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May 2013
February fifth,
Rest an old hero,
Taught me many things I know.
Never explained in short word,
Unless it was goodbye.
Told me he loved his handsome grandson,
And let himself die.
Complicated beyond fixing,
Didn't stand a chance,
Once so fit and healthy,
Took a seat for his mid life dance.
Known throughout the world,
He had many friends,
Could get us in the places once we arrived,
With a whisper and a grin.
Announced to his whole plane,
That his grandson was born,
They all cheered my name,
Toasted to a new horn.
And now you are gone,
I look at you laying there,
Smiley sweet as if laughing,
That so many people cared.
I went up to the open casket,
And there I cried,
Rest In Peace Papa,
That was are final goodbye.
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