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Andrew Sep 2022
Do you remember the first night I sang to you?
When you first laced your fingers with mine?
..Our first kiss?
Do you remember when I knocked on your door with flowers?
Do you remember the first time I handed you a black envelope with a poem written for your eyes only?
The first time waking up with your head on my chest?

I remember... oh so vividly..
Andrew Sep 2022
I didn't think I could hurt anymore
Then I finally ran into you

You brought meaning into my life.
You gave me a reason to want to rush out of bed when I awoke.

All of the troubles that held me back
****** off.

My pulse came back
My smile returned.

Friends could see I was actually smiling.
The sun couldn't even radiate the warmth I possessed.

Then you walked away..
And I found myself struck with this all too familiar pain again.
Andrew Sep 2022
That's what I hear.
That's what I believe..
That's all I feel.
That's all I receive.
Andrew Sep 2022
Teeth.... and talons..
They sink deep

Not the first time.
Just deeper than before.

Across my skin
Ever present

I bled only the first time
Only scars remain.

Tears don't break anymore
Not as often

But when they do..
..Oh, how hard do they break...
Andrew Sep 2022
Another Fall fast approaching
Time hasn't slowed down
..Spring was such a blur..

It won't be just the leaves turning
         And falling this year.
I don't know if my heart can fall
                              Any further than it has.

Broken and bruised
Laying in pieces on the ground.
.....I think I'll just leave it there this time...
Andrew Jun 2022
I still think about you,
And haven't stopped
Missing you.

I know you're still weathering your storms.
Soon enough
Those clouds will pass.

I've learned enough to know
You've overcome such dark
And heavy clouds before.

As much as I wholeheartedly
Would love to see a relationship
Blossom between us..
I understand that may very well not be in the future.

Simply put, I don't want to see a future
Where you are not in it.
Even if that blossoming only goes as far
As a gentle friendship..

..You'll always be worth the wait to me..
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