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SirDlova May 2014
Its funny but I'm not laughing,
How short and simple are the words that got us together and separated us like never

"I love you"..."I'ts over"

You claim to regret the first time you opened your legs heavenly for me,that I sow a part you called private before.
Listen to what you said after I pushed my ***** inside of you

"Ahh Don't stop.."

I wish I never met you,Cos that night
You said I'm forever yours,
And it was a lie.
When I looked into your eyes
I was blinded by the stars that shined so bright that I could not stop or hide my smile ohh my..
I don't regret the day I sow you
But I wish I never met you.

But things changed
Just like people change
I'm so glad that memories will never do

Though you can insult me
But you'll never rule this piece of heart!

I wish I never met you..
SirDlova May 2014
We don't have to discuss
This matter
Its not about us
I'm the author

I'm sorry for being scarce
I didn't get any chance
To write
But thats alright
Cos I'm not a poet

I don't do poetry
Can you give me this chance to say hello poetry!

I just missed sharing my thoughts
With you
Pain and fear
Tears of joy too
This I like to do
Just me and you
In this room with naked eyes

Now let my story continue..
I'm really not a poet, I just type!
SirDlova Apr 2014
I've found comfort in pain
Heart brakes,tears in my vains
Head down,walking slowly
I hear laughter when telling my story
Some fill sorry
That I'm lonely

Yeah I said don't remind me that I'm lonely
Pain is part of happiness
SirDlova Apr 2014
When we don't have someone to love,we panic
We used to that "honey I'm home"
Now we hear your voices in our answering machines

We go to restaurants,we get that lady would ask "table for two?"
Is she that blind to see that we all alone

We used to buying gifts
But now for who?
We used to make-up beds
Now what's the use?
We still can't look after our selves
Where's that women touch?

The Bluetooth of my heart is still on,with only one device
When you come back,I'll make you my wife!

Love Men
#Women run the world
SirDlova Apr 2014
Its funny how love can quickly fade away.
Last week,she passed by your house and you greet,
You talked,got to know each other and you made her laugh.
You said you love her and she said "I love you too"

Was it true?
Or was she only replying since you left her with no choice?
Listen to her voice when she says "I don't ever wanna lose you,I am nothing without you"

Its another week but she sends a text saying "its over".
Now its like a game when u've lost and there's that Big "GAME OVER!!"

And she would sing along with beyonce and say "you must not know about me,I can have another you in a minute,matter of a fact he'll be here in a minute,don't you ever for a second get to think that you are irreplaceable"

We claim to learn from our mistakes
Though we keep on repeating them

Ask your self this: Why is there a divorce? but we said "in sickness and in health,till death do us apart"?

Even my elders have not answered me yet

There is no word such as Forever!
Trust no one but yourself and in God.

Never say Forever!
F#@k Love
SirDlova Mar 2014
My name is Pain

There are so many things in life that would bring Me(pain) in charge

Your wife said its over!
Your fathers car rolled over
His dead.
You wonder how it is living without a dad
That is where I come,I make you mad
You cry so bad,and there's no one to hold your back
When days are dark,friends are few
But to me when your days are dark I love you
Do you remember when she said "I hate you"
Now you know she meant it.
You will never know what you have
Untill you its gone,and then I enter into your heart and bite it into pieces

Behind every death,love,lies and cheats
I'm there
I just love to interfere where there's happiness
I bring sadness
You better fear me,because I'm the one that likes to bring tears in your eyes
I want to make you feel like there is no tomorrow
There's only one way to run away from me
Commit suicide!

But there are those who can fight me
I hate them!
They always kiss eachother and make love when the fight starts..**** you!
They look eachother in the eyes,everytime I start to include my self in their conflict so that they can feel me,that **** guy would say "I'm sorry" are you gay?don't say sorry!
Now I walk away..****!

Now listen,I work overtime and I can't take this no more

So your boyfriend is cheating,get over him so that you won't feel me,find a guy that will make you happy all times..not that I won't visit you once in a while

To guys,you ruthless and rude,that's why I don't visit you,you full of pride
You get dumped,you don't even feel me,I feel useless..I hate the fact that you don't fear me
Though some do.

Till we meet again
Fear no Pain
SirDlova Mar 2014
Its disgusting..
How we see the future being stoped and skipped.
Life is no Dvd player
Whether you poor,rich,fat or slender,
Its life that we talking about
There's no restart or backspace.
If you not ready to be a mother
Nor a father,play safe
You always have a choice
Some say its free
I say its up to you.

Who are you?
To **** an innocent soul.
Is God you?
He or she wasn't the cause of whatever you going through!
Its a child for heaven sake
You eat stake
And ask "what's for desert"
Because you know its ***
Now face the consequences
Man up,and face your responsibilities

My heart aches when I see posters in streets written "One day Pain,SAFE ABORTION"
They even have guts to write it in capital letters
Where is the love?
I always look above
And say "Lord forgive them,they do not know what they are doing"
"Call Dr.Naidoo on 08ABORTION"
Do you call that normal?
Well educated people call it abnormal.

You shout Vote,vote,vote!
Its election time now,I won't vote no Cope
Until this stops!
Who will vote when you allow Doctors and fake Doctors to **** our sons and daughters?

Buphi ubuntu?
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