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Bella-Lee Aug 2022
You are the pumpkin to my pie,
My cherry on top of a sunday.
You are the light to my eye,
And I will love you everyday...
For as long as I am alive,
You complete me!
Bella-Lee Jun 2022
And everytime he sees me,
He asks "have you written anymore poetry?"
I smile and reply with a no,
But there is little that he knows.

Every kiss that mets his lips,
Is a love song unwritten on page.
The way we sway at the hips,
A pen dancing softly across paper.

His soul calms me like poetry,
I write poetry when Im with him.
It may not be written or spoken,
But poetry none-the-less.
Bella-Lee May 2022
How do you know you have found your twin flame?
Is it random and unknowing,
Or is it something thats always existed?
Oh how the first time I heard his voice,
My heart felt like the serenity - in the crashing waves amongst themselves.
And how when I first saw his eyes,
My eyes wished to fixate upon him - at every waking chance they had open.
How when he holds me and touches me,
My soul dances within me - feeling the flame of his igniting mine.
How do I know if he is my twin flame?
For Im not sure of the existance of one or even the origin of its name.
It certainly feels like it could be <3
Bella-Lee May 2022
If I fall for him...
I hope that everytime I feel his touch on my skin,
That it has the same passion and feeling as though the first time.
Bella-Lee May 2022
To feel lyrics and music,
Like a soundwave carressing your soul.
To remember memories,
Like a wash of water over your skin.
How one key can make you regret,
And that another can make you wish.
Melodies of memories.
Bella-Lee May 2022
why is it that when i start to write poetry about someone... it always goes south...
Bella-Lee Apr 2022
a puddle of love is what you gave me
and i drowned in it
while you avoided my crashing ocean
and didnt even help me up
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