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Being Esther Jun 2021
Here you are, you hidden treasure
I see everything you mean
The journey before me
Without the pressure of the regret
Without remorse and you see that I too know you
With discovery comes the inclination to draw closer to you
Yet your burden keeps you at bay
Too distant for me to engage
Too far for the possibility to suppose itself real
But still, I found you
Here you are, waiting to be seen
Being Esther Dec 2020
The more I look into your eyes
The more I give of my heart and soul
For the inkling of hope, we can still
Celebrate unity as promises told
Without interruption
To have and to hold
Forever and beyond
For all to behold.
Being Esther Nov 2020
the moonbeams flicker
between the trees
everything wants
to be seen
Being Esther Nov 2020
What tribulation can I describe?
No words can I say.
The time for displeasures
Being Esther Nov 2020
basis of reality
shaded by fallen whispers
strutting through the halls of a daze
juggling balancing acts of euphoric bliss and tortured gloom
what is real?
silenced fantasies downplayed with expletives and unrequited intentions
screaming quietly while tiptoeing through corridors of unassuming pleasantries
basis of reality
shaded by fallen whispers
Being Esther Nov 2020
pink crystal waters
deserted, golden beaches
lush palm trees waving
in somber welcome
Being Esther Nov 2020
Exhausting hours spent toiling in worry
Philandered thoughts rest passionless among stresses unknown.
Measuring wanton existence in units of a soiled, forgotten time.
Decided value exchanged for fretful ponderings
Desiring those things without description
Harsh epithet for the miserly soul.
Love embraced.
Peace befriended.
I am whole.
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