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7d · 24
Zhanara 7d
Return back
my time
My age
My power
My youth
My brain
My energy
Please return my time back
I am so tired to hear and to see
How people hate me hit me
I am still not stone
Author: Zhanar
Apr 11 · 14
Zhanara Apr 11
I am sorry
I hurt my soul
I broke my heart
I hit my bone
I said bad words to myself
I didn’t support myself
I didn’t care about myself
Just ignore good characters myself
It was important some people’s comments…
Apr 8 · 25
Zhanara Apr 8
My teardrop change into ice
My teardrop hide  into my soul
My teardrop can’t talk can’t discover
It is too tough for me
What should I do?
Mar 27 · 23
I am not alone
Zhanara Mar 27
I am not alone
My God is always with me
I am not alone
My Angels are always with me
I am not alone
My lucky is always with me
I am not alone
My wisdom is always with me
Just not good people are not with me
Lazy and brainless are not with me
Mar 19 · 22
Zhanara Mar 19
Stop to hate yourself
Stop to break your heart
Stop to say bad words to yourself
Stop to ignore your dream
Stop to be so lazy
Stop to cry when you are upset
Nobody understands besides you
Mar 19 · 24
Dream is flower
Zhanara Mar 19
Dream is alive when aim is here
Dream is die when love is disappearing
Dream is beautiful when you respect yourself
Dream is ugly when you hate yourself
Dream is flower
Mar 19 · 23
Love me today
Zhanara Mar 19
Love me today
Not tomorrow
Tomorrow will be or not
I don’t know
Maybe I am not here
Don’t love after my death
I can’t feel it
Cuz My soul will fly out
Love me now
Today is not sure day
Love me right now
Cuz I am not stone
Mar 2 · 124
Do you know
Zhanara Mar 2
You know
Our heart needs love
Do you know
Our brain needs freedom
Our soul needs calmness
Our  dream needs action
Our mind needs caring
Feb 29 · 41
Zhanara Feb 29
Help me please
Help me please I couldn’t ignore their words
I want to be happy
I want to smile
Help me please
To ignore their poisonous words
Feb 29 · 79
my tears say to me
Zhanara Feb 29
my tears say to me:
I am not lake.
I am not river.
I am not ocean
Please stop to cry
Please stop to be sad
People don't know your hurt
Just you know yourself
Please think about your health
Please think about your future
My answer:
I am not sure that I will wake up tomorrow
People's words are brpken  my heart a piece
I am not sure I will be happy
Feb 20 · 194
I cried a lot
Zhanara Feb 20
I cried a lot
knowing that people are not people
Knowing that  person is not person
They are just vampire who drinks someday's dream!
Feb 17 · 43
Tell me
Zhanara Feb 17
Tell me
what should I do?
when my heart is broken
Tell me
what should I do?
when I cry a lot even rain doesn't see my tears
Tell me
what should I do?
if people without any thinks shout on me
even dolphines' voice can't compare with it
Tell me please
what should I do?
men don't respect me
cuz money is winners in this life
Feb 15 · 103
Zhanara Feb 15
Men don’t respect, if the girl’s is so kind
Men don’t love, if the girl’s heart is beauty
Men don’t like, if the girl’s soul is pure
They just love the girl whose appearance is so brilliant
Author: Zhanar
Feb 15 · 33
Who is Poor?
Zhanara Feb 15
Person who has not money is not Poor
Person who has not a car is not Poor
Person who has not a big house is not Poor
Poor is
whose mind
Whose heart
Whose soul
Is too empty
Because they love gossiping
Dec 2023 · 52
Oh, Poet
Zhanara Dec 2023
Oh, Poet,
You are the king of literature
You are the figure of  creature
You are always in our heart
Cuz, you are  forever  of  future.
Author: Zhanar
Nov 2023 · 94
Zhanara Nov 2023
Why do I live?
If .nobody loves me!
If nobody appreciates me!
If nobody thinks about me!
If nobody says: " I love you!"
If nobody is proud of me!
Nov 2023 · 63
Zhanara Nov 2023
I am tired
I am so tired
I work very hard
But I am not rich
I am so humanity person
Bu t I am not beautiful
I do good things
But nobody notice it
I  help everyone
But nobody appreciate
After it
What should I do
Just DEATH helps me?
Nov 2023 · 209
Four seasons of my life
Zhanara Nov 2023
Four seasons of my life:
My winter is my beauty.
My spring is my humanity
My summer is my kindness
My autumn is my reality
Nov 2023 · 426
Zhanara Nov 2023
We think about  yesterday
We think about  tomorrow
We don't think about Today.
Today will be tomorrow.
Today could be yesterday
Just appreciate- Today
Nov 2023 · 221
Take care...
Zhanara Nov 2023
Take care my poem.
Never die, please.
Take care my wisdom words
Never lie, please.
Oct 2023 · 94
Zhanara Oct 2023
Love is a piece of happiness.
Love is a piece of sadness.
Love is a piece of cake
Love is a piece of fake.
Oct 2023 · 83
Zhanara Oct 2023
Please don't steal  my future
Please don't steal my happiness
Please don't steal my luck
Please don't steal my dream
Please don't steal my aim
Please don't steal my time
Author: Zhanar
Oct 2023 · 180
Zhanara Oct 2023
That love eats my heart
That heart beats  my time
That time hits my sadness
That  sadness  reads my destiny
Author: Zhanar
Sep 2023 · 51
Zhanara Sep 2023
Don't choose anybody
When your angel near with you.
Don's close anyone
When your devil escapes from you.
Don't hear anything
When your heart says something .
Author: Zhanar
Jul 2023 · 179
Zhanara Jul 2023
You don't see the fire in my eyes
You don't see the sunshine in my smile
You don't love me!
Author: Zhanar
Apr 2023 · 277
I open
Zhanara Apr 2023
I open the door of happiness
I open the window of love
I close the way of sadness
Mar 2022 · 558
Zhanara Mar 2022
Why not me?
Why not my time?
Why not my life?
Why not my love?
Why not my word?
Why I must not know about
Author: Zhanar
Mar 2022 · 111
Zhanara Mar 2022
Tears are my words,
When I couldn't say anything else.
Cuz it is really heavy for me
Instead of explaining,
I just cry without stopping
I am so tired, I couldn't protect my heart.
Sorry my heart
What should I do?
Author: Zhanar
Feb 2022 · 131
Zhanara Feb 2022
Where is my love?
Where is my heart?
Where is my mind?
Where is my wind?
Where is my step?
Where are you?
Feb 2022 · 222
Zhanara Feb 2022
What's happening with me,?
I couldn't find out myself.
What my heart is worrying ?
I couldn't calm down you.
Author: Zhanar
Feb 2022 · 107
Zhanara Feb 2022
Nobody loves me?
Nobody supports me?
Nobody  says warm words?
Is it difficult?
Is it impossible?
My way, my life is poor?
Author: Zhanar
Jan 2022 · 201
Tears are on my pillow
Zhanara Jan 2022
Tears are on my pillow
I am not to be on the willow.
Tears are on my pillow
I am not like the swallow.
Author: Zhanara
Dec 2021 · 238
Zhanara Dec 2021
I don't want to live
Life is not for me
I don't want to be alive
Love is  not happy
Author: Zhanar
Dec 2021 · 318
Zhanara Dec 2021
Love's destination is calling me
Love's inspiration is falling me.
Author: Zhanar
Nov 2021 · 374
Zhanara Nov 2021
My fake smile wins my meaningless life.
Author: Zhanar
Sep 2021 · 229
You know
Zhanara Sep 2021
Birds sing to me: "Be smile, every time".
Rain cries to me: "Don't be sad, please".
Nature whispers to me: " Be positive".
Flowers says to me: " You are beautiful".
Author: Zhanar
Sep 2021 · 398
My love
Zhanara Sep 2021
My love doesn't breathe
My love doesn't  eat
My love doesn't think
My love doesn't  know
Author: Zhanar
Aug 2021 · 71
I don't understand
Zhanara Aug 2021
I don't understand
If you did everything perfectly
All people are around you.
If you made a little bit mistake
Nobody! They are strangers for you.
I don't understand
Author: Zhanar
Aug 2021 · 536
Zhanara Aug 2021
Rain doesn't cry
Rain doesn't try
Author : Zhanar
Jul 2021 · 208
Zhanara Jul 2021
Love is not Jealous
Love is not Game
Love is not Fake
Love is not Lake
Love is The Sun
Love is The Moon
Author: Zhanar
Jul 2021 · 231
Zhanara Jul 2021
You don't buy my Love.
Just your attention can buy it.
Just your respect can buy it.
Author: Zhanar
May 2021 · 142
No plans
Zhanara May 2021
No plan for hate.
No plan for love.
No plan for complaints
No plan for compliments
Having plan for love myself
May 2021 · 418
listen to
Zhanara May 2021
If you love me:
" Welcome!"
If  you hate me:
" Good bye!"
Author: Zhanar
Apr 2021 · 239
I am ...
Zhanara Apr 2021
I am not worrying, I am just asking.
I am not sleeping, I am just dreaming.
I am not thinking, I am just loving.
I am not copying , I am just being.
Author: Zhanar
Apr 2021 · 100
Zhanara Apr 2021
Hello, my  Happiness!
Good bye, my Sadness!
Welcome to my Joyful!
See you soon, my Lucky!
Thank you my Love!
Sorry my Waste Day!
Call me, my Dream!
Author: Zhanar
Mar 2021 · 514
Zhanara Mar 2021
You don't see the sadness in my eyes.
You don't notice tears in my soul.
Because of that,
I smile even
when I cry
Author: Zhanar
Mar 2021 · 334
Zhanara Mar 2021
I was born and opened the door of life like a poor person.
I will die and close this door of my life like a poor person.
My world can be measured with money.
Humanity is just word.
Author: Zhanar
Mar 2021 · 84
Zhanara Mar 2021
Can I love someone again?
Can my heart beats again?
Can my soul dances again?
Can I love someone again?
Author: Zhanar
Feb 2021 · 79
Show me
Zhanara Feb 2021
Where is your love?
Show me please.
What is your love?
I wanna feel it.
Just empty words hurt me!
Just your false words give me Hope.
Stop to lie...
Author: Zhanar
Feb 2021 · 458
Zhanara Feb 2021
Love doesn't see into your brain.
Love doesn't see into your height.
Love just see into your heart.
author: Zhanar
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