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Tsukii Dec 2019
Why did someone write the story?
Even when it will just end with tragedy?
A heart left to be broken and empty
Painted a smile to hide the pain and misery.

Tell the reason why composed a song?
If the lyrics will be sad all along?
Placed the symphony that seemed so wrong,
Play the music that doesn't seem to belong.
Tsukii Sep 2019
Let me build a magical world
Out of that madness of yours.
If you can just let me.
Tsukii Aug 2019
When you break a writer’s heart,
The pen bleeds profusely.
The paper wounded with words.
Tsukii Jul 2019
I am waiting, standing here where love begins
But you ran back to where lust never ends.
You're going back to her.
Tsukii Jul 2019
The wind is blowing towards you,
But I am flying against it.
It’s so hard to stay away from you. It hurts.
Tsukii Jul 2019
The road to your heart is difficult
But you are a beautiful destination.
The journey is worth it.
Tsukii Jul 2019
You are the sun
I am the moon
And whatever we create
Will be the world.
But it was just my dream.
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