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When looking for love you don't need a map
But falling inlove is falling into a trap
Not knowing the destination to the road you're taking
Not knowing whether it's true or its just faking
Wondering whether or not you'll make it
Falling inlove is just toxic
When you fall inlove you give your all
When love shatters your all goes in flames
When you fall inlove you believe you can conquer everything
But when love breaks you don't feel left with anything
Falling inlove gives you hope
The hope is broken when you were not caught from your fall
When you fall inlove you vow to go against all odds to be happy
When you fall inlove you believe the unbelievable is believable
But falling inlove is painful
Sometimes you fall for someone who's not grateful
But does it pay to love someone who's not graceful?
Falling inlove is amazing but in everything there are "but's" love too, we find them.

— The End —