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Mar 2019 · 55
His everthing
Thea Mar 2019
Some saw her as fire,
while some saw her as ice.
but then it was him, for whom she was the juliet rose that bloomed in The middle of a field full of weeds.
It was him who saw everything in her eyes,
his whole world, his whole **** universe,
And he, himself.
Mar 2019 · 224
The Goddness
Thea Mar 2019
No flame could burn her down.
For she, herself was the fire.
If she desires, she would burn you,
into ashes.
But she won't.
For she is as powerful as Hera.
But as kind as Charis.
For she is the woman and the Goddess
Mar 2019 · 72
Love, The catastrophe
Thea Mar 2019
My heart is afraid, has always been.
Love is what, it fears the most.
And yet it desires for the taste of you.
Just once and then,
a little bit more and then a bit more,
and more.
Knowingly it walks towards our disaster, and falls.
Making you the catastrophe of my life.
Mar 2019 · 518
As wild as death.
Thea Mar 2019
No, she wasn't afraid of death.
And why would she?
Her heart was so  wild,
that even the grim reaper would fall in love.
women can be anything she wants.

— The End —