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Dream Weaver May 2016
Never seek to tell thy love
Love that can never told be
For the gentle winds do move
Silently, invisibly.

I told my love, I told thy
I told thy all my heart
Trembling, cold in ghastly fears.

Ah! She did depart!

Soon as she were gone from me
A traveler did come by,
Silently, invisibly,
He took her with a sigh.
Dream Weaver Apr 2016
It's like I love you,
But I don't.

{Because how can you love something that hurts you like this?}

Oh, teach me, Lord
Teach me
How do you hate something
That makes you ache
Makes you ache like this?

Oh, it's like I love you
But I don't.

I can't even picture a life
Without you.
But, you're not really with me,
Are you?
Dream Weaver Apr 2016
I tried to stop loving you
So I built walls around my heart
And found other names
To whisper in the night.

But you carved yourself
Into my veins
More than I could bear
Oh, was it your intent or not?

And sometimes I wonder
If you remember the way
We looked at each other,
Or maybe you forgot.

Oh, I would apologize
for this sensation,
but this has always been your goal,
hasn't it?
Dream Weaver Apr 2016
A love lost
An absence I feel every moment
In dreams, I feel you
In memories, I hear you
In  my eyes, I see you.

A path I cannot follow
You anchored me here
Or I would be with you now
I yearn for you.

I cannot lose again
Give gain, no
I am a mask of strength
Keeping together broken pieces.

You calm my nerves
But you're not you
But, at least the same
My star in the dark.

I give you my words
I already know your smile.
Your deep irises I keep
I have the world on my shoulders.
Dream Weaver Apr 2016
What's more deadly?
A gun, or a thought?

A gun gives opportunities,
But a thought?
A thought pulls the trigger.
Dream Weaver Mar 2016
She's proud of herself, but won't even tell you why,
It's been almost a week since she last even tried,
But the voices won't stop, and today they won,
Will she go for a razor, or end it all with a gun?

After hours of crying and arguing with herself,
She gives in, and opens the hidden box on her shelf,
Overwhelmed with emotions, she selects her blade,
Oddly delighted with the choice she's made.

So once again, she takes a razor to her vein,
And without even flinching and feeling no pain,
Well, there is pain, of course, but mistaken for praise,
She's lacking in judgement because of the feeling of daze.

She sits there, emotionless, blood pouring from her vein,
Giving into the feeling she has for so long resisted,
A smile crosses her face as red streaks her arm,
She's caught up in the evil known as self-harm.
Dream Weaver Mar 2016
I was the type of person
Who held onto things too tight,
Unable to release my grip,
When it no longer felt right.

And, although it gave me blisters,
And my fingers would all ache,
I always thought that holding on
Was worth the pain it takes.

I used to think in loosing things
I'd lose a part of me, too,
That slowly I'd become someone
My heart no longer knew.

Then one day something happened,
I dropped everything I once held dear.
But my soul became much lighter,
Instead of filled with fear.

And it taught my heart that somethings
Aren't meant to last long,
They arrive to teach you lessons
And they continue on.

I didn't have to cling to people
Who no longer made me smile,
Or do something I've come to hate,
If it isn't worth my while.

But you were my light,
And the hunt you make
Hurts in the moment
And takes away my breath.

That sometimes the thing you're fighting for
Isn't worth the cost
And everything I ever loved,
Was bound to be a loss.

But that's what addiction does
To crave, to ****
To **** out our souls,
To increase enmity between hearts and woes.

— The End —