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  Jun 2015 Camille Lagrama
"Action speaks louder than voice" ,
only works in uncommitted relationships.

You are not his only choice,
but always steals a kiss.
He reaches for your hand to hold,
but you're not sure if it's just for tease.

Waits for you 'till your shift's off,
other times it's your hair already turning grey.
He drives you home,
then drives another the next day.

Then he suddenly distanced himself,
saying he have other plans.
You swallowed your pride and plead,
asked him for a second chance.

He had a firm no,
but with a vague reason.
With a broken heart, you know what to do,
and that is to accept and move on.

You're in the middle of the process,
and yet he interrupts.
He does what he does best,
and is again closing the gaps.

You're in a tight spot,
but you should know better.
Listen to us with no buts,
we don't want you to be hurt again by that heart-breaker.

What have we told you,
about what we felt about that person?
Someone who purposely do,
leave holes for his victims to fall.

So guard your heart more,
do not let just anyone to penetrate through.
You should lock the door,
give the only key to someone who is true.

And the next time you take the free fall again,
we'll just always be here as your friend.
And if you ask us out to dinner to tell your pain,
we'll just remind you then and there..

"Action speaks louder than voice." ,
only works in uncommitted relationships.
If you're in a committed relationship, clear communication is crucial.

For our dear friend leeannejjang.
Cheer up and move on!

From your friends, Je & Kam.

— The End —