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Tserenjamts Mar 2022
My old feelings float away with yellow leaves of autumn
Let my long waited wishes come with snowy night of peaceful winter.
Please let the floating leaves carrying the words ,i secretly whispered, fall onto the autumn coat of my beloved.
Tserenjamts Mar 2022
Someone asked me how sweet it is?
I said enough to make you blind
Then asked me again why?
So I told “I can not explain just try it yourself”
That, someone, told me “I do not”
Someone asked me how bitter it is?
I said enough to make you mute
Again, asked me why?
I kept silent
That, someone, told me “I need to pass this one too”
Lastly, asked me how salty it is?
I pointed to the sky and laid on hard rocks
Then asked me what I am doing
I gestured with my hand “lay down beside me”
That, someone, told me “it is getting late and goodnight”
I also said bye and have a sweet dream by sending sparks produced from rocks.
Tserenjamts Jun 2021
I can not stop hating myself at the same time
I can not stop loving the moment I am currently being
When I walk alongside the river
Thoughts about what you are doing and thinking now are flowing into me
I can not stop this flow you know
Actually, I like the way the river flows into me
It feels like my heart skips a beat when every wave hits me and bounces from me
But then again the wave bounced from me rides with the flow into me over and over again
I hope the river dry up but want it to be endless just to feed myself with sweet water
Tserenjamts Apr 2021
In the midst of the dawn
Little bird tweets hoarsely
Before going into the nest
Tserenjamts Mar 2021
I can just leave
but things within me
will not let me
It feels amazing and is worth trying
Tserenjamts Mar 2021
When the colors go away
What will be left here
Can i feel the moments
When the air goes away
What does it carry with it
Can i hear the sound
When the time goes away
What should i spend with you
Can i even exist here
Tserenjamts Mar 2021
The past is something i could see, but not touch.
The feeling inside me is something i can feel, but not reach.
The secret is something i should tell the moon, but not reveal to someone.
The love is something i should embrace, but not pursue.
The thought is something i develop, but not collect.

— The End —