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Alyssa knight Mar 2017
There's a song
I can't listen to it now
It was my favorite
I remember
That night
I heard you sing it
I looked at you
And at that moment
I realized I was in love with you
That same night you told me
You loved me
And now....
You left yesterday
You told me sorry so many times
You feel bad
But don't
But yesterday...
I was crying
I calmed down a little after
That's when I saw the stuffed animal
you gave me
For Valentine's Day
And I started crying again
I was listening to music
Trying to go to sleep
That song
This town-Niall Horan
Started to play
I burst out crying
Music has always been a part of me
But now
I can't listen to it
Cuz every song
Reminded me of you
And it hurts to know
your not mine
I hate the thought
Of you with someone else
It makes me want to **** myself
just knowing
I may not ever be yours again
Alyssa knight Mar 2017
Where am I to go
Without you
how could i have been so naive
You promised you'd never leave
And you did
You keep saying sorry
I already told you
No matter what
I will always love you
There's a way in this world
That I can go without you
It's not a good one
Not a happy one
Not a way I want to go
So where do I go
Where am I
I told you I love you
That night you told me
You were breaking up with me
You told me "I love you too"
When I asked
why you split us into two
You said your heart wanted me
Your mind
Told you to split us up
Why couldn't you have listened to
Your heart
Instead of
That mind of yours
You said you feel bad
for hurting me
That night
And of course
I want you back
Do t come back
Only if you feel bad
I want you happy
With or without me
I love you
No matter what
I am not breaking my promise
Because I will never leave you
I swear
Alyssa knight Jan 2017
You smile
A sweet smile
Your eyes glisten
Like the stars above
You're the rain
To the soil in spring
You're the sun
To my world in summer
You're the color
To my leaves in fall
You're the warmth
To the cold in winter
Every season
All year round
You are my world
You just don't know
How important to me
You are
Alyssa knight Jan 2017
I bestow to you
All that I am
I bestow unto you
all of my heart
You are a king
A king that I love
A king I wish I could stop loving
So he bestow unto you
Everything that I am
Like a king
You are in control
Like a king
You are rich
With my love
I bestow unto you
This  crown
To let them know
You are a king
Alyssa knight Jan 2017
Did you know
I never felt this before
Did you know
I always felt like I was missing something
Did you know
I don't feel that anymore
Did you know
You complete me
Did you know
I love you
Did you know
I want you
Did you know
I need you
Did you know
The air I breathe is toxic
Because it is not your air
You don not share
Did you know
You are my survival
Did you know
you are my reason
My reason to live
Did you know
I don't know
The feelings
I feel
A sensation I have never experienced
Until you
Did you know
when you smile
My heart melts
Did you know
when you stare into my eyes
My heart aches
Cuz I don't have you yet
Did you know
When you sit near me
Stand near me
Come towards me
Talk to me
Smile at me
Stare at me
I need you more
I want you more
I love you more
Did you know
How great my love for you is
Did you know
I think about you 24/7
I dream about you
At night
I daydream about you
When I close my eyes
I talk about you
To my best friend
Like you are my universe
Did you know
You ARE my universe
Did you know
I need u
I want you
For someone special to me that has no idea how I much I wish he was mine
Alyssa knight Jan 2017
As I lay in the grass
And I let go
I wish upon a star
I look into the sky
I look at you
I remember your plans
You're Scared of what's to come
I'm scared of getting heartbroken

But for now
I'll stay right here
With you
I know what's to come
But right here
In this moment
I'm going to enjoy
Every moment
With you
For now
Alyssa knight Jan 2017
I'm trying to hold it in
I don't have enough strength
I keep breaking
******* up
I say what I think
It just gets me in trouble

I'm doing everything I can
To save myself
Even call on god
But I guess
He doesn't agree
I just need help
And I'm just so afraid

Someone listen
I'm begging
Someone help
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