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Nov 30 · 159
california dreaming
a m a n d a Nov 30
do you, all covered in gold
curse the day
you met me?

a seed in a stone,
the blood and the sand.
Nov 22 · 247
winter moons
a m a n d a Nov 22
the spark caught fire
and i saw a slowly
rotating snowflake on a
black blue background
Nov 18 · 498
cobalt & gold
a m a n d a Nov 18
i dreamed a dream of you
an entire beautiful dream
Nov 4 · 89
deep purple
a m a n d a Nov 4
when the gong tolls
and that **** starts to reverberate,
brace yourself.
Oct 12 · 68
holy moses!
a m a n d a Oct 12
like lightning,
but the bolts are my veins,
electricity branching
in waves upon waves
Oct 12 · 416
m o v e d
a m a n d a Oct 12
it's ok that
you can't see
the turquoise and gold.

it's just that you don't even know
you are a brilliant orange tree
coming up on me,
taking my breath away.
Oct 4 · 97
things i don’t say
a m a n d a Oct 4
you’re a golden sundial
spinning counter-clockwise
got me
thinking bout moons
Sep 17 · 111
of moons and elves
a m a n d a Sep 17
“i am going to
get what i want,”
she said,
Sep 13 · 193
harvest moon
a m a n d a Sep 13
(lunar impact)

i looked up silently,
and i f e l t
her see me.

mind imagine mind life

i told her my dream
and i knew that she heard.

and then i saw the spoils.
Aug 25 · 219
a m a n d a Aug 25
i like living life
on this side of dreams.
Aug 24 · 300
the beast in me
a m a n d a Aug 24
i feel sorry for you
since you don't even know
i am a golden lion
swimming in pink petals.
a m a n d a Aug 22
thank you kindly, gentlemen,
for the notice.
Aug 22 · 113
whole lotta love
a m a n d a Aug 22
what could be better
than finding the prototype
Aug 20 · 193
a m a n d a Aug 20
so so real
it feels like a fiction

here to
take me somewhere

perhaps i imagine
this life of dreams.
a m a n d a Aug 17
sometimes there are
just a bunch of scattered golden seeds
or flattened green bark
or whatever the ****

and that’s fair

i don’t think i have
any bright ideas
just don’t leap into Mordor
at the drop of a hat

don’t get any ideas
Jul 21 · 372
drip sauce
a m a n d a Jul 21
what are you really
prepared to do
with a
living falcon,
other than
put her in a cage?
Jul 20 · 175
cascade event
a m a n d a Jul 20
you don’t even know
about the endless bass,
the shifting shapes,
this internal energy.
my god,
all the lines drawn.

you don’t even know i’m
an octopus,
a living audiowaveform.
Jul 11 · 330
a m a n d a Jul 11
open to
r e c e i v i n g

a splash
a cymbal
a request

a vanishing tide
an inscription in stone

the ability to
f i r e.
Jul 6 · 246
a m a n d a Jul 6
my beautiful girl.
you left a
definite emptiness.
my pretty princess
the prettiest girl in the world
(chips like a little bird)
my perfect angel
my absolute dream.
a m a n d a Jul 1
only to return
made of magic
cuz i made you.
Jun 29 · 1.1k
mind moves
a m a n d a Jun 29
you don’t even know about
this constant stream of light
this dancing gleaming undercurrent

you don’t even know
i am a lioness
an empress
Jun 29 · 109
holy water
a m a n d a Jun 29
i won’t send my
guttural song,
the rumbling scream.
only these pleas.
a m a n d a Jun 28
at least the wired connection
has no delay.
solid metal,
instant sound.
Jun 27 · 246
monday cat bath
a m a n d a Jun 27
torn dress,
claws in chest.
Jun 22 · 215
w h i s p e r
a m a n d a Jun 22
if you can hear this,
then you are the transistor,
a resist o  r.

you are the molten liquid gold,
and the shell by the sea.
Jun 16 · 137
we ride at dawn
a m a n d a Jun 16

through green meadows
and orange haze,
hooves thundering
manes in the wind.

we ride at midnight,
under the pull of the tides,
the atmospheric forces,
the nebulous light.
May 26 · 293
from sea to shining sea
a m a n d a May 26
the endgame
the price.
look around,
this is the
p r i c e.
not free d o m,
freedomf  r o m.
May 22 · 293
to be here now.
a m a n d a May 22
i can surely tell
you what it's like
out in these streets.
but i don't think
you're going to like it.
May 22 · 208
off the grid
a m a n d a May 22
i don't know how to say
that i appear to be off
whatever grid
the rest of ya'll are on.
May 22 · 149
<\-[|\";:><?||\\ -\>
a m a n d a May 22
if you want to love a thing
that lives in dreams
moves to unheard music,
well here i am, bro.
May 15 · 152
if not us, then who?
a m a n d a May 15
i don't like the word evil.
it is removed,
there is no evil.
there are only men.
wrong thinking,
wrong actions,
and ineffective systems.
we cannot fix evil.
but the shape of society
is up to us.
we are responsible
for the growth or destruction
of our minds.
May 14 · 198
a m a n d a May 14
some codes
Apr 20 · 169
create the space
a m a n d a Apr 20
in a time like this time,
when it appears
you have been plunged
into a winter
that will never end,

when winds howl
and shake your foundation,
sleet drives itself down
and everywhere you
look appears bleak,

know the beginning
is around the corner.
the sun will not fail you.
flowers are pushing their way
above the ground,
and new life
is about to emerge.

this is true,
both within the earth,
and within your mind.
seek it
and you will
find it.
Apr 6 · 202
Staple Lord
a m a n d a Apr 6
And you may ask yourself, "How did I get here?"
And you may ask yourself, "Where is that shiny automobile?"

And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful house"
And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful face"

And when the task before you
is thousands of files,
staple - on staple - on staple
You bite that bullet,
Staple Lord.

With every fiber of your being,
you hunt them down
and wrangle them out
like you were born for the thing;
because you are alive and
it's the task before you.

you tear dem ******* out like
it's your Sistine Chapel.

do all things this way
nothing is wasted.

the light of your attention
reflecting back on you.
Apr 1 · 418
tame impala
a m a n d a Apr 1
this is such an impossible
that there is no way
to sever
this beautiful
glittering thread
that leads to you.
even when every cell is different.
even when the entire structure has changed.
Mar 22 · 146
a m a n d a Mar 22
the time for forward thinking
is always
n o w.
Mar 4 · 558
a m a n d a Mar 4
if you can find it within yourself
to see the art
in everything,
you will never be bored.
not for one moment.

i can promise you that.
Mar 4 · 269
laser music eyes
a m a n d a Mar 4
this is the only way to say
that to really h e a r the music,
one must close one’s eyes.
a m a n d a Mar 1

when switzerland isn't switzerland,
the least you can do is pause.


and this feels different,
because it is different.


and when you fight,
i fight.


because if you fall,
i fall.


this is how it has always been,
and how it m u s t be.
a m a n d a Feb 25
it takes all of my
just to keep track of the truth.
i have none left
to power a lie.
Feb 24 · 124
a m a n d a Feb 24
what does it mean
when you realize you
have been trained for
over a decade on how to
respond to an active shooter
via your exposure
to the realm
of educating children?

what does it mean
to know all
the actions one would take
in any building
with any variety
of construction,
or number of people
all with varying degrees
of physical ability?

to know the defenses
the tricks
the tape
the block
the quiet voice
of strength?
the look in the eyes
of control?

the everyday objects that
would make a good weapon.

what does it mean
to know exactly how many children
can fit in the closet?


what does it mean
to know that HERE?

IN THE ****
does that mean?
Feb 24 · 399
roma invicta
a m a n d a Feb 24
when you catch a glimpse
of yourself
and realize you accidentally
have the hair
of the emperor of rome,
just seize the day, *****.
create a political system,
carve some statues,
force men to fight in a pit
to the death.
i don't know, man
Feb 11 · 168
don't suffer fools
a m a n d a Feb 11
(especially if you are the fool)

i am the ship,
and i am the captain.
i'm dropping anchor
h e r e.
i am the anchor.
i am the sea,
i am the sun,
and i am the land.
i am the calm,
and i am the s t o r m.
a m a n d a Jan 14
    straight trippin
  wood-grain grippin
candy paint
          eyeliner d r i p p i n
Dec 2021 · 363
when no one can s e e
a m a n d a Dec 2021
(what you can see)

when no one can see what you can see.
when no one can see what you can see.
when no one can see what you can see.
Nov 2021 · 146
dis song tho
a m a n d a Nov 2021
i said,
i know you don’t like dubstep,
this song, b r o
it’s ill
a m a n d a Oct 2021
today i realized,
that this very foreign,
amazing feeling
is what the dictionary
or jeopardy would
refer to as
and i'm sorry,
but that's hilarious.
Oct 2021 · 211
imaginary race car proposal
a m a n d a Oct 2021
this dope ***
bright red yellow pink sun
in the rearview.
an energy, without doubt.
while she sings
"don't hurt yourself"
and i decide
i will try harder
not to,
and that i only want
the imaginary brand new
futuristic race car
if i can have it
with complete abandon -
sure in the knowledge
that it could be crumpled
and imperfect in minutes -
a loss a loss a loss.

i would only want it
if i could truly accept its destruction
the cryptic length of
enjoyment without worry.
then i could
race that machine
be that machine
love that m a c h i n e
Oct 2021 · 139
the pool
a m a n d a Oct 2021
i had a thought
to write a thing
but as soon as it emerged
it sunk again
back to the pool
of brewing ideas
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