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SirDlova Nov 2014
He was handsome
He was kind
He was sweet
He woulnt **** even a fly, he was very strict
Listen to this!
Now that I'm dead you say this??
Let me get out off this coffin and tell people what you said of me in my presence
That im so poor, I cant even aford to wear braces so I should stop smilling
That my dad had no job he lived of hustling
You even nicknamed him "Rick Ross"
That I had only one girlfriend and she was cheating on me

Yes I grew up in Zwide location
The streets of fallen angels
Yes I am a mamas boy, by that you were right
I dont want no priest that will preach lies about me
Let my mom tell my story
Let her cry, do not shhhwsh her
Let her feel the pain of lossing a child because she was the one who felt a pain when she was giving birth to me
And you weren't there
There is no use for you to put my picture as your Facebook profile picture, I'm dead now!

Say no lies for a soul to Rest in peace
So do not "RIP" me if you never knew me
SirDlova Nov 2014
It is true when they say
"You do not appreciate what you have until it is gone"
I took that "I love you" for granted
Tears in her eyes, I always thought she was faking it
When she said "You will miss me when I'm gone"
I thought she was singing Eminems song
All along those were the signs of her love
I never knew they were so strong
If a woman never told you "You've changed, you cheating, why cant you love me like you did before?, I miss the real you."
Then keep it that way, because when they say it, they can feel it, and when they feel it, they live it
But not for too long
Nothing hides forever
It's like when you Sneezing, you've got flu
When you Yawning, you sleepy
Same as when you cheating
At the end she will say It's Over but still accept you after all what you've done
Dont think shes stupid, shes not
Bealive me when I say, when a Woman loves, she loves for real
Love your woman, do not make the same mistake I made
You don't want to say "I loved you", because that statement is an introduction of the TEARS OF A MAN
SirDlova Sep 2014
A past is a past I have to move on
But the tears that my heart cries keep rolling on and on
I never sow any Cautions
I never sow no Warnings!
That's why I still cry.

A past is a past, I have to move on

As I carried on taking uncounted steps foward
With my right hand on the left side of my chest
I was like a Pawn in chess
I had no defence, I'm my own defence
No weapon, I'm the AK47 of my life
Thick blood running through my fingers
Symbolising the pain she caused
The lies she feed me with
I gazed at her eyes, I sow pain and anger
The reason why she can not love a man is because she was never raised by one
The love of a man was invisible to her eyes at the age of 1year old

A past is a past I have to move on

Where will I go?
Left or right?
Avenue or street?
East or west?
I sat down and thought...****! I've been through alot
Why didn't I vanish before she broke my only heart
Was I stupid or was I inlove?

But a past is a past I must move on!
SirDlova Jul 2014
I had so many options
Sleeping pills in my hand
Evil thoughts in my head
Sangoma's mixed potions
A rope hanging on top of my head
I could have rolled down the stairs
Or took a knife and stabbed it into my chest
But I couldn't.
My mother cried when she gave birth to me
I can't watch her cry at my funeral
I thought of what she always say to me
That "I hate how I raised you,but I love what I raised"
That I should do better for my daughter
And not yet be her ancester.
SirDlova May 2014
A man don't usually cry
And if he does its always pain that strikes inside,wonder why?

Its the lies and betrays
**** "woman lie"
Its the love that is less,What a waste of time
Trey Songs's "Pretty girls lie"

Fake smile,long nails too
***** aint tight like before
I'm starting to hate her "I love you too"
All my wishes never come true
They don't even sell them at the grocery store
Like johny walker I kept walking
I'll put a table next to the mountain
And sit all by self,time to party.
A toast..To the single souls

I'm taking up the Deuce!
SirDlova May 2014
I'm No born free
I tasted the dust of apartheid
My mother was hiding behind the trees screaming for help
No one was there
No time to sleep
We were cursed for struggle
My father never smiled when my mother would say "the baby is kicking"
Cause he knew,it wasn't the kick of joy
It wasn't a sign of being a soccer star
It was the struggle!

1990 Mandela was out of prison
1993 I was born
1994 the Dom's were free
No more Dom-pass,but not uhuru still
Innocent souls were lost
What was the fighting worth for?

I can forgive but never forget
When De klert called black fools
He said they do nothing but barking
We turned to dogs now

This is for Steve Biko
Chris Hani
Hector Paterson
Raymond mhlaba

Let not my skin define who I am
Let not the earth describe me
I know my future because of my history
I was raised in a town of fallen angels
Where blacks were deceived
Whites felt free
Turn the lights off we all the same colour
Don't turn them on
I want my son to know the history
But to not repeat it.

They say follow your leader
How can you follow corruption?
Zuma this zuma that
Its all illusion
I'll only follow u twitter
I want you to retweet all the ish I'll be posting about you,the ******,The Nkandla part,The Cheating,The Art and the bunch of wives

Yes I voted,I still don't know why I voted
Helen Zille only speaks xhosa in time of elections
Jacob Zuma gives free taxis only to the voting station
Julius Malema will bring apartheid back it is said on radio stations

Mandela spent most time in hospital
All of a sudden his dead
Was he even in jail before?
Oscar Pistorius ran to ****
His now a criminal.

Mandela note on my hand
But valueless

Our economy is dying
Our world is dying

My Dear South Africa..No Power!
#The reason why I was kicking in my mothers womb
SirDlova May 2014
I was created,updated and programed to love you
Forever won't be enough,I mean beyond when I say I love you
Why brake the chain?
God's plan?
For pain..
For someone that won't love you like I do and suppose to do
Let me pop the question please say "I do"
Everything you want I'll do
No boys night out
No soccer on tv only chick flicks
I'll take you out
Hold your hand in public I know you like

I miss you

Please be mine..
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