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sage Feb 2019
Heros don't wear capes,
Or masks.
They wear dog tags.
And i smiled to myself,
Because you didn't need to wear dogtags
To be my hero.
You already were.
sage Feb 2019
to feel your skin.
I want
to feel your kiss on my neck
on my cheek
on my lips.
sage Feb 2019
the way you used to look at her.
and i finally feel like i deserve you.
sage Jan 2019
when the sunlight reaches through the trees to feel my skin
And the wind runs its fingers through my hair.
Because on a day like that
Is when we first met.
And even though you're gone,
and i now adore cold weather,
we'll always have our sunny days.
  Jan 2019 sage
Star BG
I will not be a puppet of ego,
for I am my own master.
One deserving to feel free.
To dance in sacred vessel untethered.
To sing melodically with grace.
To connect own heart strings to another.

I am not a puppet on a string.
Just a dancing princess
moving in the wind,
searching for love.
Inspired by NeverEnding Thanks
I have love. He's called Mr. Poetry. LOL
sage Jan 2019
no strings attached
but puppets aren't their own masters.
sage Jan 2019
it seems the side of you I've never seen before
Wants me the most
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