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whenever i look into his eyes,
i see a glint, a little sparkle there,
his luscious lips are soft to the touch,
plump and brown with a hint of red,
his small cute smile lights up my heart,
he's warm and fuzzy
never do i want to part away from him,
to stay with him,
make love with him,
and be with him
chestnut, coffee, mocha
hazel, chocolate, ******
warm and mellow
bass and cello
toasted, roasted, copper
cinnamon, mahogany
ginger beer, novelty
dark brown
my man
Tanisha Parekh Dec 2019
i write something and i stop halfway
it is kinda funny because i lost my way
lost my train of thought, i write something and fray
because sometimes i don't know what to say
i try to continue the rhyme but it doesn't work
do my sentences form any sense because in my brain it does work
but when i re-read and think of everyone else
they'll just have no idea of what i'm actually trying to say
Tanisha Parekh Dec 2019
i look outside my window,
hoping that there is snow,
but when i leave my house in the morning
and open up my door,
the cold air breezes past me,
like a ghost it pushes me aback,
tender to the touch of my soft skin,
the skies are weeping tears of black,
though on the floor the ice cracks,
but no crunch of snow snaps.

heavenly and pure is what i know
about the snow which i adore;
it's light,
takes flight,
from a height,
it excites,
wishing for the snow to fall,
but all of which that is at my door
is frost and skies of grey
there is no snow today
Tanisha Parekh Oct 2019
you finally came to visit me,
it sincerely felt like forever
since the last time i saw you,
never would i ever
imagine that you'd leave me,
just as how i'd left you,
and i do endeavour
maybe, would you ever,
stay with me for a little longer,
wherever, whenever,
however, you say it's time to go,
all i said was never,
leaving me? i think not,
deceiving me? i forgot
how our time together was a lot
yet my stomach still remains in a knot
Tanisha Parekh Oct 2019
who is she?
where is she from?
i saw the back of her, then she was gone
disappeared from my sight, but appeared in my mind
disappeared from the world yet i still tried to find
to find her, my only friend
hidden in thoughts and memories
remind her, i am still there
there for her, in all her miseries,
but she left, left me behind
i remain, and she was kind
kind enough to take me with her
i was blind,
and said
Tanisha Parekh Oct 2019
the burning sensation is somehow pleasant,
the warmth leaves tingles on my soft skin,
i sometimes feel the omnipresence,
the crackling tells me i have sinned,
fire, fire, burns the truth,
in it's simplest form, it wrecks my youth,
one touch with my delicate hand,
marking their flames with a command,
scorched and scarred
damaged and harmed
the fire has me alarmed
escape it how? i am unarmed
escape it now? but i have burned
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