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10.7k · Nov 2018
I draw my life
Zhanara Nov 2018
I am an artist
I draw my life.
I am a teacher
I teach my steps.
I am a doctor
I treat my destiny.
I am a lawyer
I judge my actions.
I am a builder
I build my success.
I am a translator
I translate my opinion.
I am a  photographer
I take  my memories.
I am a writer
I write my future.
I am a chef
I cook my mood.
I am a businesswoman
I manage myself.
Zhanara Aug 2018
If you want to be healthy
You have to have money.
If want to have hobbies
You have to have money.
If you want to have a lot of friends
You have to have money
If you want to study
You have to have money
If you want to be a beautiful person
You have to have money
Money manages  our lives
WITHOUT money, you are NOBODY
Before it,
I thought
Humankind is on the top
It is just a fairy tale.
Author: Zhanara
1.3k · Aug 2018
Zhanara Aug 2018
My hobbies depend on MONEY.
Without money , you are not able to do anything perfectly...
Zhanara 03.08.2018
573 · Jan 2019
Zhanara Jan 2019
We write not to be popular
We write not to be successful
We write to understand
We write to believe
We write to feel
We write to know
What happened with us?
What happened around the world.
Everything and Everyone influence to our soul and mind.
558 · Oct 2019
Zhanara Oct 2019
Love is not water
Love is not fire
Love is  air
what you can breathe deeply
558 · Mar 2022
Zhanara Mar 2022
Why not me?
Why not my time?
Why not my life?
Why not my love?
Why not my word?
Why I must not know about
Author: Zhanar
536 · Aug 2021
Zhanara Aug 2021
Rain doesn't cry
Rain doesn't try
Author : Zhanar
520 · Dec 2018
Zhanara Dec 2018
Today is my birthday. Why do people celebrate the birthday? Why? What is the meaning? I can't understand it. For instance, I am sad. I am so-so.  Cause I know what the life is ? I am going to be older. Anyway, the meaning of my  Birthday is  one of  my wishes comes true or does it this day. Cause  One year, I worked very hard and tried to do the best. And this day, my birthday has to give
me the present what I deserve. It is a big and unforgettable gift for me. I do not ask everything from anybody. I do the best present for myself. I ask it myself
514 · Mar 2021
Zhanara Mar 2021
You don't see the sadness in my eyes.
You don't notice tears in my soul.
Because of that,
I smile even
when I cry
Author: Zhanar
458 · Feb 2021
Zhanara Feb 2021
Love doesn't see into your brain.
Love doesn't see into your height.
Love just see into your heart.
author: Zhanar
452 · Sep 2019
Zhanara Sep 2019
Money is just made by paper
It is more powerful than our soul.
426 · Nov 2023
Zhanara Nov 2023
We think about  yesterday
We think about  tomorrow
We don't think about Today.
Today will be tomorrow.
Today could be yesterday
Just appreciate- Today
418 · May 2021
listen to
Zhanara May 2021
If you love me:
" Welcome!"
If  you hate me:
" Good bye!"
Author: Zhanar
408 · Sep 2018
Zhanara Sep 2018
Eveybody can tell what they want
Everybody are able to be nervous
Everybody are able to be crazy
Everybody are able to be aggressive
Their education stops to be crazy
Their wisdom helps not to be nervous
Their good upbringing stops not to be aggressive
Just good peaople are around us
398 · Sep 2021
My love
Zhanara Sep 2021
My love doesn't breathe
My love doesn't  eat
My love doesn't think
My love doesn't  know
Author: Zhanar
374 · Nov 2021
Zhanara Nov 2021
My fake smile wins my meaningless life.
Author: Zhanar
360 · Apr 2019
Zhanara Apr 2019
I am running
I  close my eyes
I am breathing
I know who am I
I am sleeping
Tomorrow is not today
My heart is beating
I  see my future
I am thinkig about my aim
343 · Jul 2018
Time is you
Zhanara Jul 2018
Everybody knows that time is a magic and unbelievable thing. We don't have a power to stop  the time. It always go on without stopping. Nevertheless, we  often waste out time to think about  money and go on. We exactly know it is not important point in our life. We should to appreciate our time. Because our time is our life. Time is our air. Time is you.That's why, we should thank for everything what we have because time is our treasure...
Author: Zhanara
341 · Jun 2019
Describe your love
Zhanara Jun 2019
Describe your love
Is it happy?
Is it miserable?
Is it lonely?
Is it  grateful
Is it melting?
Is it broken?
Is it locked?
Is it so tired?
Is it sunshine?
Is it the moon?
Do you know
What is happening with your heart?
Is  your heart in Bandages?
Talk with your heart
Listen to your heart!
Just you know it
Just you understand it.
Take care of your heart
You have ONE heart.
334 · Oct 2018
Zhanara Oct 2018
Bad and good are the best friends
The sun and the night are the best enemies
The water and the fire are the best samples
For people who think
Life is beautiful
Life is kindness
Life is great
Life and death are never be together!!!!
334 · Mar 2021
Zhanara Mar 2021
I was born and opened the door of life like a poor person.
I will die and close this door of my life like a poor person.
My world can be measured with money.
Humanity is just word.
Author: Zhanar
320 · Jan 2019
Our Heart like a baby
Zhanara Jan 2019
Has your heart been angry?
Has your heart been hungry?
Has your heart known
"What is sadness?"
Do you notice
Our heart like a baby:
It just knows
what is the happiness
What is the pain.
Our heart just smiles and cries
Our heart just knows and saves
Our heart is a baby.
Don't cheat
Don't break
Our heart has a good memory...
318 · Dec 2021
Zhanara Dec 2021
Love's destination is calling me
Love's inspiration is falling me.
Author: Zhanar
299 · May 2019
Answer my question, please
Zhanara May 2019
Anwser my question, please. I can't understand: " Why do people lie?".They firstly tell me and after it, they don't do it. Their speeches and actions are not the same. WHY?
283 · Jan 2019
What to do?
Zhanara Jan 2019
There are two actions of men:
If the man  meets with his girlfriend who falls in love with her:
He is so polite;
He hears EVERYTHING what she says:
it doesn't matter stupid or wisdom;
He tells beautiful words ;
He is  a bit shy;
He is ready to buy everything;
He just  tells  his achievements;
He just tells  his success
He just tells his good personal character.
He is  INCREDIBLE kind.
She is Beautiful!!!!!!
If that man meet with girlfriend who doesn't respect:
You are nobody!!!
He doesn't hear even your breathe
He just tells about his problems
He just tells negative words.
He  just tells his  bad personal characteristics
He doesn't change his voice or voice tone.
You buy even coffee yourself.
He doesn't open the door.
He doesn't care how do you go to home
He is selfish!
He doesn't phone you.
He doesn't chat with you.
You always start to do it.
He asks to help
He asks to solve the problem
He doesn't care:
You are hungry or sick
He doesn't see even
How do you change your style
How do you change your hairstyle
How do you buy beautiful clothes
You work hard and earn much money
The reason is:
Just to be beautiful!
He doesn't notice it.
YOU are  THE Shadow !
You are Nobody !
You are the WALL!
He never thinks about you.
Cause, You are a pity girl.
You don't control your heart
You know what is love
Your heart is getting to be STONE!!!
Your tears are getting to be ICE!!!
You promise yourself :
Never believe and admit that love is Happiness;
That's why,
Let's Think !!!!!!!!!!
280 · May 2017
Zhanara May 2017
The beauty is more important than  your brain
277 · Apr 2023
I open
Zhanara Apr 2023
I open the door of happiness
I open the window of love
I close the way of sadness
270 · Sep 2018
My friend is...
Zhanara Sep 2018
My friend is my family
Who never lies to me
My friend is my time
Who never changes the view
My friend is my life
Who never leaves
Whenever I need
Whatever I want
My friend is my destiny
Who believes  me
Author: Zhanara
269 · May 2017
Zhanara May 2017
Art can change somebody's  opinion
Art can show artist's  soul
Art can live with  you
Art can die with you
Art can stop the time!
265 · Apr 2019
Zhanara Apr 2019
Beautiful angel
Lives in my heart
Beautiful smile
Lives in my world.
Beautiful eyes
Live in my love
Beautiful soul
Lives in my dream.
256 · Jul 2019
Zhanara Jul 2019
The nature offended me
I am not her beautiful flowers
I am not her pure water
I am just a thorn of cactus.
244 · Aug 2019
Zhanara Aug 2019
Wishes of my heart is being with you.
You are my LOVE.
242 · Apr 2019
Zhanara Apr 2019
I don't give you my password
I locked my heart.
My heart doesn't have to know
what the pain is.
My heart has to know what the happiness is.
240 · Sep 2018
Love yourself
Zhanara Sep 2018
Whonever say : " You are not beautiful"
Whatever happened in your life
Wherever you are
Whenever you live
It is a key to be succesful
It is a key to be confident
You live your life
Your life is yours
Your destiny  
Your dream
Your aim
They always listen to you
What you wanna say
It doesn't matter
Good or bad
Author: Zhanara
239 · Apr 2021
I am ...
Zhanara Apr 2021
I am not worrying, I am just asking.
I am not sleeping, I am just dreaming.
I am not thinking, I am just loving.
I am not copying , I am just being.
Author: Zhanar
238 · Dec 2021
Zhanara Dec 2021
I don't want to live
Life is not for me
I don't want to be alive
Love is  not happy
Author: Zhanar
231 · Jul 2021
Zhanara Jul 2021
You don't buy my Love.
Just your attention can buy it.
Just your respect can buy it.
Author: Zhanar
229 · Sep 2021
You know
Zhanara Sep 2021
Birds sing to me: "Be smile, every time".
Rain cries to me: "Don't be sad, please".
Nature whispers to me: " Be positive".
Flowers says to me: " You are beautiful".
Author: Zhanar
228 · Sep 2018
Nobody likes the Truth
Zhanara Sep 2018
If you say to somebody
"Oh, it is not right"
You become a bad person.
If you give  advice  to somebody
"Oh, you should it better"
You become a jealous  person.
Nobody likes  the truth
Because it's true
The truth is bitter than the lie
Nobody acknowledges it
Nobody appreciates it
The main reason is
They  just want to taste the sugar not the salt...
Author: Zhanara
222 · Feb 2022
Zhanara Feb 2022
What's happening with me,?
I couldn't find out myself.
What my heart is worrying ?
I couldn't calm down you.
Author: Zhanar
222 · Jun 2019
Zhanara Jun 2019
I underline the Happiness
Happiness is you.
221 · Apr 2017
Don't judge me
Zhanara Apr 2017
Don't judge me

Don't judge me  !
My life is my life!
Don't hurt me !
My love is my love!
Don't  shout me !
My word is my word!
Don't break me!
My heart is my heart!
Zhanara 29.04.2017
221 · Nov 2023
Take care...
Zhanara Nov 2023
Take care my poem.
Never die, please.
Take care my wisdom words
Never lie, please.
209 · Nov 2023
Four seasons of my life
Zhanara Nov 2023
Four seasons of my life:
My winter is my beauty.
My spring is my humanity
My summer is my kindness
My autumn is my reality
209 · Oct 2017
Zhanara Oct 2017
A wonderful time makes me happy
A bad gossiping makes me sad
31/10/2017  Author: Zhanar
208 · Feb 2018
My First Love died...(
Zhanara Feb 2018
My first love died
I don't have enough air to breath
I remember  all of his words
I don't forget even his clothes
My feeling without answer
He took with him
My lovely words to him
Asleep forever in my heart
Now, nobody take it out.
My  tears change into ice
Nobody can break it
I stop to imagine my life with him
Now,it is just my dream in the paradise
He is my love in my fairy tale
Now, I don't have  chance to tell him
I don't have a chance to love him
He is just my stone
Which live in my soul
He is my black shadow
That I can't touch
He is my wind
That I can't see
He is my castle
Nobody can't open it ,
even with a key, too
I thank him forever
I love him ever
He is my first love
First love is never die in my heart...
208 · Jul 2021
Zhanara Jul 2021
Love is not Jealous
Love is not Game
Love is not Fake
Love is not Lake
Love is The Sun
Love is The Moon
Author: Zhanar
205 · Sep 2019
Money and Poor life
Zhanara Sep 2019
Money and poor life swallow  my paradise .
My paradise are
my humanity,
my goodness
my kindness
my cleverness
201 · Jan 2022
Tears are on my pillow
Zhanara Jan 2022
Tears are on my pillow
I am not to be on the willow.
Tears are on my pillow
I am not like the swallow.
Author: Zhanara
199 · Nov 2018
If you love me
Zhanara Nov 2018
I can breath under the water
If you love me.
I can live even around me the fire
If you love me.
I can give you my heart
If you love me.
I can be your shadow
If you love me.
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