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Guppy Dec 2018
You make me forget about everything I worry about
And you are always making me the happiest i can be
Every time i look up at you
I cant help but smile at you
Because I couldn’t imagine a better person holding me
And kissing me
You make my life so better
I wanna be in your arms right now
But i have to wait until the 27th
And when i see you babe i gonna kiss you like I haven’t seen you in months
Cause that’s how i feel
Who would of thought I’d get you?
You talk about wedding rings
And make me feel more beautiful than ever
Guppy Dec 2018
If i could you the world, i would
You have given me so much these past few days
And i can never thank you enough
I want to give you my heart, the stars and all the planets
You motivate me to be my best self
And I just wanna be the best person you will meet
Guppy Dec 2018
To be sexually assaulted
At such a young age
And I was never ready for what you did  
From the bad experiences with guys
You just made it worse
You were the first person to give me trust issues
i got away before anything scarring happened
But you still left a image in my head of what you did to me
I was 7 and you were 18
I wish I would have told someone then
But I let it drag on in my mind for 8 years
Before anyone ever know
Yet I never got to recover and am still reminded of you
When a guy touches me where you put your hands
There isn’t any excuse for what you did
This is a true story. And it still haunts me everyday.
Guppy Dec 2018
Lost in the world
Lost on a path that leads to death
It’s like going deeper and deeper into the woods without knowing if you can ever escape
Tried getting people to tell you what you don’t wanna hear
Just trying to get a push in the right direction
But everyone is gonna have different ways of telling you what you’re doing to yourself is gonna hurt the people who care about you
Not scared of what happens in the end
As long as it’s successful
The world isn’t a place for such a broken girl
Don’t think it will get better
Too many guys
Too many scars
Too much conflict
For it just to be ended at any second
Guppy Nov 2018
dancing with the devil
he make promises about the pain
he wants to either take it away or cause more
in hell, you're stuck repeating your biggest fear
the devil owns many souls
looking like pennywise
with all the people in a trance floating
never trust the reincarnated
they messed with your mind in the worst way
Guppy Nov 2018
demxn boy
numb the pain
make me the best person
name me demxn girl
cause of our similarities
both of us are heartbroken and fighting our demons
yet we are happy with how life brought us together
using two ways to let out our feelings
I dont talk to you very much anymore
But you still have a place in my heart
And i love you a lot david
Guppy Nov 2018
to my stepmom
you are two different people
one with me
one with my dad
you truly aren’t my parent
and you’ve had so many chances to leave
you may take me to places
but that doesn't make you special
all i wanted to do was have a good vacation but everytime i get happy you turn around and ruin my happiness
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