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 Oct 2014 Katie
 Oct 2014 Katie
Faced with the great shroud of encroaching unknown,
Cowering beneath dark clouds with nothing else but your own.

Just know that what gnaws on us is the looming uncertainty.
Fruits of undesirable truth may hurt but still it would set you free...
A brief chat with a friend earlier today made me realise this...
You & I,
are a lullaby

We're the deafening *silence

just after the crash
we are moments of happiness
that never last

We're a riddle
that has no answer
we are both the cure
and the cancer

We've read this book
a thousand times, and in our hearts
we both know this fairytale
can never have a happy ending
I wish it did.....
 Sep 2014 Katie
Deana Luna
we had a lot to talk about we had a lot to touch about but i could not let you near me
there was a softness in your eyes there was a tenderness that brought out every ounce of moisture in my bones yes i mean there and here too

and when you tell me of grand plans i believe them
and when you take me back to that time i am already there
rhyming and writing and reiterating lullabies once video taped for you as gifts
i ask simple questions to keep my heart in check i feel each pump      pump      pump
you make it pump pump pump pump pump faster pump when you talk of connections and histories and weather in small feely towns that i have slowly attempted to archive

you say: we have been together for forever
you say: i never want us to not love each other
say never want us to be without another
never felt this love with someone other
love sick drawn red crayon waxy imagery
i drip drip like a faucet starts then running
from leaks to waterfalls
i talked about the pools you created but never the oceans
but ******* you create OCEANS
and when i lick my lips i can still taste your emotions
so i walk around tracing circles with my tongue making sure your sweat is not gone
making sure your taste is not gone
and you said you never want to break up again
and i begin to contemplate words like never and forever and again again again

i keep you here, mr. love sick.
feeling each feverish pump you create.
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