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Fearless Feb 2021
I first went out to dinner to have a little chat
I went out with my friend who has a little cat
then came the weekend and camping was the theme
my friend that I went with, we made a decent team
after that was Monday, I worked as best I could
trying to be an adult, as I know I should
days are kind of dragging; season's kind of slow
and the sunlight outside beckons with its warming glow
but Wednesday we went dancing all in one straight line
and now I am determined to make that new dance mine
then another weekend, and I could not sit still
didn't seem to have direction, or a strength of will
but went out in the wilderness to catch a little break
and every time I do that, it's never a mistake
I talked to God and told Him all the things that bother me
and tried to put it in His hands, 'cause the future, I can't see
Then I paced around the house, doing random stuff
but I ate too much sugar so the restlessness was rough
then I got invited out with the boys to shoot
and I could tell that one of them thought I was really cute
I've had a few fun weeks, and busy ones for sure
but missing you's what ails me, but for that there is one cure
I know you're missing me as well because you told me so
but do you want to BE with me? that's what I want to know...
Fearless Jan 2021
A wandering thought across a page
like meandering deer trails through the sage
you don't know where they will go
but you follow just to know
what mysteries may lie in wait
locked behind an iron gate
or in a pirate chest in the sea
words are always a journey for me
Fearless Jan 2021
I'm behind a wall and I'm trying to break through
I wonder what you'd think of me, if you only knew
I'm not always behind it, sometimes I'm right out front
It's always when I'm feeling brave, like it's a big stunt
I opened up my heart and I let you walk inside
but the wall is still there and sometimes I run and hide
I go for a long drive just to get away from fear
but no matter how long or far I ago, it always seems so near
I want to be the one that you hold in bed each night
I don't want to be in this mode of constant fight of flight
why can't I just be normal and affectionate and free?
why do I always overthink stuff and never just be me?
I know I have to tell you, or it will never work
and if I don't let it out, then I'll feel like a ****
I want to believe in myself and the love that's in my heart
to promise loyalty and love until death do us part
So if you really love me, as you said you do
I hope it can be in the same way, that I love you too
Fearless Dec 2020
Up and up and up we go
but somehow we always know
that down again comes suddenly
and that is why I wish you'd see

some things are not good ya know
I know you think you want them though
but they're not working for a reason
and everything comes in it's season

a time to love and a time for goodbye
and it may make you want to cry
but if you make a little room
Jesus can give you the moon

you can't explain the joy inside
it bubbles out and it won't hide
friends will come from all around
to see your frown turned upside down

'cause everyone wants to see you hope
not to hide and fume and mope
they want to see you love your life
they want to see you find a good wife

they want to see that you are loved
and know you're taken good care of
that somebody protects your heart and mind
never leaving you behind

that someone works to keep your trust
and does whatever that they must
to show you what you're worth to them
that you are not like other men

that you are special, strong and brave
and you're the only man they crave
keeps your reputation intact
doesn't lie or skew the facts

so time to stand and be a man
time to execute that plan
that rollercoaster once was fun
but let her go, her time is done
If you are in a relationship with somebody who is draining your emotional energy, but you just want to love them until they understand love. Until they finally learn to reciprocate it, and you know that if you just treat them with kindness, one day it will all turn around...get out. Stop worshipping the ground they walk on. You are enabling them to be a monster by letting them get away with everything with no consequences for their actions. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Love God first, and worship Him only. Then they will lose the control they have over you. Accept His love, and you won't have to earn theirs. Be free!!!
Fearless Sep 2020
I traveled round the world
to study love and fear
and took it upon myself
to write about it here

first I studied love
'cause I fell for this bloke
then I was afraid
and thought love was a joke

then I studied fear
because it gripped me so
it followed me about
wherever I would go

I ran and ran and tried
just to get away
but it was always there
like it was here to stay

then one day it happened
while searching for the cure
I realized how to get it
that feeling that was pure

confident and brave
and no longer afraid
there's nothing in this life
that I would ever trade

I know it will sound simple
it really is quite odd
love will cure your fear
when you accept that you're not God
Fearless Sep 2020
Once upon a time
we worked on a boat
I just mostly cleaned
while you kept it afloat
I never would have thought
thinking way back then
how lucky I really was
to have you as a friend
came to see me in Seattle
when I was all alone
and you always answer
when I text your phone
lending me your car
cuz I was walkin in the sun
and dinners out were great
talkin to you is always fun
you probably find it annoying
that I made you read a rhyme
so go drink a *** and coke
and don't forget the lime
Fearless Sep 2020
2 years gone by, since I sat here with the dead
back then, I could not get you outta my head
drove by the Battery where I used to run
when I was depressed, while you had your fun
you liked that girl, but it's all just the same
you want their attention, it's just a dumb game
I'm over you, and you don't even know
because you're in a cycle and you'll never grow
you're like the dead that are locked in these graves
you don't know Him, the only one who saves
you try to rescue these girls from themself
by hoarding up money and using your wealth
then you complain that they're after your money
well, what do you expect with that attitude Honey?
but you can't change them or save them from fear
because you're not God's gift to women my dear.
I will say this though, I pray for you each night
I hope you escape from your endless fight
I hope you come to understand what is love
it's a gift filled with joy and it comes from above
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