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Alya Adzkia Dec 2020
you were out of line
thought it was gonna be easy
for me to forgive

but no,
this time
i choose myself.
as i should.
Alya Adzkia Nov 2020
you asked me to follow you

it's a tough road,
but we will get through this together,
you said.

i walk
i run

but baby,
running after you is like chasing the clouds.
Alya Adzkia Sep 2020
you are as cold
as winter
yet i am longing
for a warm spring

i knew we are different
but i was still willing
to take the aftermath

even though
i lost myself
along the road
i don't recognize myself anymore.
Alya Adzkia Sep 2020
you took away
a part of me
like it wasn't there
at the first place

i became someone new

strong enough
to bury pain,

vulnerable enough
to drown in tears.
tell me, how does it feels to have someone who lets you break their heart all over again?
Alya Adzkia Sep 2020
when you choose to fall in love,
make sure you know that there will be

when you choose to have string attached,
make sure that your wasted time
will be precious.

when you choose someone to fall for,
make sure that person is
don't be too late to reconsider.
Alya Adzkia Aug 2020
baby, how deep is your love?
how much do you love me?

is it deep enough to drown me in tears?

is it deep enough for us to swim out of joy?

are you worth the pain?
Alya Adzkia May 2020
I was laying on my bed
          staring at blanks
and I just realized one thing

Nothing is eternal. I wouldn’t be able to turn back time even if I really want to. Mistakes are mistakes. Blessings are blessings. At the moment.

I have to cherish moments. There’s no forever. Nothing is gonna lasts forever. I have to appreciate moments. I wouldn’t be able to stop time. But whenever we’re together, it feels like the world is ours. It feels like the time has stopped. But it’s not.

Time is spinning. I can’t stop it. and I can’t turn it back.
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