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Tsukii 7d
When you break a writer’s heart,
The pen bleeds profusely.
The paper wounded with words.
Tsukii Jul 23
I am waiting, standing here where love begins
But you ran back to where lust never ends.
You're going back to her.
Tsukii Jul 21
The wind is blowing towards you,
But I am flying against it.
It’s so hard to stay away from you. It hurts.
Tsukii Jul 21
The road to your heart is difficult
But you are a beautiful destination.
The journey is worth it.
Tsukii Jul 20
You are the sun
I am the moon
And whatever we create
Will be the world.
But it was just my dream.
Tsukii Jul 20
The lyrics unfinished, the tunes are wrong,
You are the missing rhythm of my song.
Tsukii Jul 19
“Undress me.”, you said
So I took of all your words
Stripped naked your every thoughts.
I gently caressed everything exposed;
Let my love seep through
Every nook and cranny of your soul.
Let me uncover all your truth
As my fingers slowly slid down
Feeling the rawness of you.
My mouth untangling every reason
Swirling your mind senseless
Kissing every part of you that’s vulnerable.
Darling, show me where you are scarred
Whisper your fears, lower your guard.
Listen, you are safe here with me
So lie down, while I make love to thee.
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