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almost a mumble,
made me stumble,
see the earth crumble,
the thought of it humble,
but it quakes,
it shakes,
watch the ground break,
it aches,
it is at stake,
the earth,
it's worth,
the earth,
the motherland,
seen to be grand,
look where i stand,
on solid ground,
but it breaks,
it shakes,
the earthquakes.
are my poems too short?
i think they need to be longer,
do i not put enough thought?
maybe the topic needs to be stronger,
i don't do what i'm taught,
people may think i don't bother,
maybe i aught?
but all i do is just wander,

wander through my mind,
spilling out my words,
letting it go,
flying free like hummingbirds,

my poems feel like songs,
there's a hook, a beat, a verse
i stick to the rhythm,
i don't know what would feel worse
if i ever lost my flow,
the pattern or the tempo

so i keep my poems short
but they are sweet and simple
i had some skin which was peeling
i plucked it off, now my lip is bleeding,
it feels so sore though i rub some more,
the taste of blood is not appealing,
all i know is if i keep on peeling,
more blood will spread out and it won't be healing
at least my lips have now turned red,
full of colour even though it bled
fingertips glide so gently over,
stroking softly, it is now swollen
don't use your brain,
follow rules and regulations,
don't use your brain,
obey laws, show appreciation,
don't use your brain,
you aren't allowed to think willingly,
comprehend what everyone does,
go along with life cheerfully,
grasp their expectations,
assume their apprehensions,
succeed in their aspirations,
trust in their intentions
i retreat
to my sacred place,
the place where there is no hate,

i retreat
to my closed persona,
the place where i'm hidden from exposure,

i retreat
to my locked up heart,
the place where i cannot depart,

retreat from the world outside,
i stay inside
where i can hide
when i see my handsome crush
he makes me giggle, makes me blush,
i get so extremely flustered,
it's almost as if i turn to custard,
i melt away at his gorgeous glance,
i look at him and know there's no chance,
how does he do this, i turn to mush,
my god, how my handsome crush is so lush!
all i wait for is his embrace,
his cushioned chest to bury my face,
between us there is never some space,
i feel like sometimes i'm too haste,
when i see him i quicken my pace,
whenever i'm with him i'm in my happy place
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