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Vianne Mar 2020
wish, wisely,
on this elegant night, and I will grant, draining your fright.

let the moon, shine as bright as your soul, and let you play your deserving role.
don't be arrogant, don't be bad, or this honour will be something you had.

make it worth the moment tonight, and I will end your painful fight.

it doesn't start with me or the moon, it certainly starts with love and you.      
so for once in life, I speak out these words, memories might and can forever be blurred.
                but this event won't be a second or third.
it will be first and last, thus it's up to you to write your chapter and make it a blast.
Vianne Mar 2020
I stared into his teary eyes. He hurt me, he really did. And yes, the pain haunted me, it still does. But when he wrapped his arms around me and told me how much he missed me. How much he loved me. How much he is sorry. I went numb, sensing the familiar touch. The familiar warmth of his love. A smile crept up my lips as I realized what I was holding. This fragile, delicate boy. The boy that sent my heart on a marathon. This **** that I love. No matter how dark my nights were. When I heard his words and felt his lips, I finally saw the horizon.
Vianne Mar 2020
I ran towards the full moon, into the controlling night sky. I was breathless, chasing this mysterious guy. I asked myself “is it possible to be in love with someone you don’t know”. But we had met, in a dream, somewhere under the rainbow. The blinding moon casted my shadow, but as I got closer to my mysterious love, I knew there will be a faithful tomorrow. Even though I don’t know this fellow, he made me so happy yet so hollow. I felt so drained, my sadness still remains. Because I am chasing after a guy, with the darkness following me, but when I meet my love, I know I will be free. Just wait and you see, the way he will kiss me. And hug me. How he will adore my soul. Wait and you'll see... how we will
slowly become a whole.
Vianne Mar 2020
These 7 boys, you see, saved me in 1 2! 3!. At first, I hated, then my hardness faded. I began to see their beauty, they were such pure cuties. When I whispered a broken cry, they responded with wings so I can fly. When I smiled and whispered “I’m fine”, they heard my voice shake and spotted the lie. Now, everything is alright, I will no longer fight. Every time, they bow, I wonder how, anyone can ever move on. And forget their sound, their voices singing so loud “ohh love yourself and don’t cry. We’re here till the end, it’ll all be fine” no more sighs because I’ll forever have these 7 guys, by my side.
Vianne Mar 2020
My eyes were so used to the dark, dimmed light blinded me. But I think meeting them was meant to be. I saw no hope in life, but they helped fly the kite. They helped me overcome the fright, so for that, I hold them tight. Not wanting to hurt their souls because they saved me as a whole. And I fell so hard for these 7 when the clock hit 11:11.
Vianne Mar 2020
From the moon and back, and back to the moon again, I can’t write how much I love you using a hundred pens. You fill my life with such joy, my lovely, pale boy. The little time I have known your existence on this earth, I have learned your beautiful worth. You taught me so much, I wish I can reach you and express my love but sadly you are out of touch. So for now, I write you this love letter, so your day will not be bitter. I love you so dearly
, my beautiful min yoongi.
Vianne Mar 2020
When you put yourself in my shoes, they might be so tight, it hurts. When you put yourself in my life, it might be so painful, it kills.
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