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Alice Parker Oct 2016
Crippling Sadness

The wound is jagged,

It never heals,

But the wound seals,

Now the rough scar,

Reminds me every day,

Of things I sacrificed,

For what I now hate.

I want to be new,

I want to be whole.

I’d settle for just okay.
Copywrite under Alice Parker
All rights reserved
Alice Parker Apr 2016
The sky is a greenish-grey with ominous clouds in the distance
Marring our view of the horizon. My eyes followed the phone lines
Up and down, up and down
Until I became nauseated.
The fear we feel -when the headlights of passing cars pierce the darkness is Indescribable.
Fools use the light of torches to find their way in darkness.
They need to shun the light to find their way to darkness.
They do not know that it is only in darkness they can find the truth and are not
Dazzled by the light in their lies.
We are as afraid of the light as they are of the dark.
                                                           ­                We must all embrace the dark.
Dark leaches passion for conflict-
          War, politics, religion.
Dark takes away your humanity,
                    but it’s a good thing.
Dark symbolizes death - but it’s a good thing
                   Soulless like a body at death
                                             Should we Despair?
Light is bad.
           heady confusion
Desperation to find something, but what?
                                                       THE DARK.
People afraid of the dark,
                                           afraid to find peace.
Step into the dark,
Step into peace!
                                                          ­                                                      Healing.
Pe­ople seek the dark,              -Are they afraid of life?
They seem like living things, like sentient beings.
“Neon light haunts us.
            -Too bright!
Telephone lines teeming with power, buzzing their warning.”
Dark brings silence                              --brings peace.
Cool breeze across our faces wipes the anxiety and tension from our brows.
Behind these clouds in the mist
Bodies cling to themselves, waiting for Blessed Darkness to complete its
Work in removing that    violent-  evil-  hateful-   oppressive-    light from them.
We join them, those bodies in the mist. We have escaped our oppressors so we lie
Together, huddled on the ground, and serenely wait for the Darkness to -

Release us.
Copywrite under Alice Parker
All rights reserved
Alice Parker Jan 2016
Do I love you?
Must I say?
My heart's true song,
Gives me away.

With your predilections,
Just task of me Sonay,
And as in knighthood fictions,
Your dragons I will slay.

You are my sweet maiden,
Yet you are so strong.
You have your own blade in;
Your dragon now is gone.

Would you choose a worthless knight?
With you not for, Sonay love, I fight.
Copywrite under Alice Parker
All rights reserved
Alice Parker Sep 2015
He took me to his home,
No one had gone before,
Perched on luminescent throne,
A god like those of yore.

From his regal brow,
Down to his noble thigh,
And muscle in between,
I took in with my eye.

He split me with his manhood,
He owns my pearly skin,
The pearls that tipped his god head,
Are safely housed within.

I glory in his figure,
I delight in every touch,
I worship him with rigor,
Until I cry, “Too much!”

I beg for my release,
His Olympic needs not sated,
His attentions do not cease,
Until his throbbing has abated.

How lucky then, am I?
A mortal for a god.
Content now just to lie,
No match for Heaven’s Rod.
Copywrite under Alice Parker
All rights reserved
Alice Parker Aug 2015
My father bid me, “When you can,
Try to act like a strong fellow,
Always take it like a man.

Things will not go as you plan,
Try like a boy not to wallow,”
My father bid me, “when you can.”

Advice before real trial began,
Advice preparing for tomorrow.
“Always take it like a man.”

There were times I wished I’d ran,
I never run because, “I will follow,”
My father bid me, “when you can.”

His father taught him this same ban,
“Never kneel and never swallow,
Always take it like a man,

When you’re restrained by some man’s hand,
And you are made to bite the pillow,”
My father bid me, “When you can,
Always take it like a man.”
Copywrite under Alice Parker
All rights reserved

— The End —