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Anecandu May 6
The nectar of your silky perfume up my nose rushes,
Saturating my attention like an artist's brushes.

Warming space with the radiating bloom of your smile,
A presence felt in every dimension, by a mile,

So refreshing this cultivated side to you,
These, all your colours the pastels and hues

Learning the sides to you, petals of velvet words,
Unravel my thoughts to peel away the curds.

So sweet so delectably profound
My rehearsed lines go to ground , to ground .........
Jun 2021 · 62
The ghost I love
Anecandu Jun 2021
The Ghost I loved but not to be.
Who gave her heart but not to me.

The pieces of my memory lost .
To get them back but what the cost?

One wish of the hands that hold all fate,
one wish before the pearly gates.

That I once more lay my head on her breast.  
And hear the rhythm of her chest.
Mar 2021 · 112
Barbados II
Anecandu Mar 2021
I followed you to lay on Bajan sand.
We kissed again and again under the dying sun.

Our seeds of passion were soaked in ***
So hastily devoured over our Boardwalk Dim Sum
Jan 2021 · 82
No ink in the well
Anecandu Jan 2021
Anyone there write poems anymore.
Is picking up a pen a thing of lore?
Are there star accountants counting at night?
Dictating under a moon too bright.

Hands hovering  under a dim light,
Pencils swaying like a rod for a bite.
No audience pulling on your string of words with polite
No mountain of phrases on landscape of white

I know these thoughts a bit,
my own private hell.
But more horrifying than this
Is no ink in the well
Dec 2020 · 137
If Love was a stop sign
Anecandu Dec 2020
If Love had a flashing stop sign
I wouldn't fall into "Your mine"

If Love had "J" barriers across hearts.  
No more colliding breaking into parts

If Love didn't have the hair pin turns.
Maybe I'd  enjoy the view of the ferns.

I pull over in life's layby to think.
Without  it life's trip would be boring and I wink.

I put my indicator on to turn
Back into the confusion I never learn.
Dec 2020 · 58
Anecandu Dec 2020
I followed you to lay on Bajan sand.
You only follow me on instagram.

We soaked like seeds in *** and season.
You laughed at my stale jokes without reason.

My hands combed your wet silky hair,
You kept the keys to our secret lair.

But i will always remember Barbados
Sep 2020 · 55
Anecandu Sep 2020
The rythimic beat of your heart in its treasure of your chest.
Thrills my ears from above the cloth covering your breast.
It beats like a military drum,
Bidding me to come,

Come hither as you shiver,
From the cold outside  wet as rain.
My lips ache with pain
While they unwillingly  refrain ,
From uttering the words that betray my mind.

Describing how i wish you supine.
How angelic and devine,
As before me you lay ,
Spread like a bountiful buffet
Delicious your eyes that stoic gaze on me

For this is the finality of our daily mating dance.
The promises of chance.
A battle of wit reduced to who will submit
So as i crave your fingertip.
You have my senses stripped, down to bare essentials.
My eyes devour your credentials
Aug 2020 · 72
Lovely War
Anecandu Aug 2020
Our battle lines are drawn,
the  columns of our arguments swarm,

You cross the line drawn in the sand,
I drew it again but on your land.

Your secret weapon is a force I know
your eyes then spark and your rosy cheeks glow

That's when I felt the attack of your smile
which decimates my whole emotional empire.

I surrender, my empire crumbles
Jul 2020 · 406
In the shade of your smile
Anecandu Jul 2020
Every thing grows in the shade of your smile,
but especially my love for you
Jun 2020 · 260
What am I to you?
Anecandu Jun 2020
What am I to you?
Am I your bow, your eyes, your muse
Or just fuel, plasticine, the match to your fuse.

What are you to me?
Do you blow my mind, take my breathe away like the song
Or just decimate me, drop kicking the wind out of my lungs.

What will we to each other be?
Will we be friends, lovers, even family.
Or will we tread on alone,  in each others company.
Anecandu Feb 2020
I am the prisoner of your smile,
incarcerated here without a file,
I who long not to be free,
but for a chance to give myself willingly.

My heart in secret petitions life, in your custody,
my sentence needs no deliberation nor jury,
no mercy for attempted robbery under a sky of lies,
I need only the diamonds that sparkle in your eyes.

Let this tryst be my crime and punishment,
shed from me my wooly fleece of innocence,
I plead to be held at your majesty's pleasure,
and cease my torture of uncertain love, forever.

For as I gaze beyond the Ivory bars of your teeth.
captured am I by those warm ruby lips so sweet,
I write these words on your heart with desire,
but you say nary a word, to extinguish this fire. the prisoner of your smile.
Dec 2019 · 107
My Stars Align
Anecandu Dec 2019
I never dreamt or hoped to find
Our ecliptic love that left me blind
I'm bathing in its iridescent meteor showers,
Enjoying the misty halo of you, lover.

A kiss that transports through time and space
A walk on the moon from our cheeks embrace.
Weightless, I'm tethered like an umbilical cord,
To come back for your sweet rewards

My work is a barren lonely desert,
Devoid of you and your playful flirt.
Until the afternoon divine,
I see you and my stars align.
Nov 2019 · 187
My Prayer
Anecandu Nov 2019
I pray that where you are, the sun warms your face,

But I remember the warmth of your smile is brighter than the sun.
Nov 2019 · 189
Love wont waste
Anecandu Nov 2019
Throughout my life my treasure small
Has been the love of someone small

The hands that rested on my waist
that clung to me like carpet base.

A rosy neck I nibbled and pecked
while dancing on a private deck.

A warm hand in the back pocket of my jeans
She knows what true happiness means.

So our love wont ever be a waste
Its the walls, the roof, the furniture the base.
Nov 2019 · 108
Snow day
Anecandu Nov 2019
You feel like my hands in warm winter gloves on Snow day
Nov 2019 · 143
Ash and Steam
Anecandu Nov 2019
Your tears fell on my burning heart,
Now we exist together, this hearth,
Ash and steam.

What will grow from this?
My fertilizer and your mist.
I foresee a beautiful garden of children in bliss.
Nov 2019 · 194
Anecandu Nov 2019
Set your worst emotions free,
Like doves with gilded wings.
But cage your best memories so close,
like the yellow canary that sings
Oct 2019 · 149
I feel like dancing
Anecandu Oct 2019
Patent Oxford black and whites
Sparkle like brilliant cut diamonds tonight

Buttoned down ruby shirt well pressed without haste.
A pocketed rose, stiff and ruffled like royal mace.

My bunions basted with powder warm,
Eyes watery like an onion farm.

Her moco skin against glistening pearls, eyes of a cat
Olive chiffon dress, tasseled tails, round feathered cap

Madonna hair, glowing in pigtails like stew
aroma of perfume, something new?

My hands feel heavy, my heart is light
Your hands are warmer than my pockets held tight

Smile that light up a room, searching anti aircraft rays
Tomato lips turn to me and says:

"I feel like dancing"...………………...
Jul 2019 · 201
Anecandu Jul 2019
You were attracted by my broken spirit.
Wanted- Guardian Angel, you responded.
But did you realize in fixing me
I may not be attractive any more...…...
hmmmmm, food for thought.
Jul 2019 · 156
The Quiet Place
Anecandu Jul 2019
I close my eyes in cliché to find
the quiet space inside my mind.

The place where inspiration flows in streams,
to trickle and water my orchard of dreams.

My thoughts transport me there like a Vigo.
to clear my lungs and refill my ego,

The trees of hope and fruits they bare,
brings nectar of custard and worry free air.

I rest and lay my burdens in innocent chaste.
with care clearing ivy from your marble face.

I am in the quiet place.
May 2019 · 218
One Way Love
Anecandu May 2019
Down the busy street of happy
Wheels are greased by compromise

Kisses like advertisements seem sappy
Smiles are turnoffs to distracting lies

Too many detours lay ahead
Forward with dust as Dante's Attack

To my love my one and lonely
My rearview mirror has no cracks.
May 2019 · 308
You recycled my heart.
Anecandu May 2019
You recycled my heart.
Glùed the pieces of my affection.
Pointed me in loves direction.
Burnished my senses
Broke down my fences
Apr 2019 · 242
Living Simply
Anecandu Apr 2019
In the cradle of my mind
You lay in wait for me supine
To hold my hand amòngst the sand
To join in stoning loves caravan.  
We will rob earth of her mystery .
Dancing in the silver spray of serendipity .
Basking in the wealth of living simply.
Apr 2019 · 248
Common Air
Anecandu Apr 2019
That we must exist each to complement the universe,
All of us a star from last to first.

In our minute of fame be naught of vain,
For simple reasons esoteric remain.

To break the chain of freedom yet bound by common air.
To climb over our trials to see the sunrise there.

To await and embrace mercy, but judge ourselves of truth,
To brighten every darkness and be forever youth.
Apr 2019 · 125
Human Puppy
Anecandu Apr 2019
The promise of love kept close to your breast
The smile that gently dissolves my stress
The hands that hold the fate of my memory
Your kiss that stimulates my simple alchemy

The hug that warms like *****
The feeling like an ecstatic guest of Willie Wonka
I'm standing jumping, rubbing on your feet
Your human puppy awaits its treat
Mar 2019 · 592
In the forest of my mind
Anecandu Mar 2019
In the forest of my mind look there and see a clearing.
A spot devoid of emotion or endearing,
Of love and other fleeting things you'll find no bearing.
that happened when you left me.

In the forest of my mind are many buried treasures,
To keep them safe are drastic measures,
A rickety swing rope bridge gives no pleasure.
Left of the waterfall are skeletons of past relationships

In the forest of my mind, are the eclectic art of earth, Scions.
The dreamy numbing clink of spent emotional bitcoins.
Redeem a golden smile from a fortune guarded by lions.
If you dare, for in the forest of my mind.

Here I am S-A- F- E
Nov 2018 · 508
Fade to white
Anecandu Nov 2018
I will love you with all my might.
With all my remaining light .
To be your beacon bright.
The warmth on winter nights.
The core of me ......radiates with your energy.
Whle I fade to white.
Nov 2018 · 4.2k
In the Castle of my smile
Anecandu Nov 2018
In the castle of my smile
All lovely words are imprisoned in stone
This place I am king that stretches a mile
My tongue its gilded throne

In the castle of my smile,                
I spy through its bars of milky white
The silky wonderful love of my life 
Walk Eden's paradise of light.

In the castle of my smile,                
I weave a golden rope of magic letters,
Gluing jointed lyrics with praise filled ethers
Ignoring the splinters of criticism  for better.

My means of escape down the walls to you.
Oct 2018 · 255
East of bliss
Anecandu Oct 2018
30 paces North of the Heart
20 soft hands East of Bliss
40 stares West of never not my type
I found the treasure of our Love.
and buried it again for spite.
Sep 2018 · 828
Anecandu Sep 2018
This life brings fresh feelings like honey laced dew wetting my lips,
When I say your name and simultaneously think of your hips.
To hold them as if my steamy marble cocoa, a frothing cup.
An image, an angel of mercy conjured up,

Once lost in my sea of latent thoughts.
I feel your net surround me and I'm caught.
Raising me by my wrists to the shore to be bought.
Alas! freeing me to walk the garden of happy.

The Fuchsia fruits of love hang so easy and low,  
I pick and sink my teeth in with violent throes,  
Feel their silky juices staining my lions and soaking my innocence....
But the sweetness makes me close my eyes.
Aug 2018 · 2.6k
Our love is war
Anecandu Aug 2018
Your words are like precision guided Bombs in clunkers,
Exploding between my ears. there are no bunkers.
My response tumbles out stuttering like anti aircraft nests.

The alarms in my brain go off suppressed by tears discharged
Heart, Trust, Ego, Friends over the years........
Your armaments know where to hit and cause most damage,

Plumes of fiery emotion flare up, soon loves smoldering cracks .
I dodge your heat seeking adjectives, they encircle in packs.
Cold nights afloat clinging to this yellow deflated ego. ergo.

Our love is war
Jul 2018 · 249
Anecandu Jul 2018
The poems that I saved today,
Rescued from a hilly grave.
slave away only for me now,
go make new friends and bring them here,

Jul 2018 · 17.8k
The Gilded Opening
Anecandu Jul 2018
The gilded opening is terse and with age defined,
Locking away the pathway from a golden mind,
Hairlike roots of tiny letters form a braid,
Ficus-ing along stretching prongs of Purple and Jade,

Pushing they gather and spider around its ovate curves,
occasioning sprouts from cracks lips perturbed,
grammarized rain fertilizing delicate pods of flesh,
blossoming frosty lemon blooms of T's R's come to rest,

The bunched words hanging, dangling like grapes, of frailty,
dipping on fickle branches barely holding on to reality,
threatening to fall like daggered swords,
But alas are some silently whispered Jamaican words
Jul 2018 · 278
You would be Queen
Anecandu Jul 2018
I whispered behind sunglasses
like a light wind into my beloved's ear,
But who would be King? her smart retort.
My Lord upon on that chair?

I'd give you a golden palace I said,
She whispered your such a ****,
We'd have to build a great stone wall high,
a fort to keep away all sorts

We walked along the promenade,
past the paisley clad natives in the square
traipsing places of the colourful past
where held once saints in despair.

The bouquets of Jasmine, Rosemary in a porcelain vase
The feeling of a lovers taut hand
The fragrance of the past,
The serenade of violins in a merry band.

I whisper again..................
You would still be Queen.... and the response a sigh
Jul 2018 · 160
My Girl Monday
Anecandu Jul 2018
The one I show my poems on Crepe paper
The one who snickers at my jokes
The one who understands I'll call you later.
The one who gives me real life pokes

The one who's kisses are bubblegum
The one who's my Pirates of The C companion
The one who holds my extra set of keys
The one who's dress brings me to my knees.

My Girl Monday........... :)
Jun 2018 · 139
City of Angels
Anecandu Jun 2018
In Madrid as we walk slowly fast
The present merges with the past,
Our slender hands are coloured Grey.
Laden with treasure but growing empty of feeling.

Hear the time go rushing past in deafening silence,
Pity me who you worship with your love on the speeding train.
I hold your warm hands but sense some coldness there.  
Your happy kiss sears my face in this icy breeze of summer.

This is the Seville my lost feet remembers,
The corners of this maze that turns so straight,
The hours of wait that unravel so quickly.
Like silky music entwined with rough sackcloth

Our wealth cheapened by the masterpieces we past.
The enrichment of our minds despite empty pockets,
Eyes that warm our mocha chocolate skin with glares.
As I melt in your arms at the airport on this our last day.
Anecandu Nov 2017
There was a smile that broke the world,
Appeared upon a tryst,
I found the edge of what was love,
I fell in its abyss.

The hallowed smile that broke the world,
Her eyes a vertigoic possessing swirl.
A walking ballet on invisible felt,
Froze my brain, and made my heart melt.

The perfect smile that broke the world
left me carelessly gawking on idle,
My words always so cool were bridled,
My ears filled with caulk to others.

The alluring smile that broke the world,
Its edges curled into a ball,
Its lips coloured cherry like leaves in the fall.
Its corners sharp like assassins knives,

The simple smile that broke the world,
Once only a joy to me,
Its memory will remain protected in lifes fabric stained,
Comes out each jubilee
Oct 2017 · 214
Between my words
Anecandu Oct 2017
Between my words are meanings punctuated
The intentions obscure yet pontificated.

Between my eyes a repository built to our memory,
Alas the past still as sweet and smooth as honey.

Between my hands the pieces of what love gathered,
Washed clean like sand from my fingertips in a sea of happy.

Between my words is bliss
Between your lips , sigh.......I miss
Oct 2017 · 1.7k
Tell my pillow I'm sorry
Anecandu Oct 2017
Tell my pillow I'm sorry for all the missing nights
Tell it I didn't meant to start it (all those pillow fights)

Tell my pillow I miss her,
How I miss the pillow conversations.
Oct 2017 · 2.8k
Hero Love
Anecandu Oct 2017
There I was dangling off the edge of life by a thread,
Barnacles growing in my bed,
Walking around with lead shoes,
Always wearing Navy Blue contacts.

Out of nowhere something fast,
Picked me up and upward blast,
Bucking, hurtling into the sapphire sky,
Dancing rainbow fairies around us.

I feel the pixie ..... dust
I revel in the lust
I grow in the fertile trust
This must be Hero Love
Jul 2017 · 408
Keeper of my happiness
Anecandu Jul 2017
Keeper of my happiness
I search for you my shimmering princess
My consciousness desires your service,
I'm pale in your absence as with scurvy.
My world like a dancing top tipsy turvy .

Your love for me is overwhelming and fresh,
I feel like a rescued drowning wretch,
clawing at the vanilla sky for a grip on reality's hips,
my mouth a  scream muffled by your moca coffee lips.

Your polished hands are a cocoon to my happy state,
I transform to freedom of spirit without life's weights,
happiness bursting from me like a water pipe,
I spew love on everyone and they bathe in my respite.
Jul 2017 · 225
Anecandu Jul 2017
I long to be
The blossoms on your mango tree
Jul 2017 · 156
Public thoughts
Anecandu Jul 2017
Was it the modest perfume or your brushing touch?
Was it necessity or simple lust,

Can I be your oasis of thirst,
Would I be best, average, worst?

Can your smile greet, me awaken me, like sun on my face
I feared serendipity's coldness standing in my place.

Wish I could steal the heaven in your eyes where it lays
hold on to it like Gollum, salting it away for days.

Your words trigger a nuclear reaction in my chest,
My heart explodes daily despite my best,

These thoughts berate me constantly,
But most of all I fear you might love me.
Jun 2017 · 324
There was a smile
Anecandu Jun 2017
There was a smile I found,
In the bushes of my lovers garden.
It broke when lifted from its place,
The pieces fed it to the elks who graze softly on my dreams,
Around the bubbling waterfall of my emotions.
Anecandu Mar 2017
Mr. Wind blows with violence
Mr Thunder proud and great
They are roaring like lions
Springing on easy bait

Mrs Lightning twice as worse,
Cracks her whip from the sky,
White and purple is her colour,
Dazzling to the naked eye.

Baby rain with happy feet,
Dance from roof to street
They all compete, but never meet,
Never greet  like neighbours.

Who will be the best disaster
Lightning, rain, thunder, wind,
There is only one master,
let the battle now begin
In collusion with my 11 year old, who hates to write.
Anecandu Feb 2017
The kisses of my Rainbow Princess leave me in bliss.......
I am the perfect picture of "ex static" happiness.

The first warms like the sun on my face when I'm colder,
it keeps me in line like a Chinese Soldier.

The second in my hair makes it curls on end, I sink like a snorkeler  getting the bends.  

The third on my neck from brown caramel lips,
so deep I can feel it down in my hips.

The fourth like an Olympic diver off the tip of my nose,
it does a "Triple Lindy" and smells like a rose.

The fifth on my forehead the tongues light protrusion,
just waltzing the edge of my waking confusion.

The sixth in my right ear as sweet as sin, corkscrews in my brain like that plane in "Tailspin".

The last on each eyelid so discrete, softer and lighter than Bambi's deer feet.

And my eyes open................
Nov 2016 · 892
Condescending Things
Anecandu Nov 2016
You hate the way I rub your back when we hug in bliss,
You hate the poke of my beard from a stolen cheek kiss,  
You hate the way I put off things when I'm able.
You hate my feet on the coffee table,

I hate the way you make me wait like a school boy,
I hate when you pack away all my cool toys,
I hate doing dishes,
I hate doing dishes, for my special wishes.

We hate the awkward kisses in movies these days,
We hate the time that slips away on vacays
We hate that we never have enough space,
We hate when others use our secret place.

They hate when you kiss away my dripping ice cream,
They hate my lion groans and your eagle screams,
They hate our poems about condescending things
They'll hate most of all..... it tugs at their heart strings.
Oct 2016 · 356
Anecandu Oct 2016
I write better than I speak,
Felt the words caress my cheek,
They tumble out like a coffee grinder,
Enough to fill just one binder.
Only enough for a cup.

I write better than I speak,
The words are rationed treats,
Whenever it comes slow like drops of tar,
Filling my heart like a pickle jar,
Just enough air at the top.

I write better than I speak,
My words don't know de-feet,
They're smart bombs that hit only their mark,
They huddle like grapes in the park
Only each other is enough.

I write better than I speak,
Picking words like wild berries,
They are green caterpillars crawling around my mind,
and yellow butterflies when my mouth opens,
Alive for today, only.
Sep 2016 · 486
Quartz, Crayons, Crosses
Anecandu Sep 2016
Til two we played in the quartz sand,
Hoping the sands of times would quickly past,
You will be my first,.........last love,
for drawing kisses and hearts on my cast.

I felt you squeeze my hand when I cried,
I felt to squeeze your .... yours well I tried :)
To speak for you out of turn,
how rubbing grade school crayon from walls burn.

I gave you that rose stolen,
from the secret garden that stole our hearts,
and crosses don't come often,
but i'm happy we crossed paths
Sep 2016 · 618
The Song of Commitment
Anecandu Sep 2016
Today is the day
A day to wait ones life for
What other conclusion then,
Today we are more than friends
A new beginning where a twisted path ends

My desire is to be yours
Next of Kin
Strings played together in a violin
That makes beautiful unchained melody from within

A symphony to the rhythm of time
With life’s beautiful waltz
Or a Tango, eyes focused, frozen as if paused
So take my hands
I'll take yours gladly in promise
take my heart, it belongs to you forever.
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