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Allie Apr 2018
Everything happens for a reason,
Sometimes for a good reason,
Other times...
Not so much.
But from each thing that happens,
You learn.
Each experience we endure,
There is a lesson to be taught.
You can take that lesson to heart,
Or you can completely ignore it.
Its all up to you.
But everything happens for a reason,
So dont dwell,
Dont sorrow,
It will all turn out ok,
In the big picture that is life.
Allie Dec 2017
I loved you.
Past tense.
I used to love
you, that is the
conclusion I have
But just like the
love I had for you
you are also no
longer apart of me.
Allie Oct 2017
Everyone thinks she’s beautiful
While she thinks she’s ugly
Everyone thinks she’s perfectly skinny
While she thinks she’s fat and
She’s always put a fake smile
Like in a photograph
Where a fake smile can hide a thousand tears
She’s the girl In the photograph
Her fake smile can hide a thousand tears
There’s a deep meaning behind this poem that no one knows
Allie May 2017
anxiety comes as a haywire mind
a situation in your head
worlds away from everyone
words unsaid
scared to be anyone, much less yourself

but most of all
it comes
and it never really leaves.
Allie May 2017
Pain,pain won't you away,
Your causing nothing but trouble and sorrow,
I don't want to feel this way anymore
God, help me please
Take this pain away from me
I don't know how more I can take
It's not to late to help me now
Please take this pain away from me
Just set me free
I just wanna be free
Away from the pain,
Away from the sorrow
Set me free.
Allie Apr 2017
Every time you scream and yell
I want to take a razor and cut my skin .
The abuse you put me through
Hurts me inside.
Hurting me inside,
I hurt myself outside
Only if I could escape
But no escape can happen
this will make me stronger
Or this will **** me.
Whatever happens
I have no strength anymore

— The End —