the sea.

A Poet he was with great poetry and prose,
Nighly akin to the scent of a Heaven's rose,
Thus a Genius whose rhyme
Shall perpetually transcend through time!"

©Kikodinho Alexandros**
Jumeira, Dubai
8th December 2016
This piece is dedicated to every single Poet at Hello poetry with the intent of reminding you that despite unpopular you reckon you might be, with no trending poem or never been selected as the poet of the day, One day you'll be remembered. Let's keep the ink flowing, Pals!
  Dec 2016 Caroline E
Star Gazer
Writers are forged from the fires of struggle
made to never crumble under pressure
like treasures embedded with diamonds.
Writers are fighters facing thunder and lightning,
writing the spark, the shock, the rumble
and the calm that comes after.
Writers are like iron forged under fire
burning with desire to be as strong as possible,
as sharp and logical as any thunderstorm.

Writers are roses in a valley of dandelions
aligned with lines as thorns and rhymes as petal,
which settles on paper.
  Dec 2016 Caroline E
the one who keeps me company,
when no one comes to my side
  Dec 2016 Caroline E
you said you would protect me but
instead you were the one who broke me
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