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Brady Wright Dec 2018
It's not enough
It's never enough
Brady Wright Dec 2018
My dreams of you are (have become) a heavy blanket:
                            a lie to bathe by, a comfort I drown in.
As every radio static memory blends into infinite color.
                             It becomes so hard to imagine that you were never really there.
           And worn as I am, can you hear them?
                       And now I am, so afraid.
                                With silent anticipation,
Hey Moon
Brady Wright Dec 2018
I could tell you about our time
Of two people lost in a fire
I could tell you of warm satin
Warping the edges of forever
Melded by hot tears, unable to
Quench the darkened well inside my heart
It was a time when everything
Was forever and
Was never again
And every word we spoke was a tidal wave
Deliberate… Constant… Always…
And then it was no more
Oh how quickly you rocked
Back and forth
Back and forth
Sobbing like a child
In that instant
I could feel your soul
Being so honest with me
For the very first time
Brady Wright Nov 2018
I wish I had my own quiet corner of the world
Where I could be my quiet self
And not have to think so much about
Where I left my head
Brady Wright Nov 2018
I'm beginning to cross the end
Shorn away from mother's side
Distant shores steal stolen glances
And break away with the tide

Let me speak, sweet child in crimson
My whispers cut through rivers,
Valleys and streams
Of forgotten breath
And broken being

I left his head in a puddle of blood
Wave after wave,
A broken being

I went to lie by the shore
Something so still you would not believe
Forever isn't always
In the land of broken being
Brady Wright Nov 2018
Mother can you hear the violence?
Mother can you hear the violence?
Father can you feel the space?
I’m dragging my dreams through the darkness
Where silence and shame
Lap longingly against my sides
I’m searching the stars for
Little surrenders and quiet misgivings
To take away what
I wish I never knew
Brady Wright Nov 2018
Delicate whispers tiptoe across tightropes
My eyes flit between skies and
Crawling ivy, seeking so shyly,
Darling, won't you stare through me?
I can feel our branches entwining,
Heartstrings unwinding,
Curling like my toes in bed, but


I am taken by beauty,
These curses of duty,
Forever spinning my head
It seems you could take me,
But I must be broken and
Mended, gentle and gilted,
It seems as though enough has been said
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