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Anecandu Sep 2014
Over the exploding starry display of your smile,
Which mirrors diamonds placed in its “brilliance setting”,
I hover but lightly in my epiphany like this,
Praying my worded arrow does not your heart miss,

For as I stand firm and frozen in times great abyss,
dazed by the nebula of your lickerish scented lips,
gazing at all that bounty that there lies,
behind the luminosity of your Onyx puppy eyes,

I scarce but barely recant my ambushed surprise,
Yet only to retreat to my own reticent silence,
With the memory of your mastered image my only sustinence,
Your beauty decimates, defying sentience and sentence.
Anecandu May 6
The nectar of your silky perfume up my nose rushes,
Saturating my attention like an artist's brushes.

Warming space with the radiating bloom of your smile,
A presence felt in every dimension, by a mile,

So refreshing this cultivated side to you,
These, all your colours the pastels and hues

Learning the sides to you, petals of velvet words,
Unravel my thoughts to peel away the curds.

So sweet so delectably profound
My rehearsed lines go to ground , to ground .........
Anecandu Nov 2019
Your tears fell on my burning heart,
Now we exist together, this hearth,
Ash and steam.

What will grow from this?
My fertilizer and your mist.
I foresee a beautiful garden of children in bliss.
Anecandu Dec 2020
I followed you to lay on Bajan sand.
You only follow me on instagram.

We soaked like seeds in *** and season.
You laughed at my stale jokes without reason.

My hands combed your wet silky hair,
You kept the keys to our secret lair.

But i will always remember Barbados
Anecandu Mar 2021
I followed you to lay on Bajan sand.
We kissed again and again under the dying sun.

Our seeds of passion were soaked in ***
So hastily devoured over our Boardwalk Dim Sum
Anecandu Oct 2017
Between my words are meanings punctuated
The intentions obscure yet pontificated.

Between my eyes a repository built to our memory,
Alas the past still as sweet and smooth as honey.

Between my hands the pieces of what love gathered,
Washed clean like sand from my fingertips in a sea of happy.

Between my words is bliss
Between your lips , sigh.......I miss
Anecandu Jun 2014
You open your heart and look at me,

I gaze, amazed at loves colours iridescently

Yes I see butterflies,

Frosted crimson, golden lime, royal in splendor,

They have no concerns or gender,

but dance together excitedly at the nectar of your eyes.

You open your mind to my thoughts,

I'm sold and bought, with nothing but your smile as currency.

I stay awhile, unshelled, basking in the rays of your happiness,

Stripped of my fatty pride to straight juicy humbleness

You leave me feverish, just to know you exist.

You opened your ears to my words,

They bend in the wind like Sansevieria swords,

burrowing deep into the part of you that lays dormant and still.

Absorbing and encasing my seeds of love that want to be free,

you whisper light as wind while terraforming for me?

You opened your mouth and spoke

the earth around me shook as I awoke

the soil and stones tangoing with my new roots

nourishing my leaves and blossoming fruits

as I reach up up up to the skies

To meet your beautiful Butterflies
Anecandu Jun 2018
In Madrid as we walk slowly fast
The present merges with the past,
Our slender hands are coloured Grey.
Laden with treasure but growing empty of feeling.

Hear the time go rushing past in deafening silence,
Pity me who you worship with your love on the speeding train.
I hold your warm hands but sense some coldness there.  
Your happy kiss sears my face in this icy breeze of summer.

This is the Seville my lost feet remembers,
The corners of this maze that turns so straight,
The hours of wait that unravel so quickly.
Like silky music entwined with rough sackcloth

Our wealth cheapened by the masterpieces we past.
The enrichment of our minds despite empty pockets,
Eyes that warm our mocha chocolate skin with glares.
As I melt in your arms at the airport on this our last day.
Anecandu Apr 2019
That we must exist each to complement the universe,
All of us a star from last to first.

In our minute of fame be naught of vain,
For simple reasons esoteric remain.

To break the chain of freedom yet bound by common air.
To climb over our trials to see the sunrise there.

To await and embrace mercy, but judge ourselves of truth,
To brighten every darkness and be forever youth.
Anecandu Nov 2016
You hate the way I rub your back when we hug in bliss,
You hate the poke of my beard from a stolen cheek kiss,  
You hate the way I put off things when I'm able.
You hate my feet on the coffee table,

I hate the way you make me wait like a school boy,
I hate when you pack away all my cool toys,
I hate doing dishes,
I hate doing dishes, for my special wishes.

We hate the awkward kisses in movies these days,
We hate the time that slips away on vacays
We hate that we never have enough space,
We hate when others use our secret place.

They hate when you kiss away my dripping ice cream,
They hate my lion groans and your eagle screams,
They hate our poems about condescending things
They'll hate most of all..... it tugs at their heart strings.
Anecandu Sep 2016
Someone once said your eyes were like crystals
I say they are exquisite diamonds that make you sparkle
For even though my station of poverty is cruel,
You are now and always my most precious jewel

To be beholden by your golden charms at leisure
Brings me daily so much pleasure,
Each time you glide into view
As an angel on gilded wings of air.

You persuaded me illicitly with your smile
So captivating it entrapped and dangled keys to a cage of fate,
Where I grin beyond its iron gates,
Here I am yours truly, the world’s happiest prisoner.

For this prison of fate holds and subjugates
My fickle heart to your powers innate,
At any time you could with one wink command me to remain
Enslave me with your iridescent eyes to tame, in your domain

When you speak,  little bells register in my head and echo in my heart
Striking me sharper than Japanese swords... your romantic words
And love, our hearts greatest reward, comes forward so delicately,
Shored and anchored by respect.......... pure in every aspect

Treating your fickle heart as gently it deserves,
Yet how cruel thou art to taunt me this way,
To withhold thy love until now........ all this bliss I missed,
Knowing you could transform my world with a kiss.

Thus you pulled my heart from an Abyss,
Stripping me and burnishing my feelings with happiness,
The freedom of innocence and youth come back as the only truths,
The truth is I would give it all to have just only you.
Anecandu Dec 2014
Wait for me, on the first midday of summer,
Your smile warmer than the melting sun.
In playful garb and colour we've only just begun.

Wait for me, last day of Autumn, a kiss past six at day break,
the leaves of uncertainty have fallen,
Happiness springs in its wake.

Wait for me in winters starry midnight,
You command my delight with your frozen lips of rose gold,
My heart swelling with desire at the fusing of our souls.

Wait for me floating at sunset in Easter's eternal spring.
Hope springs forth from the fertile soil of trust and love is blossoming..
Wait for me ....oh  Wait for me there with cheer
Anecandu Sep 2014
Don't stand so close to me,
I'm on fire cant you see,
You play with me we might get burned,
My daddy said that and I've learned

Your mommy said that I'm the reason
If we kiss you'll waste your seasons
Chasing me across the stars
Riding with boys in cars.

Don't stand so close to me.
Anecandu Oct 2018
30 paces North of the Heart
20 soft hands East of Bliss
40 stares West of never not my type
I found the treasure of our Love.
and buried it again for spite.
Anecandu Nov 2018
I will love you with all my might.
With all my remaining light .
To be your beacon bright.
The warmth on winter nights.
The core of me ......radiates with your energy.
Whle I fade to white.
Anecandu Dec 2014
Feel my words cocoon and support you as you sleep.
Like the warmth of summer sun walking on concrete.

Your uneasiness melting away like an ice pop in the sun,
Only it’s in your mouth and its fun.
You want to skip and run.

Run out of your shoes escape to misty blues.
Your arms are flying.

The sweetness and contrast of cherry on your lips so wry.
Makes you happy cry. So silent move your hips and why?

To music you can’t hear but you’re so aware.
Somehow your looking up above and see me doting,

Feel my love............................................
Anecandu Sep 2014
My nine inch heels aren't easy and sure not cheap
I have high “values” and **** my morals sound steep
Don’t fall off your chair cause I’m stepping while you try to “creep”.

I’m the lyrics in every soulful hit song,
My ma was a wonder bra and my older sister a thong,
I'm the one you slow down for when “stringing” you along.

I’m a must for the ***** bedroom uniform,
I come out when it rains but baby never in a storm,
Ranked way above the jeweled purse in the closet so warm,

I prefer carpeted limo’s lined Suede Blue.
You don’t like me? honey that’s why your just a shoe,
I’m not in this for walking or “tips”, get a clue.

So next time you see me lemmie say this so you know
Be grateful I’m only ******* with you, not stepping on your toe
Just lean in, see my polish as I glow.
Anecandu Nov 2019
Set your worst emotions free,
Like doves with gilded wings.
But cage your best memories so close,
like the yellow canary that sings
Anecandu Jul 2019
You were attracted by my broken spirit.
Wanted- Guardian Angel, you responded.
But did you realize in fixing me
I may not be attractive any more...…...
hmmmmm, food for thought.
Anecandu Sep 2014
Her words so poignant lips colouring my world purple,
I stagger over the edge of the abyss as I crumble ,
Stumbling across our broken bliss,
Feeling the mist of what used to be happiness,
as I free-fall in into the darkness of my lonesome
My heart has no brakes
Anecandu Oct 2017
There I was dangling off the edge of life by a thread,
Barnacles growing in my bed,
Walking around with lead shoes,
Always wearing Navy Blue contacts.

Out of nowhere something fast,
Picked me up and upward blast,
Bucking, hurtling into the sapphire sky,
Dancing rainbow fairies around us.

I feel the pixie ..... dust
I revel in the lust
I grow in the fertile trust
This must be Hero Love
Anecandu Apr 2019
The promise of love kept close to your breast
The smile that gently dissolves my stress
The hands that hold the fate of my memory
Your kiss that stimulates my simple alchemy

The hug that warms like *****
The feeling like an ecstatic guest of Willie Wonka
I'm standing jumping, rubbing on your feet
Your human puppy awaits its treat
Anecandu Oct 2019
Patent Oxford black and whites
Sparkle like brilliant cut diamonds tonight

Buttoned down ruby shirt well pressed without haste.
A pocketed rose, stiff and ruffled like royal mace.

My bunions basted with powder warm,
Eyes watery like an onion farm.

Her moco skin against glistening pearls, eyes of a cat
Olive chiffon dress, tasseled tails, round feathered cap

Madonna hair, glowing in pigtails like stew
aroma of perfume, something new?

My hands feel heavy, my heart is light
Your hands are warmer than my pockets held tight

Smile that light up a room, searching anti aircraft rays
Tomato lips turn to me and says:

"I feel like dancing"...………………...
Anecandu Dec 2020
If Love had a flashing stop sign
I wouldn't fall into "Your mine"

If Love had "J" barriers across hearts.  
No more colliding breaking into parts

If Love didn't have the hair pin turns.
Maybe I'd  enjoy the view of the ferns.

I pull over in life's layby to think.
Without  it life's trip would be boring and I wink.

I put my indicator on to turn
Back into the confusion I never learn.
Anecandu Nov 2018
In the castle of my smile
All lovely words are imprisoned in stone
This place I am king that stretches a mile
My tongue its gilded throne

In the castle of my smile,                
I spy through its bars of milky white
The silky wonderful love of my life 
Walk Eden's paradise of light.

In the castle of my smile,                
I weave a golden rope of magic letters,
Gluing jointed lyrics with praise filled ethers
Ignoring the splinters of criticism  for better.

My means of escape down the walls to you.
Anecandu Mar 2019
In the forest of my mind look there and see a clearing.
A spot devoid of emotion or endearing,
Of love and other fleeting things you'll find no bearing.
that happened when you left me.

In the forest of my mind are many buried treasures,
To keep them safe are drastic measures,
A rickety swing rope bridge gives no pleasure.
Left of the waterfall are skeletons of past relationships

In the forest of my mind, are the eclectic art of earth, Scions.
The dreamy numbing clink of spent emotional bitcoins.
Redeem a golden smile from a fortune guarded by lions.
If you dare, for in the forest of my mind.

Here I am S-A- F- E
Anecandu Jul 2020
Every thing grows in the shade of your smile,
but especially my love for you
Anecandu Jul 2017
Keeper of my happiness
I search for you my shimmering princess
My consciousness desires your service,
I'm pale in your absence as with scurvy.
My world like a dancing top tipsy turvy .

Your love for me is overwhelming and fresh,
I feel like a rescued drowning wretch,
clawing at the vanilla sky for a grip on reality's hips,
my mouth a  scream muffled by your moca coffee lips.

Your polished hands are a cocoon to my happy state,
I transform to freedom of spirit without life's weights,
happiness bursting from me like a water pipe,
I spew love on everyone and they bathe in my respite.
Anecandu Oct 2014
Kiss me quickly,
The force of your words, rush over me like Niagra falls,
I feel my mind floating beyond the stars,
Why didn't we a lifetime ago?
I savour heaven slow.

Don't walk away,
My lungs are empty without the winds of your words,
Am I absurd?
To love you like extension of myself
My little Elf, take me to the magic within us.
Anecandu Jun 2014
Sweet hands embrace me one more time

The hands of a warm lover

Keeps the fire within burning

The wood ablaze consumes, there are no ashes

Only as per the fumes (perfumes) of our exploding ecstasy.

I crave your touch

My innocence blooms to magnificence in your arms

As a buttercup opening to the sun only for a day

A soft heat like ignited ***,

I warm to your soft caresses, the chemistry exposing my colors

You paint my heart a kaleidoscope, an Aurora Borealis

With your velvet lips and its innate powers

My heart a canvas, show me the color of your love,

You see mine as a deep penetrating blue

I see you as all the rainbows brilliant hue

The graceful sway of your alluring thighs

Fills my mouth with lies, and makes me possessive.

A tapestry of lace and dark rich milky chocolate,

woven into the soft sweet fabric enveloping our lives

We exist in selfish promise

An exception of a compromise

Opposites attract yet we are so much indifferent

Perhaps tolerance makes us belligerent

Angry at cruel fate for keeping your hands away from scarring my back

Rub me as if you know all my cracks

You repair all my defects with a smile

So smile then when you read these words of mine to you.

The stars will now shine a different hue
Anecandu Apr 2019
In the cradle of my mind
You lay in wait for me supine
To hold my hand amòngst the sand
To join in stoning loves caravan.  
We will rob earth of her mystery .
Dancing in the silver spray of serendipity .
Basking in the wealth of living simply.
Anecandu May 2016
You melodrama you,
always wished for more than dew,
basking in the bald sun since we were one,
pushing me and my weak knees to run.

today I wrote a different theme,
Nope no midsummer nights dream,
no candlelight under the stars,
no precious smile inducing memoirs.

No handholding, skimpy in the park,
No little  jokes that make your eyes spark,
no warm butterfly forehead (oh man! those) kisses,
no happy 1698 days anniversary wishes.

No rolling around my mouth with your salty tongue,
No chess no dominoes no Donkey Kong,
no skydiving through the clouds while we are young,
no last minute spring cleaning when the bell is rung,

Still in the morning when I lace my shoes,
I just lay back and block out the news,
then out the door to meet the train,
Hoping for rain.............

And there you are with my missing umbrella
Anecandu Sep 2014
Love is kind,
fruit of the mind.
Lives more than nine,
Stronger each time

Staining my lines,
Sweeter than pines,
making you unwind,
obliviously blind,

hearing only the chime,
of your hearts as you lyme,
until when you find,
fickle and fine,

in one perfectly aged wine,
then taste sip and refine,
for it will be mine.
Anecandu Aug 2020
Our battle lines are drawn,
the  columns of our arguments swarm,

You cross the line drawn in the sand,
I drew it again but on your land.

Your secret weapon is a force I know
your eyes then spark and your rosy cheeks glow

That's when I felt the attack of your smile
which decimates my whole emotional empire.

I surrender, my empire crumbles
Anecandu Jun 2014
Wow, that sounds like my Valentine drink.

2 cubes of happiness, one shot of kink.

2 lumps of heartache and regret by the case,

Strain away the baggage, add enough “saltness” to taste.

Maybe a squeeze of jealousy to wet any dried up memories

With option to garnish at any point with glowing Blackberries.

Taste all you want to, try let all the sweet parts last.

Twirl it like champagne in your mouth, shake like antique glass

And if by chance your head spins or scratch like a LP needle broke.

Don’t cuss and badmouth my recipe or any other liquor on the truck.

Just order another round, or two, unless your pockets short

What else can drown you sorrow but love by the quart.
Anecandu Sep 2014
You call me just to say hi, a little too often I say.
You promise to be with me long after the Arthritis and the Gray.

You say my name so sweetly, I feel it’s always safe in your mouth,
You sip my Coffee just for the taste, wonder what’s that all about?

You say you like my ugliest shirt, I wear it now every day,
You fall asleep in my old tops whenever I’m away.

I find little love notes in my bag, “hurry home” messages at work.
Away we use up all our minutes like teenagers on every network.

You hold me in manly “Nothing” moments of defeat while I cry,
You’re every woman in the world to me , Sounds corny but no lie.

I still surprise you with a rose, Its years since we first met,
Which is why I love most of all, you never let me forget.

So even though this Valentines day is probably too close to call.
I'd rather be with you anyway to “make love out of nothing at all”
Anecandu Dec 2014
Like a Diamond in the rough each cut bringing me closer.
Closer to perfection.
Fearing the rejection of the brilliance test.
I do my best, but the rest won't come.

My senses run, like a sinus attack.
Fighting off the feeling of black.
I want to be Purple in a gauntlet.
Or perhaps a bright Cherry Scarlet.

Deep and bright hold me up to the light.
I'm reflecting, what little I see,
Oh but suddenly, Now I  realize.
Before my eyes so true, what's making me shine all this time,

Its you........................
Anecandu Dec 2014
In my dream, I saw you in the eye of my stormy mind.
You heard my music but its reality made you blind,
Like justice holding my heart and happiness in your hands.
I held out mine but felt it slip away like the sand.

Sands of time, its fleeting grasp left me floating
like a wasp with a bite but no sting.
You were so kind to treat me like a king.
Wrapping me in a cocoon of your love and honesty.

Honestly I'm giving you wings.
Because your my angel playing my taut heart strings.
Nightingales song serenading me back through the dream warp.
Your touch is too warm as you pull me back to you.
Your fire making me unglue, undo into pieces
Anecandu Jan 2015
Love in all its forms.
When bred it swarms.

It warms better than a layered coat.
Floats better than a catamarron boat.

Cling to it when sinking into this abyss called life.
Shed your leaves of strife.

Hold on to its bucking reins
Hold tight despite the pains.

Kick off your boots,
Soak it up like Ginko back to its roots.

But most of all love to love................
Anecandu Nov 2019
Throughout my life my treasure small
Has been the love of someone small

The hands that rested on my waist
that clung to me like carpet base.

A rosy neck I nibbled and pecked
while dancing on a private deck.

A warm hand in the back pocket of my jeans
She knows what true happiness means.

So our love wont ever be a waste
Its the walls, the roof, the furniture the base.
Anecandu Jul 2017
I long to be
The blossoms on your mango tree
Anecandu Dec 2014
Growing slowly out of the way.
Lover of sun and alone at play.

Beautiful rich colour when in bloom.
Unassuming yet powerful in a greenhouse room.

You complement the entire garden.
All the landscape brightly sharpen.

In the softest wind you bounce.
Your blossoms surprise unannounced.

Conserving moisture down to the ounce.
The butterflies and bees for your nectar pounce.
Anecandu Sep 2016
My heart was wrapped in satin paper,
My treasure presented on a platinum platter,
My sacrifice, as the reed fife played.
My only gift to give I made,

My invitation to love.. to live.
My gift misunderstood for a shiv.
My bonnie used it to escape my paradise that was free.
My little bird come back to me.

My dislocated heart was found,
My mouth rejoiced but nary a sound,
My bonnie was not in sight,
My heart reset at midnight
Anecandu Sep 2016
Fragmented pieces of scarlet memories,
trees of stout arms reaching.... affection the fruit it carries,
Mauvey plumes sprout this golden harvest of my imagination.
I'm drawn to taste commitment's nectar of delicious dedication.

Hear now the sitars melody, notes in Arial Black on Milky White,
I climbed the apple tree in this garden of light,
The colorful wind melodiously blowing a heretic hero's demise,
Though shaken my grasp prevailed the prize.

Alas through and through my vantage point reveals a view,
The floating dislocated memories on a river of silky love,
That rise and brush the teardrops from my cheeks,
Then spirit away like frightened doves.
Anecandu Dec 2014
Remember this moment and hallow it my love
that time taketh it not away. Dote each second of its
serendipity, as fleeting as the close of day.
Regale me with all affection, that even in its conception,
It is our greatest reward.
With mired pity I slave in simplicity as its lowliest steward.

Its height is unassailable,
as a castle built on Moats as foundations, each stone requiring
the strength of nations, to shake.
Yet still I quake,
Trembling with bated tongue in your royal presence.  
A  fright of such magnificence,
To offer
               my fickle heart
                                           as a stepping stone,

To the gates of happiness, My gilded tongue to shoot bolts
of compliment that fall as natures mist in its decent.
But If I am but a mere feather, in thy velvet cap
My duty would not stop.

Till we dance as leaves of grass on a heather.
Anecandu Jul 2018
The one I show my poems on Crepe paper
The one who snickers at my jokes
The one who understands I'll call you later.
The one who gives me real life pokes

The one who's kisses are bubblegum
The one who's my Pirates of The C companion
The one who holds my extra set of keys
The one who's dress brings me to my knees.

My Girl Monday........... :)
Anecandu Oct 2014
Your beautiful I can't stop caring,
Your eyes that sparkle keep me staring,
When we pass my hands keep straying ,
My world undone its edges fraying .

My feet are disobeying,
My heart skips like a scratched record playing,
Your caramel lips have mine still praying,
They meet with yours and are stay-ing
Anecandu Nov 2019
I pray that where you are, the sun warms your face,

But I remember the warmth of your smile is brighter than the sun.
Anecandu Sep 2014
My Sky was falling, I heard the sounds
The clouds and rainbows crashing down.

The pitter patter in my brain,
Dripping hope falling as rain.

But hope fertilized the pieces of my heart underground
And purple comes bursting from all this brown.
Anecandu Dec 2019
I never dreamt or hoped to find
Our ecliptic love that left me blind
I'm bathing in its iridescent meteor showers,
Enjoying the misty halo of you, lover.

A kiss that transports through time and space
A walk on the moon from our cheeks embrace.
Weightless, I'm tethered like an umbilical cord,
To come back for your sweet rewards

My work is a barren lonely desert,
Devoid of you and your playful flirt.
Until the afternoon divine,
I see you and my stars align.
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