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sage Feb 2022
i don’t say anything
when my mother presents
the off-brand mouth wash.
after all, dad’s payday did just get changed to Monday.
i didn’t say anything
when my clothes came from Walmart
this Christmas.
after all, we did just move
and there’s bills to pay.
i won’t say anything
when eventually my mother asks for money from my first paycheck
for the groceries.
after all, I am a vegetarian
and my food costs more.
sage Sep 2021
a love this intense
one of the most sought after things
it’s in the way you look at me
the way i say your name

to love is to fear
everything you may lose
but if you don’t try
you’ll never know
what you might gain
sage Mar 2019
my heart aches when you touch me
and aches when you don't.
sage Feb 2019
nothing changed except everything.
sage Feb 2019
am i the only one who notices you're upset,
Or am i the only one you're upset at?
sage Feb 2019
he was gone before he left
  Feb 2019 sage
Sometimes, I draw on your skin.
I put myself,
onto your palm
in the form of curled letters
and sharp patterns.
Perhaps you think nothing of it,
a simple annoyance when you
try to brush your hair from your eyes and remember
that I am hunched over you,
lost in the shallow rivers that are the creases
running across your hands.
But I hope it means more.
I imagine you feel the pen,
moving with care,
gently tickling you
I picture you enjoying the warmth
from my other hand holding my canvas steady
or that you inspect each line,
reading to much into every error
that I felt too guilty for making.
But when the next day,
your palm is clean
every drop of ink scrubbed off with purpose
I stop romanticizing.
You have erased me.
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