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Brendan Thomas Nov 2021
Crazy,troubling times
These days we're living in
No more groovy trends or one hit wonders
Just something called inflation

Paychecks won't go up
The only thing that stays the same
Gas,groceries, just living
Seems to harder to obtain

Well everybody keep
Keep just keepin on
Don't worry yourselves tonight
Go to sleep or wait for dawn

Either way though
Only two things are for sure
Death and taxes friends
So keep your spirits pure

Cause on the final day
When we find out where we'll go
Hopefully up not down
That day we'll know for sure
Worrying never helps
But optimism matters
If it's down and not up
Hope you find a ladder
Just felt like writing something.
Brendan Thomas Jun 2021
The bright shining sun over light wind swept fields
The vision I see while eating my meal
You just can't convey the feeling it gives
When that's your backyard and that's how you live
Close knit with nature you sit and realize
The beauty you're seeing through unshielded eyes
It Isn't a dream ,no its quite real
I'm looking at heaven while eating my meal
Nov 2020 · 65
Gator bait
Brendan Thomas Nov 2020
Summer in Louisiana
It's hot but it's fun

Down in the bayou
Lay in the sun

Don't get too close now
Close to the edge

Gators are waiting
Just over the ledge

Sun on your body
Thinking of lunch

Feet hanging over
Then you hear crunch!
Nov 2020 · 70
A glass or ten
Brendan Thomas Nov 2020
A glass of wine
Or maybe ten

Will help me sleep
To do it again

Wake in the morn
Go do the job

Drive home at night
Fight through the mob

Finally home
Time with the family

Make sure the glass
Filled with wine is kept handy

Kids gone to bed
House quiet sky's red

I'll have a glass of wine
Or maybe ten

Then I'll wake up
And do it again
Nov 2019 · 238
Mountain season
Brendan Thomas Nov 2019
The hills once green
Now Orange, browns and reds
Soon to be gray
Cold,barren, dead

Summer youth
Careless, happy,forever
Autumn age that brings

Winter last
Dreams,memories, dread
Welcoming the rest
That only comes with death

Lay and take your peace
Up there upon your hill
Spring not far away now
Forever gone cold chill

Sun breaks the peak
And like water it flows down
Waking as it goes,all that have been asleep
And Life begins again
From the newly thawed green ground
Just below the trees
Where the sun kisses the mountain
Oct 2019 · 180
Brendan Thomas Oct 2019
Taken too soon
Everything you taught me
All the love you gave
I miss you so much

Every day seems the same
I try to make you proud
It all seems pointless now that you're gone

I'll have to find myself now
But who am I trying to be
I dont know
Please help me
Brendan Thomas Dec 2017
On a high hill beside the ocean
A mighty boulder hung
Suspended by an equally mighty rope
One lone tree near the two
Many a storm had they both endured
The boulder and the rope always under pressure
The lone tree swaying in the wind
Occasionally the tree branches would bend just far enough in strong winds  to rub against the rope, fraying it ever so slightly
Then the wind would die down and all would return to normal
On a particularly stormy night the wind blew harder than ever before, the tree bent,rubbing the rope harder than ever before
The mighty rope could take no more, fraying, almost crying out as it did, trying with every last fiber to keep hold of the mighty boulder
But,alas, with a final sad groan, as if in apology to the boulder, the rope snapped and the mighty boulder dropped to the ground and rolled down the hill towards the edge and finally over and into the sea below, where it still lies
The boulder,the rope and the tree shall never touch again
For the tree bends with the breeze
And now the rope also is pushed by the wind
And the mighty boulder is beneath the waves
All feel relieved
But the tree grows and eventually withers
The rope that now blows in the breeze becomes unraveled
And the waves slowly wear away the mighty boulder
All were strong together
Now they are freed
Alone to face their ends
Dec 2017 · 787
Dec 7th
Brendan Thomas Dec 2017
In 1941
On this very day
A heinous deed done
In a cowardly way

Attacked while most slumbered
Chaos ensued
Now all awake
Their worst fears were true

Dead laying about
The damage was done
But a giant awoken
Fearing no-one

Heroes were born
From regular souls
Who leapt into action
Their futures unknown

The past is just that
No changing it now
Heroes from both sides
Lie dead in the ground

We should never forget them
One thing we Should do
Is never repeat
What both sides Did do

Attacked killed and maimed
The unfortunate souls
Both fighting for country
And the fight for control

Just thought I'd mention
What some had forgot
Freedom's not free
It cost quite a lot

We can never repay
What they have given
We can only be thankful
For such men and women
Hopefully we all remember what happened, and hope for peace and live life to the fullest
Nov 2017 · 234
Life's a river
Brendan Thomas Nov 2017
Life flows like a river
Parts fast, others slow
Always ever changing
You go with the flow

Never knowing what's ahead
Can't forget what's behind
Could be rough Rapids
OR a peaceful flow through pines

One thing is certain
The river's gonna flow
Will you be the captain ?
Or simply follow where it goes?
Jul 2017 · 267
Brendan Thomas Jul 2017
As I looked through rheumy eyes,
Intently peering toward the sun,
I kept up my gazing,
Blinded for fun.

Now all that I see,
Is brilliant and bright,
No longer in darkness,
Surrounded by light.

No more ugly life,
At least not for me,
I'll keep my eyes open,
And happiness see.

I'm seeing not really,
Though I'm not bothered true,
For my life is now sunny,
How about you?
Jul 2017 · 543
Sadness (hot and cold)
Brendan Thomas Jul 2017
Feeling this bitter chill,
                 Intruding upon my body,
Warmth I'm craving,
                 Seems to elude me,
I sit nearer the flames,
                 Yet feel not their heat,
I listen to music,
                 Still can't hear a beat,
Spiraling down,
                 Where will it stop,
With me at the bottom,
                 And sadness on top.
Jul 2017 · 342
Her Smile
Brendan Thomas Jul 2017
Here I lie,
No comfort therein,
Alone again,
Lightly breathing.

Shallow breaths,
Of life-giving air,
Send me home,
To whom knows where.

If I don't wake,
Again my dear,
I'll see you soon and know I'm near.

Though if I wake,
It may be a while,
Until I see,
Your loving smile.
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Friendship Promise
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
A promise to be,
A shoulder to cry on

A loving hand
To pick you up when you fall

A warm heart
When your heart's feeling cold

A friend who'll still love you
Even when we've grown old

An ear to listen
To your worries and fears

A warm gentle hand
To wipe away any tears

Whatever will be,will be
And there's nothing we can do
But you'll always have me
My friendship promise to you
You mean the world to me!
I hope you know that
Dec 2014 · 879
My Untouchable Star
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
Dear love , my moon
Unreachable star
Far from my grasp
seems to be where you are

Distance and time
Have no meaning when we're here
Alone in our heaven
I wipe away your tears

Away from this world
In our world together
We float hand in hand
Adrift here together

What shall become of us
If only we could know
The night is our secret
Till the suns rise calls us home

Oh world why, do you keep us apart?
Do you not know
What we feel in our hearts

Two hearts together
Beating as one
Neither will stop
'Till the other is done

The fates have a plan
Of that I am sure
What else could it be
For two hearts kept so pure

So sleep well my love
'Till the morn breaks the spell
And we wake not together
Alone in that Hell

But be not detered
For the night closes fast
And we'll be once more together
Together at last
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
Please know I love you
For all that its worth
Had I the power
I'd slow down the Earth
Keep day from the night
Our lovers moon never setting
Knowing I can't is truly upsetting
You've a piece of my heart
I'll never get back
But the Earth is slipping from my grasp
I can't hold it back
I don't want this to end
Our love or this night
So every sunset
I'll hold back the Earth
And pray for endless night
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
Don't remember where I was
I realized life was a game
The more seriously I took things
The harder the rules became
I had no idea what it cost
My life had passed before my eyes
I found out how little I'd accomplished
All my plans denied

So as you read this
Know my friends
I couldn't stay with you all
Smile when you think of me
My body 's gone that's all
Dec 2014 · 703
Midnight Love
Brendan Thomas Dec 2014
he wants her treated like a queen, and knows someday she'll find that
he wishes he could be there to give her his shoulder,wrap his arms 'round her
and tell her that bad part of life is over..
suddenly as night falls and they fall into slumber
they're together again ,as if they'd never parted
they lean in close,his arms around her
her head against his chest,wishing for this to never end
he's wishing day would never come
that they could live in their dreams forever and not have to part ever again
she tells him she's tired and starts to weep,
he's says,it's ok baby,I know you have to go..
I don't want to she says with tears in her eyes,
he's says it's ok,we'll be together soon for even the sun can't keep them apart forever, the moon must shine at night and that's when you'll see me again......
baby? he calls,
she says I love you,as her voice starts to get farther and farther away....
he opens his eyes alone and he cries........
he'll have to wait till the moon  again shines
to see his
midnight love
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
I walk outside,as I open the door I get a slap in the face,not a mean slap,but more a gentle slap from a playful lover you've been away from for a short while.
I smile because I've missed that cold rush on my skin,I breathe deep into my lungs the painfully cold air and feel so alive.
I open my icy blue eyes and look out,past the white church steeple to the snow covered mountains,so tranquil and serene,wishing I could be there,as a person wishes to see an old friend.
then as if it were mere seconds since I entered the cold embrace of my winter love,she blows gently in my hair as if to say,please go inside now and get warm so you can come back to me soon.
reluctantly I listen,brush away the cold and go inside,where it's always too warm.
At least I can always walk back see her again
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
My Venus ,my muse
you know who you are
the distance between us
is not very far

in life if you find it
hold on don't let go
who knows where it leads
the path you'll both follow

blessed every day
for you in my life
we both need each other
the fit feels just right

forever together
bound by the stars
time cannot touch us
here in our hearts
Nov 2014 · 686
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
Life is but a dream within a dream
or so I've been told
and death just the beginning
from a life that's grown old

If these statements are true
then there's no need to worry
for when life starts again
there's still me and you
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
special to some
an angel to one
millions of stars
yet only one sun

comets do burn
travel fast and burn bright
but the sun is eternal
and so pure is it's light
Nov 2014 · 363
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
An angel was she
sent here to help me
happiness her gift
a gift she gave often
and gave just to me

blessed am I
to have such a friend
someone to count on
when all else comes to an end

she's here for me                                                                            
Know I'm here for her always
when life throws us curves
and everythings just goes sideways

together we see each other
through the hardships we may face
no matter how bad, we can meet in this place
Nov 2014 · 614
recliner happiness
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
Jethro Tull once wrote a song "Nothing is easy"
Aint that the truth
why can't we just go to work
come home ,eat our fill,nap in our recliners
no struggle and strife
just be happy

guess that's easy

and as "Tull" said Nothing is easy
Brendan Thomas Nov 2014
I finally understand
"you're ****** if you don't and ****** if you do"
if you do what's best for you and that's all
you end up hurting those closest to you

you can please some people all the time
and all people some of the time
but you can't please everyone all the time
how true

****** if you don't and ****** if you do!
Oct 2014 · 392
Left,Right or Heart
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
At times life can pull at you
like the tide ebbs and flows
wondering internally
which way to go

your body says left
but your mind tells you right
which should I trust
which one is right

now your heart
that ones different
on that one rely
it never will mislead you
and never will it lie
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
The face of an angel
and heart of a saint
her words still unnoticed
her whispers seem faint
she speaks through her eyes
if only you'd listen
look deep in her eyes
and find what you're missing
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
I feel so blessed to have the friends that I do
people I've met here,people like you
they endure such pain,such heartache and more
and if of nothing else of this I am sure
as long as we continue to support each other this way
we won't be forgotten
and no writings are in vain
for all those who help their fellow poets with OUR issues
Oct 2014 · 952
Happiness(it's her turn)
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
I hate to see her hurt
I wish she felt no pain
sometimes pain makes us stronger
she's strong enough already
been through enough
it's her turn to be happy
her turn to be loved by someone
who appreciates her for who she is
a beautiful soul
even it means giving pieces of herself
everytime she cares for another
it's HER TURN!
for someone who deserves all the happiness in the world and more,
you know who you are :)I hope you find it
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
In fine feather now ,feeling no pain
my darkness appeased as I sit in the rain
I stumble about through the alleys and yards
though my eyes through this trickery
have me wandering tall grasses
on my old family farm
sun on my face ,breeze at my back
as a lovers warm breath
whispering "Come home ,my love"
soon I answer
then as soon as she came
she was gone once again
so I'll keep sitting here
waiting for her
her warm breath on my neck
the sun in her hair

and the end of this cold lonely rain
Oct 2014 · 338
Unlikely Symphony
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
As I sit in my chair
I listen
         eyes closed
                      I hear the raindrops
such a soothing symphony they create

       no pattern
but ,
magically musical

my old refridgerator running in the background

the clock ticking away the seconds

isn't it funny how much we don't hear
when we don't listen,
                                  Truly listen
3:35am just sat listening to the rain
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
As I lie here self drugged
between dream and reality
my mind opens up
to previously unseen possibility

where is this line between dream and real
to me they are the same
at least that's how I feel

Where does life end
and where's it begin
do we wander this life
in supposed dark sin

Does God have a plan
or are we just travelers
adrift on this plane
too many things I cannot explain

I'll continue to wander
no plan and no guide
all I can do
continue my stride

This in between land
in the ether does lie
questions and answers
someday we'll find
the keys to universe,lie in between dream and reality
Oct 2014 · 278
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
If I could cure what ails thee
there wouldn't be a pause
such a soul deserves it
and humanity will feel the loss
we may not think it now
but perhaps he'd have done great things
just another senseless passing
there will be one less soul who is laughing

but,maybe there will be the laughing on the other side
for this soul no longer has to endure  "survival"
Oct 2014 · 384
Goodnight Moon
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
Goodnight moon
I surely must retire

If I said I wasn't tired
I'd surely be a liar

As the coming dawn approaches
and with it the bright days sun

The coming moons promise
of dark enlightened fun
off to bed ,long day,goodnight all
Oct 2014 · 615
Alone with my thoughts
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
I find when I'm alone with my thoughts
questions arise
why do we only use roughly 10-14% of our brains potential

what if we could use more?

Say perhaps, most of it

what hidden secrets could we unlock?

could we hold entire conversations without saying a word?

I sit and ponder in my time alone,
are we part of a human collective conciousness that we have yet to rediscover
all our past, present and futures intertwined though at present we are too ignorant to the fact to accept it,


what if we do and we move toward understanding how exactly the unconcious mind works ,
are dreams we have clues to something larger that we simply pass off as "silly dreams"merely because we cannot comprehend what we are being told?

Here we are in the 21st century and still we do not understand where our minds/concious being  goes when we are put under anesthesia,
we simply are not there!

I for one find this a topic of immense wonder

It has been proven that while under the influence of powerful mind altering drugs that certain portions of the brain seem to be "unlocked"
and register off the charts
Anyway just one of the things I like to ponder when I'm alone with my thoughts.
just some things I think about,I have an interest in  and some education in psychology/neuroscience and molecular biology
Oct 2014 · 289
poetic therapy couch (10w)
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014

  And not as expensive!
Oct 2014 · 541
Crazy Jungle
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
Among the canopy of trees
I sit and I watch

The monkees make trouble
the mice tease the hawks

In my jungle
nothing is as it seems

The sky ends somewhere
below in the streams

King of my jungle
I watch the sun set

It burns toward the ocean
where it gets wet

It dries then it rises
only to get wet then set
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
Under the moon
where predators prowl

They lurk in the shadows
and call with a howl

Silently they stalk
on padded paws through the leaves

They creep through the darkness
they wind through the trees

Target in sight
they move in for the ****

The pack springs from the shadows
and each eat their fill

Moon obscured
erased by the clouds

Again to the shadows
return hunting hounds
Oct 2014 · 316
On my way(to ashes)
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
Call me a comet
as I race through the sky
my tail streams behind me
my life left in your sky

You'll see me only briefly
as I streak by your eyes
if you blink you may miss me
for I shortly light the sky

Though I burn brightly
my life is nearly spent
I'm on my way to ashes
but ,Oh! so glad I went!
Oct 2014 · 232
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
We all need a something
my something is this

The smell of the morning
the taste of your lips

A dream , a life simple
rarely life is

But we all need a something
and my something is this
Oct 2014 · 824
Vengeful Moon
Brendan Thomas Oct 2014
Moon,Oh! moon
'tis a shame upon you
you failed to give full light
when the hunters needed you

They all lost their footings
and fell to the ground
their souls made to wander
no longer ****** bound
Sep 2014 · 412
A Soul Conflicted
Brendan Thomas Sep 2014
A more conflicted soul
never wandered this plane

He'd give all he owns
for a chance to try again

****** if he does
****** if he doesn't

The choices conflicting
the outcomes unpleasant

Left to roam
                           in his mind
Sep 2014 · 577
Passing Darkness
Brendan Thomas Sep 2014
A charcoal grey sky
prelude to gloom
no sun allowed through
the curtains of doom

Life much the same
to the thunder and rain
no light at tunnels end
prediction is pain

In life as with weather
storms come and go
darkness has limits
the sun will eventually show

So batten your hatches
to ride out the storms
when the darkness finally passes
you'll find sunshine and warmth
Aug 2014 · 528
Lonely Demons Roam
Brendan Thomas Aug 2014
Night all alone
when demons do roam
Lonely heartache
Till morning does break

We put on an empty smile
For the day that we must face
Then once again the sun does set
And again the lonely demons race

They tread around my bedside
I pull the covers ever tighter
The demons just come closer
Gonna be another all-nighter
Aug 2014 · 15.9k
Shooting Star (gone too soon)
Brendan Thomas Aug 2014
Such a humorous man
A kindhearted soul

His fame it does seem
Had taken it's toll

All his money and fame
Could not bring him peace

Behind laughs and smiles
Lay his demons , his beast

The world a little dimmer
With another bright star gone

We'll definitely miss him
Though the world will move on
In memory of Robin Williams
Brendan Thomas Aug 2014
I've returned
From depths

Walked with the shadows
But yearned still for more

They warned
And they warned
Still did I crave

Now had my fill
Returned home from the grave

Back up above
Up from below
Now under sky
No longer crave what waits down below
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
Oh, Oh, me, me
Me, me, I,I

I am the greatest
None can deny

Oh, Oh, I,I
Me,me, Oh, Oh

I do believe
That the greatest
Is sub-par, slightly slow

Me, I,Me, I
Me, I, Oh!

Even Old Macdonald
In his grave he does roll!
Jun 2014 · 385
Clouds ( rolling away)
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
What a Beautiful sky
I just saw outside

Pinks, reds,whites and blues
I sat in awe of those wonderful hues

It started dreary, then the clouds gave way
It's funny how something so simple
Can brighten your day
Jun 2014 · 390
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
I don't have the words anymore
I see so very much suffering
And feel paralyzed

Wishing I could fix everything
For everyone

Still the world spins
Out of control
I am just a stowaway


Jun 2014 · 889
about a "humorous"? poem!
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
I'm sick of people writing **** they don't know anything about
but, that is "freedom" of speech
Poems about a soldier being promoted,wounded and losing his family
That's called "Sacrifice"
And is the reason you have the "freedom" to write that **** and add it to a collection of "humorous" poems.
Jun 2014 · 444
Always a tomorrow
Brendan Thomas Jun 2014
Please don't judge me
By what I write

Somedays we're just
Wound up way too tight

As we sleep
We unwind slowly

We wake in the morning
Not feeling so lowly

There are always bad days

That's why there's tomorrow
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