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Feb 2022 · 108
The Run
Adele Feb 2022
I am running in circles
the image shows his vivid face laughing
and it Melts my heart
the way he holds me tight
making me believe my heart is alive
thumping and knocking
like a bird caged, fluttering its wings

While he looks at my eyes
I can see a field of flowers blooming in spring
When reality it is wilting
I can feel that I am running out of breath
But I still keep going
Tell me to stop, I don’t see a stop sign
Feb 2021 · 384
daily affirmation
Adele Feb 2021
Dear self,
outside is darkness
a chaos
and we never wish for dark clouds
sometimes, things happen unexpectedly
have you ever dance in the rain?

you tell yourself you are never enough
but aren't we all?
we are never satisfied. We are always hungry
for something

we keep searching for it
but for now, be grateful
look around you
you have enough resources to live

you are breathing
that is enough

You are enough. next time,
if you're feeling blue
dance slowly with the blues

laugh even though you feel like crying
tell yourself
"you are beautiful; you can do it."

There are no excuses. Now get out there and change the world. Maybe start by making your bed as the first task of the day.
get up and get the job done. (This is me telling myself to do my tasks, NOW- which surprisingly feels I can do it).
Feb 2021 · 488
the maze
Adele Feb 2021
All this time,
I believed I got it.
I believed I got better.
I am stronger and smarter.

But when I looked at myself,
it weakens my knees that everything inside my head scribbles.
There is a way out of this maze.

I turn into poetry, a clairvoyant
who can only define why I have to get out before the clock strikes twelve, and it takes hard work to get out
I needed to plan. It is possible.
Poetry guaranteed that all I needed to do is to use my senses
to put the pieces back together and find this one way out.
Feb 2021 · 182
Adele Feb 2021
Who could have thought that days could pass like a bullet, hitting you hard in the chest? The eyes, bulging looking towards the blue sky and the time, speeding into a dilation. Where did the good days go or the friendly warmth of the sun caressing your face? The body lies on the sharp grass that you can no longer move at all. The mind wanders in a dark space, looking for cosmic objects, maybe a force that will **** your soul out in a vacuum able to be reborn again for billions of years. "You are a star." Why don't I drag myself in front of a mirror and tell that? Why don't I take the bullet, risking my life and get a second chance to live? Instead, I choose to get pulled by the gravity, an illusion, from the Earth's mass grabbing my whole body as I find myself lying there. I am not moving at all. "What are you afraid of?" The mind echoes and, in a brief moment, answered, "to be better."
It's been a while since I've started writing. I am back to bring this creativity and keep improving in what I love. I think the only friend we have and can talk to right now.
Jan 2020 · 90
Supra Human
Adele Jan 2020
I have to embrace the silence and get inside
my head
listen to the voice
and find the sea of imagination
to soothe and calm the beating of my heart

I chose to be drifted from the spontaneity
of the images reflected from the light

this freedom, subjective
moving to a concept
proving that the aesthetic beauty

moves along the faculty of knowledge
from a storm that gave birth to a new beginning
starting from a ruin

The reason is pure, bringing me to my highest self
I am invincible.
Dec 2019 · 300
“One cold day in Uyuni”
Adele Dec 2019
it feels like walking in a space
with the reflection of the Tunupa volcano on a gargantuan salt flat lake

the pink flamingos flock and spread their wings
creating a sprinkle of the roseate sky on the crystal water
The wind was blowing under the sunlight that gleams through the veins of the land of iodine

The floor is a ceiling of incantations,
where at night, a myriad of stars whispers a burning desire on how to live your life

The next thing you know is to chase
the sunrise and embrace the frosty wind;
walk through the rock and grass fields where the llamas adore the grand white flats

If you look closely, the tiny houses are no more visible insight
your feet are taking you up, defying gravity
the rocks don’t seem to aggravate the journey
and there you are, standing tall and high
looking at the frozen salt ocean

Oh, how big and mighty, touching the sky, and you are just on top of the world
with tranquillity, standing next to a crater with courage and no fear,
then sometimes you are the only person who can pat your back and say, “we did it. Now, no one can stop us. What a climb!”
I decided to submit this for my school paper department, but was turned down. That did not stop me from writing! A sign to keep trying and believing that you can and telling yourself, you are enough and you did great. Let's be positive :)
Dec 2019 · 208
Adele Dec 2019
In this painting, her red hair was blown
In a gust
The behemoth sleeping buffalo mountain gaze
on her perspective, her face was not shown.
but this is her story…
When the south pole tilts, facing
The beam of light
People fly towards the sun and
That’s when Martina ascends the peak
against a raging snow in the north
There, she discovered mountain goats;
Grazing the empty twigs
She found a shelter in the tea house, fresh woods dropped
By a whirly bird to warmth the cabin that
Overlook the six glaciers.
Martina roams with solitude.
Running in the wilds
There is darkness and you can see her eyes,
Dims at night.
She is unbreakable.
The lynx spirit has been guiding her.
Dec 2019 · 199
Úrsula Buendía
Adele Dec 2019
She withers like the dying leaves
and how was she able to live?
Her husband was tied under the chestnut tree
how she smuggles that gun to
save his son
Long Live Ursula, an epitome of
strength and power
A time where darkness made her
a force until she shrinks
the dead birds fell on the ground.
one of my favourite book (100 Years of Solitude)
Dec 2019 · 355
10w (Attempt)
Adele Dec 2019
Why are you so scared? Just grab the pen... WRITE.
That's me. What scares you? I'm scared of so many things. Aren't we all? but it's time to take action, turn the pivotal path :)
Dec 2019 · 166
Adele Dec 2019
Do you still believe in magic
when this life feeds you a potion
to see a disillusion world
and how this chemical program our brain
because this is how 'mimesis' work
designing what our lives should be
our dreams of flying with dragons,
morphed into slaying one as we grow up
until the imagination of colors
turn darker into black and white
Dec 2019 · 153
Divine Love
Adele Dec 2019
In the second circle comes
a desperate heart, from the love
that end their destiny, attach and blown by the infernal wind
a contrapasso of carnal desire
and it seems a lesson
that has never been learned in this present world

How difficult it is to follow the path and be guided
by our wisdom, or a Roman poet
that will lead us closer to Divinity

I may or may not believe in a higher council
but the divine love of true self
is what brings us knowledge to
'see things, unknown to man'.

Maybe if we keep walking through the woods,
our pilgrimage is what makes us a true Poet.
Dec 2019 · 164
Pamela Rae
Adele Dec 2019
For those of you who knows Pamela Rae,
she's the rainbow after a heavy rain
It been six years since she gave light to my path
as I walk the steep hills, there were
I almost
fall from heights
Her words were courage, a weapon to a fight
Hello Poetry, an unforgettable community
from strangers to a family.

Thank you.
Hi Pamela, I am not sure if you are still active (I barely am). I messaged you last year actually and I hope everything is great with you. Thank you for your poems and good kindred spirit. I want our community to know how I appreciate you (I believe some people here do).
Oct 2019 · 167
find thy self and fly
Adele Oct 2019
They see the perfect scenic mountain
and the volcanoes that
met the largest salt flats
the symmetric smile when I dive under
the Cocal Mayo hot springs,
the intensity of walking through a hanging
bridge, and zip lining
under was a
lush forest
They told me my life was a dream
and some resent my happiness,
when only I was just trying to find mine

It's not what you think it is.
Oct 2019 · 146
invisible barriers
Adele Oct 2019
there were fears and barriers
that stopped me to open a blank page
and just write
I looked at the white page;
full of curiosity
and emptiness that reflects
my face, quite longing to blossom
in the midst of being afraid

I confess, my words juggle and my thoughts are not arranged
how can I start my story
if they are not in order?

How do I do this?

The questions might be answered by just doing it...
Sep 2019 · 156
cease to exist
Adele Sep 2019
If I close my eyes,
I want to be floating
placidly on a river
with golden leaves
around me
and the singing birds
above me

as I pass by the willow tree,
my weight
is as light as the
mellow sky
I am hoping to be taken
in a place of serenity

My cease body
will live in the wilds
and may the bones
be a sentiment
below the stream

Thousands of years,
a treasure they will find
unknown parts; wanting to be fragmented
mystery; full of false theory

The brown spots on paper revealed an intricate words found
in a bottle
that says ‘leave my soul be’
May 2019 · 188
Brainstorming Questions
Adele May 2019
Who has been always there for you?

What is stopping you?

When are you going to do it?

Where will you start?

Which path are you taking?

and How are you going to survive?
May 2019 · 229
tongue tied
Adele May 2019
the words in my head are distorted letters, vanishing in the dark
May 2019 · 229
Adele May 2019
I am thinking of an island
from miles away

I cannot seem to describe
with brevity

I also think of my writing
with no cohesion

but I’ll still write anyway...
May 2019 · 303
life advice
Adele May 2019
sleep and swoon from the lullaby
think of a stream that
would take you to a paradise

although, son, know that when you
open your eyes

the world will never be the same

it’s still cruel.
May 2019 · 250
Adele May 2019
the despair of winter drove
them away
on the bush,
the moose dissipated
not even a hookimaw
can trace the tracks

inside the askihkan
under the fleece,
Crees covered their ears

the howling of the windigo

woken the ahcahk
of a awawatuk.
*windigo-evil spirit that exist in the bush
*askihkan-moss hut
May 2019 · 824
Adele May 2019
I ask that you let my wings grow
and watch me fly, up, so high
I ask for you, not to call my name
for I won’t  be back
until I call ‘home’, home
May 2019 · 203
no man’s land (1914)
Adele May 2019
we digged our graves
deep below the ground

a stench rotten pit,
vermin and piled bodies,
waiting to be found  

we looked and somehow prayed under
the blue skies

when will this be over?

I write this letter
for the hero who kills
and who were killed
enlisted, constricted
with no door to find their way out

Western Front,
the only location we have on the map

go south
and wave the banner
with our weapons,
as if we are proud

we needed to move forward
and pull the trigger,
to bring home the red stain that will
never be washed from our clean hands

Home, we are welcomed and embraced
banners, and cheers
plaques of gold
for being one of the brave men

is it courageous; living in a dead body
that just happened to survived?
Mar 2019 · 227
Adele Mar 2019
one word with various meaning...

he left for her to think.
Mar 2019 · 207
Adele Mar 2019
and then you just drifted
from the current that took away
the mirth in this place

what there is left,

one man in an island.
Mar 2019 · 142
Adele Mar 2019
you fly with your wings
navigating in the air
with the control of your hands
wearing the four stripes

waving in the air, telling the world
that the time has come
and you are ready to soar up high

The wheels touched Charles de Gaulle
and found yourself in the night of Porto,
sipping red wine just beside the coast
that covers the face of a man from the fog of yesterday’s memory

The flight from Toronto and the girl who gave a beam from the Pearson’s gate, disappeared

you walked the cobbled street that lead you back to your hotel room, opening the balcony

you just couldn’t stop looking at the setting sun, and the birds that goes along the melody of a piano you played on the background.
Feb 2019 · 480
Adele Feb 2019
sometimes, people could be harsh
or it is just you could be weak
Jan 2019 · 237
Adele Jan 2019
for their is dullness in the sky
and cold breath of the air
the sound of ice and the crying wind
embraced my seclusion
Dec 2018 · 220
Adele Dec 2018
Everything just came altogether and stir into a huge wave. ‘Do not show, do not speak.’ It’s funny how a drop of emotion could create a ripple to chaos.

The mind is teaching the heart to listen, and it did. For once, it did. ‘It happened again, I told you.’ The heart just lowered her head and the more she needed to tell everyone what she feels, the more oppressed it can get. ‘You created a cyclone and it will cause fear, let it rise and destruct your entirety.’ The tumultuous echo of the mind shaken the heart. ‘Be your own beautiful wreck, no one else will be there for you, but me. Let it go, do not be afraid, dear heart.’
   After all, she was right. It was a destruction that settled in tranquility.

‘Thank you’. For the first time, the heart said the words. She embraced the desolation and found a glint, in following her only friend.
   ‘Thank you for finally trusting me’, said the mind.
Nov 2018 · 592
Adele Nov 2018
4,000 miles in between
road less travelled, dead ends
dividing you and me

wishful stars,
aligning, when you or I close our eyes
it was written in time
to break the distance
until you are brought to me

courage, cher coeur

a song coming from the tranquil skies
Nov 2018 · 171
There’s a light
Adele Nov 2018
Meet me in Hauts-de France, a train that will take us to Brussels the next day’

I stood rigid on a wintry night of a wisp December, bright but dark city of Lille outside a desolate gare

‘We missed the train’ I whispered to myself. His promised turned into ashes, blown by the wind

the snow is starting to fall and I looked up, as it creates an image of a slow motion

‘maybe, we could go to London’ oh, silly natter

The frigid wind burned my hands as I dire for friction

‘He is not coming’ my head yelped in fear

I called the taxi, and looked back for the lastime, the only thing that lights up is the lamp post with the effect of a falling snow

The road was empty
but as this one light stood out,

it gave me hope
Nov 2018 · 226
Adele Nov 2018
‘I am standing on the Danish coast, near Esbjerg, admiring the North Sea at dusk. But I have a strange feeling that I am not alone

So, I looked behind

and saw you standing, smiling, walking your way towards me

We were silent watching the roseate horizon, we laughed and giggled

no words can tell what we were feeling
that only the heart knows

but then I woke up...

it was all a dream.’
Sep 2018 · 2.2k
Adele Sep 2018
Years had passed
I see yonder,
Withered leaves on the ground
And dyed coffee envelopes
With an old Paris stamp that marks the date of 1934
It sits beside a dismal brown bitten apple
In a small abode
In the mammoth province of Branderburg Prussia
The rickety Tudor house cries in silence
The ghost of the past beseeched to be free
Cobwebs stifled my hands
In opening the forgone mail
Bundles that haven’t received by the receiver
“Let’s ride the rails”, he said
The young deep voice echoed in my head
My weak knees quivered
“We should get going” the two ladies in white scrubs held my arms
One step at time, we went in the wheels
That would take me back to this new place
I could never call home
The declination of the economy and the war broke us
But the memory didn’t die, it never did
Sep 2018 · 241
Farewell, brother
Adele Sep 2018
The crisp air of summer,
blew the kite up high

He cut the string
and whispered a goodbye

‘you are now free’

the tears trickled
until it was out of sight
‘there is a way to be good again’. I really love the Kite Runner. I’m imagining the protagonist, Amir, saying goodbye to his past unatoned sins. Grateful, as he bid farewell to his brother, Hassan.  (they are both free rather)
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
Adele Sep 2018
I do not have a sweet cotton tongue
love, as a word nor a song
The affection was long gone
I see the world in a dusk

buried souls, lurking on the land
trying to find peace

peace, they said
equality and ideologies
they were trying to prove

theories and a century of evolution
the wars that was left, crawls from its grave
21st century marks today,
morality lost started from the roaring 20s
alienation from the bloodshed in a field of poppies
never left

we have the eyes, but we can’t see
we see the reality, but we stay in a trance of distorted illusion
as a remedy
Sep 2018 · 241
Adele Sep 2018
Months have passed
The sun is still here, but the warmth is gone
The leaves are no longer green
The flowers are starting to die
Winds are changing
And if it blows south,
I wish to be carried by the hand of the air
That motions where you are right now
I am standing outside the frigid weather
Lamenting and waiting to fly
Sep 2018 · 1.7k
Adele Sep 2018
Outside was the town
asphalt fumes crawling in the worker's lungs
kids running through the whirlwind of dust
I can still hear the ringing sound
of the hammer,
hitting the nails
on the skeleton wood walls

'Welcome to the teardrop shape island.'
if you go straight, you'll reach Cloud 9
an abode for surfers, watch the waves, and you'll see the sign
a paint of camaraderie on a thumping board,
they tried to climb

crystal waters scintillating in my eyes
a splash of diamond
glistening on my feet,
embracing the euphoria that
will hopefully repeat

The next block is a bumpy road
where the bamboo cottage lies
beside a rice paddy where the sound
of leaves, sings a soul to sleep
a hammock that sweeps a brooded dream
and sweet cotton pillow that sinks you back to a place

With no mayhem.
Sep 2018 · 219
Adele Sep 2018
I submerged myself from the restfulness of the sea
the singing echo of bubbles
and marine lives waved at me
the time just stopped
it was a portal to a different world

watch yourself float and savour the placidity
I then asked myself
'is this what really is home to me?'
Aug 2018 · 8.3k
The Odyssey
Adele Aug 2018
I see the beauty in a palm-
sized tomatoes growing afloat in Inle Lake
the one-legged fisherman
silhouetted just like his perilous
wooden boat against the slow setting
sun. I hear thin echoes
of beauty
hundred years
of ruins, temples, stupas standing
with pride, the culture of longyi, worn
with delight

I took the train that goes
on a loop
saw  buildings, the market, the houses,  plantations
a city  a country covered
by a dark cloud that has yet to
acknowledge a genocide
The darkness rise with cries

‘mingalaba’ a Burmese
lady with a white cream on her face which is made from ground bark called ‘thanaka’ comes to sit by the Dyamayanggi Temple
the scorching sun-filled flakes the paste
a basket full of snack, she offers
with a smile

The joy in chasing sunset in the land of thousand pagodas. A mystical climb a striking landscape. I breathe,
feel and wish to stay
longer. Soaked in the twilight of the moment. In a fleeting time of closing my eyes, I drown with the colours of the golden sky.
Adele Jun 2018
1) I scratched your disc jockey
And left a note that I was sorry
Forgive me for your taste in music
Sounds a little bit dreary

2) Last night, while I was driving your car
I fell off a cliff!
It sure was damage, but I am still alive
Thank you for having me use it

3) The hearth needed more wood
And I cannot find one
Instead, I burned your favourite book
Sitting on the table
Forgive me, I did not like Dostoyevsky

4) I have eaten
The strawberries from the countertop
And which you were probably
Saving for your morning smoothie
Forgive me they were delicious and fresh
a little parody and post-modernism won't hurt... I guess lol
Jun 2018 · 368
Our Land
Adele Jun 2018
‘April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain...’

The chilly wind entered the dark room,
lamp post flickered outside
as he closed the window,
a gush made the feathered pen tumble as the ink splattered on his white crumpled paper

she opened her eyes and said, ‘Go to sleep...’ but he kept writing and she dozed off

the remnants of his past became an ash...

He found a title ‘The Burial of The Dead’

the candle was blown by the wind, he just stared at the dark sky, the waves from the coast was angry and his head needed the fragments to come altogether
his heart, knocking on silence, crying
it’s official! TS Eliot’s The Waste Land is now my favourite piece of all time!
Jun 2018 · 330
The mariner
Adele Jun 2018
I do not hold an astrolabe
nor a compass
but the magnetic force
calculated the point of latitude
that pivoted my ship
around the axis
of your destination
Jun 2018 · 1.3k
Adele Jun 2018
Roses aren’t always red
violets aren’t exactly blue
the society we live in,

cannot seek the truth.

happiness could be fragile
compassion oppressed to be a weakness
until kindness is no longer sublime

dominance risen
and we live by the rules
we’re trying to find truth,

but what is truth exactly?
Jun 2018 · 323
Adele Jun 2018
We skip school.
drink gin.

lurk late.
smoke on Mondays.

hum and dances on sin.

On late June, troubles bloom.
clouds gloom.

No tunes.
We die soon.
May 2018 · 271
Dark Antiquity
Adele May 2018
no one owns this land
bloodshed and atrocity
lord tyrants and battlements

the Vikings seafaring
Erik the Red with his sons
Leif and Thorvald, continuing the journey
Columbus, Champlain, Cartier...
Jacques Cartier looking for China found ‘Kanata’ and they now call Canada
captived Donnacona and his clan from Stadacona

the mariners, cartographers
no one owns this land

the slavery and civil war of Catholicism and Protestants
the ‘Black Death’ from bubonic plague

the man’s bones from the rat’s alley
below the ground with sunken skeletons
who fought with swords and knives and a broken arrow trying to dug up their way

to the bridges and skyscrapers that buried them deep with the poison of ideology
that says ‘you are not welcome’

the silent voices screams
‘this is our land, this is our land...
this is not our land and there shall be no peace.’
May 2018 · 236
the rusted wheelbarrow
Adele May 2018
no one depends on the red wheel barrow anymore

dry land, dead weeds

the white chickens got off the broken fence
inspired by William Carlos Williams
May 2018 · 393
Adele May 2018
I stood and read the letters
with a pinch of disappointment
of no candles or flowers to buy
I looked up the sky and believed
that beyond the thick
combust are billion of stars
scintillating for the dying hearts
and the roses
that was left languished
on the floor

a remnants of photos
with notes and mournful regrets
flooded the walls

the world just keeps going
which is supposed to
No one heard me cry
for the souls had left the atrocious lane behind

I touched the petals
that used to bloom
and throes my heart
that life has to presume
April 23, 2018. Toronto Van Attack.
May 2018 · 323
Daily Dose: The Great Alone
Adele May 2018
She wept
tears huge as a mountain
of Alaska
She never gave up
like how Kaneq
made her strong
she fought the battles
that turned her into a warrior

As an outsider
she needs to learn how to live
for there are thousand ways to be killed
in this once forbidden land

Shoot, aim and ****
sweat and blood

she believed she was weak
that’s what she believed
How beautiful is this book? The Great Alone.
May 2018 · 275
Adele May 2018
Tell me,
how the authenticity
of ostensible friendship
happens in a room full of glitz and glitter

when you are being abandon.
May 2018 · 422
Daily Dose: Forlorn
Adele May 2018
as an island with
waves that roars but no one listens

a legion of people
in a downtown intersection
but I stay afloat in desolation

in the midst of a city hustle
I reclused to move

I defeated myself
and surrendered with the action

I live in a jungle of solitary
like a hermit dancing on the ocean floor

They call me Alfred Prufrock
but this is not a love song.
Oh, halt! he wasn’t writing a love song.
Apr 2018 · 414
Adele Apr 2018
one day spring came
and snow wiped out
the whole city in just one day

‘I hate this weather’
I told myself
the next day the sun came
with a winter air
that made the people
bundled up in three layers

‘Oh well. Welcome to Canada’
I shaked my head
as the rain drizzled
making a splash to my parka

The weather report says
next week will be a sunny day

I sang a hum of happy tune
while everyone talked about how the
climate ruined their day.
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