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Andrew Jun 2022
I am not the forgiving type.

You expect, after so many years,
You'd receive an open hand.

Don't ever suppose for
That day to crawl forward.

You were cut out of my life
Much like a malignant tumor.

..Motionlessly reduced to a phantom limb..
One that should have stopped moving long ago.

I needn't remind you
How much of a friend you were.. me..
Andrew Jun 2022
This time the pages just came to life..
A story I didn't think possible...

Heart fluttering
With every page turned.

Hard to believe..
This was really happening...

Waking up to the rhythmic beating
Of a happy heart

Every morning
I was looking forward to reading what comes next.


...Words began to fade out once again....
...Pages... start to tear.. once again...

Another book on the shelf.
Another story without an ending

I remember the last few words cutting me so deeply.
Andrew Apr 2022
Dreamt I went back in time and found you.
Found you standing just outside the courtyard of school.
I walked up wondering how you would take me.
To my surprise it almost seemed as if you were expecting somebody.
Your smile was big and radiant.
You didn't know who I was, yet you were delighted to see me.
I told you that you may have just met me,
but in another time we actually know each other very well.
Not a trace of concern or suspicion could I find in your eyes.
...You must have known I was coming..
The sun was shining bright.
And your laughter was intoxicating. Even in my dream.
The feeling was fleeting..
For the morning light nudged me out of slumber.
Andrew Mar 2022
If we must suffer
Why not choose how we suffer?

I knew as soon as my emotions
Began stirring
Talking to you
What was bound to happen

This is how I choose to suffer.

It will hurt, yes.
But wounds heal.
With what fleeting time I have with you
If suffering is the cost... where do I sign?

Never before could I open up
To someone I immediately gravitated towards.
With you all those troubles, worries, and anxieties
They don't have such a hold over me anymore.

Again, this is how I choose to suffer..

What I think is special
When we say our goodbyes
We will part with much less Emptiness inside
Than when we first met.

Life is suffering.

...And I will suffer well..
Andrew Nov 2020
Even in the face of all your laudations
Almost tear inducing words
It will be so terrible when you find out
What happens next..

Such praise surely would
Have tempted this man from walking off.
At least everyone in their right mind
Would have concurred.

... But that is just not so in the mind
Of someone so bull headed.
So rigid in thought.
So unyeilding in person.

Like any branch
It will let out such
An unnerving snap
When the stress proves too much.

And no one will be ready for it.
Andrew Nov 2020
You've made so many enemies
With so many wolves.

All because you chose
To shun one of them away.

They don't even know your name,
But they bare their teeth all the same...
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