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Zhanara Feb 29
my tears say to me:
I am not lake.
I am not river.
I am not ocean
Please stop to cry
Please stop to be sad
People don't know your hurt
Just you know yourself
Please think about your health
Please think about your future
My answer:
I am not sure that I will wake up tomorrow
People's words are brpken  my heart a piece
I am not sure I will be happy
Zhanara Feb 17
Tell me
what should I do?
when my heart is broken
Tell me
what should I do?
when I cry a lot even rain doesn't see my tears
Tell me
what should I do?
if people without any thinks shout on me
even dolphines' voice can't compare with it
Tell me please
what should I do?
men don't respect me
cuz money is winners in this life
Zhanara Nov 2023
I am tired
I am so tired
I work very hard
But I am not rich
I am so humanity person
Bu t I am not beautiful
I do good things
But nobody notice it
I  help everyone
But nobody appreciate
After it
What should I do
Just DEATH helps me?
Zhanara Nov 2023
Four seasons of my life:
My winter is my beauty.
My spring is my humanity
My summer is my kindness
My autumn is my reality
Zhanara Oct 2023
Love is a piece of happiness.
Love is a piece of sadness.
Love is a piece of cake
Love is a piece of fake.
Zhanara Nov 2020
Love is bad
After love somebody
You are nobody.
Love is bad
When you love
You are flower
When no reply
You are grass
Zhanara Oct 2020
Poverty is not good
We know about it without any asking.
Poverty is not bad
It can help us to think deeply
It can help us to solve the problem
It can help to appreciate our each step
Zhanara Oct 2020
I am a bird
I am not still married
I am not still loved
I am not still hated
Nobody want to hurt me
Zhanara Jun 2020
I learnt to be so honest
But I didn't learn this world  is unfair.
I  learnt to be so kind
But I didn't learn that Earth doesn't know about it.
I learnt to respect people
But I didn't learn that people don't appreciate it.
Learning about yourself shows who  are "You".
Zhanara May 2020
I smile and laugh
not to cry
I will be happy
not to be miserable
I think
not to be stupid
I love
not to be alone...
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