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 Jul 2020 Teea
Anwer Ghani
When I came back, I didn't find those songs, and didn't find the lake of goose, but she quickly whispered from there: "Smile, smile, here will you find your story". Yes, purple roses here and you too. The mirrors are full of possible songs and possible longing. The birds know, the rivers know and I know too.  Yes, it is the moment we know; the moment that need warmth and hug.
 May 2020 Teea
 May 2020 Teea
sleep is timely
Like the fast tongues of women
with black hair
They ask beneath our sky
for love
As if it were one last stop before death
8:43 pm
 Apr 2020 Teea
 Apr 2020 Teea
way above the clouds,
i watch the moon change phase
floating in the stars,
i’m in a cosmic daze
whispers in my ear,
the planets call my name
so far from it all,
don’t have to feel

lying on the moon,
nowhere else feels right like this
tangled in the sky,
all my sorrows disappear
finally i’m free,
i cry tears of golden light
so far from it all,
don’t even think of you

i’m falling, but i don’t mind falling up here
i’m reaching, but i don’t need catching,
it’s so clear
i’m floating, but never feeling
i’m wondering,
if i’ll every have to leave
this poem is actually the lyrics to a song i wrote

thank you so much if you took the time to read this and listen to my song
 Apr 2020 Teea
cosmo naught
 Apr 2020 Teea
cosmo naught
to wonder is simple and human and fine;
but it is to relinquish control that’s divine.

— The End —