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Brenda Mukisa Oct 2021
you see Ingrid is male
now donot ask why
you we didnt know if he was initially male or female
you see the person who named him hates cats.
like really really hates cats.
which is werd
ı mean because cats are lovely
also there was a time ı didnt love cats
okay that is wrong
ı dıd not hate cats.
i was verily terrified of cats
and then someone showed up..
and they loved dogs.... so i loved dogs...
and then i moved and met Cinamon.
she is Ingrids mum...
and now Ingrid comes over often...
hungs with us...
and we feed him and love him
you see when we found out he is male
we didnt want to change his name because we loved it already..
so now we have a male cat called Ingrid...
Brenda Mukisa Sep 2021
first day.
Day one… minute one
Two people walk into the cafeteria
I see her, I wonder about her in passing
I stopped keeping track.
What was the first friendly thing we said to each other?
Do you know?
Do you remember?
I do not…. It’s like one minute you were just there…
A random guy walking with a girl…
A girl I wanted to know.
But there is now…
Some days I text you all day
We can do that all day…
We talk a lot.
We laugh a lot too
Your eyes are so brown…
It’s strange, it’s all I see
But you can listen to poetry I like
Or finish my chocolate.
Or just exist together.
Find me one day…. Around the world.
This can’t be it.
What would it be like…..
Brenda Mukisa Aug 2021
but, when I run.
will you run?
Brenda Mukisa Aug 2021
I want to say that you can arrive….. I want to believe that you can.
When I decided to leave, I did not even know to where.
I always believed that I would find somewhere far a way.
Where the plants and trees are often green.
And the lake or water really is somewhat a walk away.
And that every day I am glad to be here.
But most importantly that I am elsewhere.
That people get to learn my name.
To know about me. To wonder about what I am like.
I did not go far away, just away.
But there is green every where and the river is beautiful.
I get new lovely kids who say teacher instead of miss.
And the people, well atleast most of them, are kind and nice.
The only blue eyes here are off tiktok…..
The closest thing I have to a best friend here lets me sit on her yoga mat.
She sits on the floor and this is important because it is the only seat in the house.
And brunch is a whole experience because it accompanies a walk in the quiet town.
No one grabs phones or bags here so you can actually walk
the water in the shower is always warm to hot and dinner is a family affair
Laughing and talking around the table and maybe, just maybe….
I can be more happy than not.
Brenda Mukisa Jul 2021
Life they say... and life it seems... is the worst thing right around the corner...
Any minute someone would go into labor in the middle of a storm and have to get operated on on a kitchen table without anesthesia....
A woman would be knocked off into the river while saving a patient
Or have a bomb blow out that you just had your hand to...
Have a patient beat the crap out of you in a trauma room or watch your husband get shot then operate through a miscarriage....
Have your sister die in a plane crush or get picked to identify your husband after he was in an accident and someone was negligent enough not to make bar-holes.....

Yes.... but sometimes, it’s also like watching Christina **** it in cardio, or stare at Owen making love to Christina.... or Dereck, Dereck staring at Meredith.
Life is Like an episode of Greys anatomy...
Brenda Mukisa Jul 2021
I always wonder, if 2020 ****** as much as I know it did....
Then how come it’s the first year that I can remember....
where I wanted to stay a live?
Brenda Mukisa May 2021
He had a set resting face
Like he was so bored and wanted to sleep off
But when he smiled...
His eyes almost closed, with tiny lines on both sides.
And his mouth curved beautifully...
Showing a number of crooked teeth
But somehow it lit up the space he existed in...
In that moment, everything is forever beautiful.
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