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You watch his tired eyes and matted hair
A paper coffee cup, an unfinished poem
He is inside the trappings of a panoply
Twitching a calloused finger towards discomposure
Watching as what is not there makes itself ever more present
Staring as moth wings of yearning marry the air
Letters scarce and doubt plentiful
Despondence is the new norm
The next day his seat is empty
A stranger takes his place
You watch her tired eyes and matted hair
 Oct 2018 FlipThePoet
Nicole Eden
does your body shake
or tremble in the presence
of his great unknown.
 Oct 2018 FlipThePoet
It was you that I wanted
It was you that I longed for

To hold
To love

To cherish every moment we had together  

But that could never happen


You never felt the same
You never knew me

We never spoke to each other
We only crossed paths

But you finally noticed me
But we only became close friends

Till I eventually fell for you

And you never knew
And you finally left me

And in the end I realised it was never meant to be in the first place
Bride to Be:
Oh how could he do this to me?
I trusted him undoubtedly!
Now I lie upon the grass
Hoping one day a man will pass,
And steal my heart from my chest.
So I can escape this god awful mess

My heart is trapped inside,
A woman of a common kind.
Continually forced to pay the fee,
Of dealing with those bound to flee.
I swear I could give her all she needs,
the complete effect of fantasy.
But I would be remiss.
In not mentioning her recent fear to kiss.  

Bride to Be:
I am a wallowing bride to be
Wallowing in misery
A month ago surrounded in bliss
Until he had to take that risk
All because he heard a scream,
Trailing from a crimson stream.

My face is cut and torn to shreds,
And now my love won't be wed.
I only did what I thought was best.
Yet I was surely led to loneliness.
I heard a scream from down the street,
And so I immediately took to my feet.
Saw the face of a woman scorned,
And a man who saw fit to leave me adorned
i'm locked inside a prison cell,
but instead of metal bars to keep from escaping
i got thoughts
because my prison is my mind
and i've done some bad ****
so conscious is making me do the time

and as much as i try to forget
what a terrible person i am
i can't
because all i see is a girl in strips when i look in the mirror

i'm trapped in my mind

lets go to the cafeteria
instead of eating this slop they pass out
i simply just, pass out
id rather starve then eat the lies i'm shoving down my own throat
but if these lies are in my head
haven't i already accepted them?

you think because i smile
i'm doing "ok"?
no i'm not
but maybe if i play by the rules

i'll get out for good behavior

please tell me this idiot is my bail out
i need a bail out
Not even in my dreams have I ever dreamt of a woman as perfect as you,
With your voice that is as harmonious as the most majestic tune,
And with your face that leaves me in a haze throughout the whole afternoon,
I lie the nights away (where I continue to think about you)
For in my dreams, there you are with eyes of amazing hues,
Yet, in the dark, as I awake for another day, my eyes see the truth--
The woman of my dreams is already in my arms (snoozing away while looking ever so cute)
And with my heart touched as I have no idea of what to do,
I kiss this woman on her forehead and say "I guess dreams do come true"
 Sep 2018 FlipThePoet
This is your master. . you will do what I say.....recruit a vicious crew of serial killers and come back a second and third time to try to fulfill your destiny your pride..... I'll give you my neck...I'm here I don't hide
Come and get me death...I'm ready but I won't do it myself

— The End —