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pluto Sep 2020
i left her too hastily,
she and i got along at first, but she became harsh,
i was a songbird, and though she caged me in
with cold biting seas and perilous rock outcrops
i knew i was loved by her.

it was mutually beneficial, but i was blind to that,
she gave me a home and i gave her everything,
my undivided time and attention.
i needed her, and though it hurt
i knew i was loved by her.

i left her in a rush. packed bags i could not take with me.
i had buried deep into her surface, searching for meaning
searching for a reason to stay
she gave me no answers, but held me tighter and
i knew i was loved by her.

we knew each other's patterns well.
her tides, her changing seasons were all too familiar,
she was an anchor, pulling me down but keeping me steady,
i spent years wishing to leave, mistook her harshness for hate - if only
i could have returned that love of hers
a love poem about loving, hating and leaving life behind

— The End —