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Xi Dec 2019
I didn't know the word fine meant you'd start talking to her in four days
holding her hand in the hallway
avoiding my gaze.
That jacket she's wearing, i recognize it
I wore it a time or two before we split.
If I said I missed you, I'd be lying
Just kidding, I'm in the floor crying.
Because I didn't know life without you would be this bad
And I forgive all those times you made me sad
Not that it matters, now you're with her
Those months you spent with me
they're just a blur
In your mind, a waste of time
heartbreak and heartache didn't cost us a dime.
It's okay though, "I'll be fine,"
I'll just forget you were ever mine.
Xi Apr 2019
You were always my weak spot,
and that became more clear
The more you separated yourself from me.
Xi Mar 2019
my heart aches when you touch me
and aches when you don't.
Xi Feb 2019
nothing changed except everything.
Xi Feb 2019
am i the only one who notices you're upset,
Or am i the only one you're upset at?
Xi Feb 2019
he was gone before he left
Xi Feb 2019
i miss the simpler times
when your hand grazed my thigh.
A quiet, secret reassurance that you cared.
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